Friday, September 30, 2011

Socially awkward.

Adidas has their shit together! I ordered my new skirt and top on Tuesday and it was at my door yesterday. I'm still waiting on sunglasses I ordered in June from Redstar. Anyways, I quickly washed it last night and did a 15 mile test run in it today. I also tested my new hydration system. I had been using a handheld one but it got heavy and irritated my arm in Akron. I've actually been resisting buying a hydration belt for a year. It's very fannypackish. BUT I loved it. It has a large water bottle, a small water bottle, a zippered pocked for GU, and a place to clip my shuffle. The clothes worked great, too! No chafing and the skirt and top stayed where they were supposed to. I even got a thumbs up from a passerby. I'm not sure if it was because I was out running in the cold or the bright outfit. I think it was both. YAY!!

I had a date last night with Gabe, a guy I was set up with by a match maker. I think this match maker needs to rethink his career choice. He's 6/7, not a great streak. He may just be throwing every 25-35 year old my way. According to him, he doesn't have a lot of professional 30yo women. I'm still not sure how to take that.

Gabe was a very nice boy. And a boy he was. He may have been 29 in chronological age but he was barely out of puberty socially. Every time he spoke it was prefaced by an eye scrunch and a shoulder twitch. Tourettes? He also had difficulty in looking at me when he talked. His eyes were always off to my right. In fairness, he may have been avoiding the glare of my ample bosoms. It's hard to hide these girls. But, honestly, who would want to?

He was nice but not my type. In personality, looks, and basically everything in between. The closest he has come to training for anything was some nintendo thing. I wasn't quite clear on that. I'm not saying my man needs to do Ultras but it'd be nice if he understood the mentality. It was just an awkward date with an awkward start and an awkward end.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

2 Weeks Notice

I have 16 days until my first full marathon in Detroit. I am petrified and definitely do not feel ready. The Akron 1/2 really shook me. I thought I was going in strong but I completely fell apart at mile11. I have done 20 mile runs and 13.1 should have been nothing. I'm hoping it was just one of those bad runs and a fluke.
It's at this point in the days running up to a big event that I start going over lists in my head; What do I need pre-race? After the race? During the race? Do I have enough Glide, GU, and Aquaphor? But most importantly, WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?

June, a very close friend of mine who also runs, once told me when I first started that I should buy new outfits for big events. For my first 1/2 I bought my first running skirt and fell in love with them! It was plain black and I paired it with a cotton tank. I have since learned that cotton is not a runners friend and have upgraded my tops to tech fabrics. But my first full marathon calls for a totally new outfit! 

I will also be in a field of 14,700 runners! My parents are coming to watch (and drive me home, as I'm sure I won't be conscious) and I'm trying to make it easy for them to find me. I've put an app on my phone that will allow them to track me using my chip. *Yes, I'm giving them my phone with strict orders to only use it for the app they've been approved to use! But they lost me during the swimming portion of my TRI and that field was about 30 people. They followed some girl in a white sports bra even though I showed them my black sports bra! I therefore want something flashy! And, I think I've found it. The new outfit is in route and the only thing that will stop me from wearing it come race day would be comfort. I should have time to test it out and make a final decision before the race.
The matching shoes I have would look awesome with this! The sad thing is I hate running in them and will have to pair it with my girly pink paisley Kayano's. I also want sleeves. I have a black set and a white set. But don't you think bright pink would look best? Also, I would love suggestions on music to be included in my marathon playlist. Post in comments!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


First, let me geek out for a moment. BART YASSO is following me on Twitter! Granted, he is following 11,000 others, most dealing with running but the fact that I made THAT list makes me incredibly HAPPY! And, I did run today, I couldn't disappoint Bart on our first day of our Twitter relationship! On a Twitter side note, I think I'm also being followed by a semi porn star? Maybe? It could be due to confusion on "marathondater." I'd like to not be followed by that person and can't figure out how to remove myself from her list. Perhaps, this will do it.

Ok! Real update.

A blog must be the interweb version of the cork board in "The Secret." Now, I have never read this book and don't want to, it sounds rather hoowey to me. But I have heard of the visualization/cork board in it. The idea is you visualize what you want or you write it on a piece of paper and stick it to your cork board. Overtime, your dreams will come true. It seems all "forward this email to 80 people and you'll have $5000 in 10 days." Which could happen. I don't know. I never do it. First off, even if I knew 80 people, by the time I finish sending all the forwards I'll be lucky to end up with 5 non-family member friends. So, I just don't. And, I'm still alive! Second, I don't have time.

The point of the above is that 1 day after starting this blog I received a phone call from a match making service I used 2yrs ago. I bought 6 dates at an astronomical price and none of them went past a date or two. One guy wore WAY more jewelry then I do. A turn off to me but others might like it. A sign of his prestige, I'm guessing. I'll go into more details on these dates at a later time. Anyways, he had a guy he wanted me to meet. No strings attached. I don't have to sign up again. I don't have to pay anything. It's on the house. So, I took it. A girls gotta eat! I'm meeting him tomorrow. He's younger but not by much. And educated, a big plus in my book.

Also, I've had two ex's contact me in the last 2 days. Mark Original Flavor and Mark4.0. FYI, I've dated 5 Marks and I started putting numbers after them to remember. Akron Guy was also a Mark, so he's Mark5.0. Mark4.0 was very intense and had tantrums when I couldn't/wouldn't do things with him. He actually got upset and hung up on me when I wouldn't stop at his place on my way back from a 1/2marathon. I was tired, cranky and severely chafed. We didn't date long and for the life of me I can't figure out why he feels the need to be friends. But I'll go with it.......with pepper spray!

Mark Original Flavor is a whole "hell in a handbasket" on his own and I will freely admit he is my kryptonite. The last time he and I talked it ended in disappointment and a bit of anger on my side. But you can't hold on to that, cause you'd be a bitter cat lady if you did, and i already have 1 and am sure I could squeeze in 6 more. Who knows? Maybe, he was just checking up or was reminded of me. He did just finish watching "St. Elmo's Fire" which was one of my favorite movies while we dated. The fact that he texted at all, though, is a severe violation of the smack down my sister, Sophie, gave him when she accidentally ran into him. He was told in no uncertain terms to NEVER contact me again. Which he then violated directly after by texting that he had a nice chat with her. I fully expect a rather choice comment from her for even responding to him. But he is my kryptonite...........and I know that.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I have lost it. Motivation that is. To date and to run.

I wanted to run 2-4 miles this morning, shake out my legs. I even put out my clothes last night before bed. I didn't use them. I couldn't make myself get up when my 4:30 am alarm went off. The short runs are the problems. They don't seem worth it. I know they are important but 4 miles compared to 20 is chump change. I can't even use the weather as an excuse! It's perfect. Not the blistering heat and and humidity of July/August. I am sure that is where I lost it. The motivation just drained out of me with all my electrolytes on multiple 5am runs in 85 degree weather. I know I will pay for this in 19 days. That is the number of days left until my first full marathon in Detroit.

Maybe this will get it back. An ULTRA RELAY!!! I've been wanting to do one for about a year now. The difficulty is finding one that is relatively close by and people as crazy as me. The closest I found was one that went from Gettysburg to DC. But this one was in my race packet this weekend and looks doable. It's practically in some of your backyards. You know who you are! It's not till next June so everyone has time to train.

WHO'S WITH ME?!?! I need 5 other people and someone willing to drive the van.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last FIRST of a very long Saturday

After Saturdays run, I had a very special wedding to attend in Columbus. My friend and old roommate, Margaret was getting hitched and I had to be there. I quickly showered at Jemma's house in Medina and hauled butt to make it to the church in time. (Jemma is a very close friend of mine from high school.) I even put my makeup on in the car and changed into my dress in the church parking lot. Which was probably a first for some parishioners. But, I made it just in time and looked good. I got to see Margaret looking radiant on what is most likely her favorite day so far. I mean, other then the day she met me of course.

After catching up with friends, eating, and celebrating I took off back to the CLE area. By this time I was tired, a little cranky and a lot sore. Akron guy had called earlier and wanted to do something if I came back that night. There was no way I was going to be able to stand and party any more that day but I wanted to see him and hear his take on the run. I gave him a call back and we settled on an evening of beer, movies, and relaxation at his place. Which was great! I hadn't been there yet and was rather curious. He gave me general directions and asked me to call when I got close. I knew the area and was a bit confused because it was just off the highway and full of restaurants and industry. But maybe a little housing division or condos was tucked in the back. What did I know?

I called when I got close and he talked me into his place. His place being an hotel that offers rooms with kitchenettes and rents by the week. When asked about it, he replied that it was an hotel that changed the rooms to apartments. Ok, I knew they had done that with some old hotels downtown, maybe this was like that. But no. I walked in to an actual hotel room! Sure, there was fridge, stove and sink off to the side but that in no way made this anything more then an hotel room with a fire hazard! I again asked about it, hoping he would say it was temporary, that he had lived with a rowdy roommate and was in the process of finding a new apartment. Or something, anything, along those lines. Anything but "I chose to live this way." It all felt a bit dirty, in a "I'm a married contractor from Pittsburgh" sort of way. But, no explanation was offered. I am sure I looked shocked and stammered something about it being an hotel. I'm not sure what I said but I don't think it could have been too terrible, I actually liked this one. But, apparently, it was for him. Clearly, I had offended him, as he refused to converse with me. When he told me I was closed minded I knew this wasn't going anywhere good and I just wanted out. He kept ranting about how if some one is different from me it's wrong and how I'm materialistic. Which is true. The materialistic part. I love shiny and buttons, the more buttons the merrier! But I feel I'm a rather open minded person. I am a liberal, people. I won't bore you with what else was said but I walked out 5 minutes after walking in and had new plans within 2. 

I headed back over to Jemma's for some ranting of my own while drinking a few hard earned beers. And THAT is the story of the first time I found out I dated a guy living in an hotel.

PS. After looking back at the time and conversations I had with Akron guy he did mention the fact that he had scaled back his life. He chose to downsize his possessions. I thought he meant he went from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 1. From a full size couch to a loveseat. Not this. This I did not expect.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Middle

I'm not quite sure where to begin. So, I'll start in the middle, go forward and pepper in funny stories from the past.

Yesterday, in Akron, I ran my 4th 1/2 marathon! 13.1 miles!! I toed up to the start line with a guy I had been seeing for about five weeks. It would be his first 1/2. In the past we had done a couple of training runs together and I knew he had a slower pace then I did. But that didn't matter, we would run the first couple of miles together and then I would break on my own. Or, that was the plan at least. Adrenaline got the best of me and fear got the best of him. He hung back for the crowd to pass and I went with the flow. That was the last I saw of him until 12 hours later. I made great time for the first 6 miles and then my legs got tired. And the chafing on my arms really started to hurt. I had put Glide on at the start but I still had to stop at the first aid stations. TWICE! If anyone knows Akron they know it's rather hilly. Mile 10 is almost all down hill and I think I averaged an 8:40 mile. Which is great, since mile 11 is a 5% hill. I decided to tackle it with a run/walk mentality but mostly run. On a short run up I felt the first twinges of a calf cramp. So, I walked and tried running again but that damn twinge was always there. I ran/walked the last 2 miles and came in with an acceptable 2:31:48. Not a PR but better then last years Akron 1/2.

Yesterdays run was full of firsts. First time I ran a race with a guy I was dating. First time I had to stop at a first aid station. First time I got a calf cramp in a race. other first but that story is for tomorrow.