Monday, October 3, 2011

The Uninvited

This past weekend was rather busy but I enjoyed every minute of it. I did no running and no dating, so there is little of my weekend I can post. I knew I would have no time to do my long run on Saturday, like normal, and so I rescheduled it to Friday. I felt great after and I think I'm up for the 26.2 challenge in 12 days. I've barely started my taper and I'm already feeling antsy. Although, thinking about it, it could just be that I haven't put on my running shoes since Friday. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do 6 miles and the only thing that would stop me is weather and time. I like to run in the morning, it makes me feel that I've accomplished something, but I always feel the time crunch to be ready for work.

A lot of things have happened after starting this blog, see previous posts. Another one is that an old friend, who is also a hot single professional lady, contacted me and was sharing her horror stories in dating. The most recent being a date when an uninvited guest "popped up". It was only the second date and she had made it VERY clear that it was not going to go any further then kissing. (Bravo, I say. Make them work a little.) A few minutes into kissing, his "little friend" showed up at the party, and as this clearly wasn't what she signed up for she promptly left. I'm very thankful that this is the worst that happened and other then being a little shocked she will live to date again.

I also had a run in with an errant penis this weekend. In the form of a picture text. It was from, Stan, a guy I've been talking to for awhile but haven't done much with lately. He's recently started a new path in life and didn't feel up to dating seriously but still wanted to remain friends with possibly dating later. Eh, I can always use more friends in CLE and he is fun.  (He also always seems more interested in me when he thinks I'm dating someone. Kind of like a 7yo boy who only wants something when someone else is playing with it.) But, I don't think a picture of  anyone's junk is appropriate if I haven't seen it in real life! I was a bit shocked but it was funny in a way, as it totally fit with the weekends activities. Is this some new way of telling me he's ready to date? Take this to the next level?

Either way an uninvited penis is just a bad party guest.


Anonymous said...

How do I politely tell other bloggers that I want more penis-oriented posts from them too?

CLE Runner said...

Send them random pictures. Eventually, they'll have to talk about it.