Friday, December 25, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Or, as I like to refer to it, "The laziest year EVER!!"

I did nothing last year. I barely ran, did Crossfit, or cross train. I accomplished one house update and one race. It's been a struggle to keep the house clean, to cook, to eat healthy. To basically live my life.


It's time to get my life in order. To train like I want. To eat as I should. To race to the best of my abilities.

As I type this I am laying on my couch trying to breath through my nose. I have a terrible head cold but I am using the down time constructively. I have written a training schedule. I have listed a few races I want/will do, including a 1/2 IM. Training begins January 11!

An odd day to begin, right? Why not January 1st? Because I had some work done. And by work I mean INK. In 1997 at the tender young age of 18 I got my first tattoo. A purple poison dart frog. After 18 years it was in bad shape and I had decided to get it recolored.

Also, I have always wanted another but I never knew what. Or where. About 3 years ago I knew I wanted one that some how tied me to running. But I didn't want the typical, "26.2" or "1/2IM".  Then I saw the molecular structure for met-enkephalon on Pinterest. It spoke to me. It is related to the runners high. It ties my science life to my running life. So I looked into it.

It wasn't solely responsible for the runners high and I wasn't satisfied with using PERMENANTLY on my body. My next option was dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. I had it all played out. But the more I thought about it the more I knew there had to be a better option. AND THERE WAS!

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. ATP is responsible for transporting chemical energy within cells for metabolism. It is basically the only reason you can do anything. You want to run? Need some ATP. Want to go for a swim or just breath in the sun? Definitely need ATP. It is the most basic "food" needed for anything you want to do. An it was perfect to tie my science life to my running life.

Hopefully the new tattoo with light a fire under my ass....

Friday, September 25, 2015

Put a Ring on It

Now that my sister's wedding shower is over I can share this gem of a texteration. I'm not going to go into the shower cause this is not that kind of blog. Suffice it to say it was beautiful, fun, and everything I wanted and she hoped it would be.

Now, this is a textertion between myself and one of my best friends of about 20 years. We met in 1993 to give you a scale of the friendship.

So Long George

When I left off with George I was getting ready to go to his place for an evening. And I did. And it was pretty fun. Yes, he made innuendos and played the "let's watch this movie in my room" card. But I kept it all PG and had a great time. He even quoted Friends which DID score him some brownie points. However, I did not like his persistence on the whole sex front and I did not appreciate what he said to me about my clothing. The clothing comment boiled down to no girl wearing what I was wearing would come over expecting to ONLY watch a movie. It sniffed of victim blaming. I would like to point out that I was wearing leggings and a tank top.

I brushed this off, thinking maybe he doesn't hear himself. And the fact that we got along in every other way. We had the banter down. The teasing. The chemistry.

And then he came over to my house.

I saw him pull in but it was 5 min and he still hadn't come to the door. What was he doing you ask? Pulling the weeds/grass out of the cracks in my driveway. "No girl who is a friend of mine is going to live like the Clampets." Then he asked where my mower was cause my grass was not to the height he felt it should be. I will say that I haven't mowed in awhile and the grass was a bit high. But not so high that it was obnoxious.

After I talked him out of mowing, we went inside to discuss dinner and the evening. I was in the kitchen and when I turned around he was gone. Where could he have gone? Mind you, this is the first time he's been in my house. I found him sprawled out on my BED! WTF dude!? Ok, maybe he's just overly familiar. I rolled with it.

Dinner. He didn't want what I had prepared previously, so we went to Whole Foods and he picked up some prepared foods for himself. I ate what I already had. After dinner, though, we were relaxing on the couch watching Breaking Bad and bantering back and forth.....

and then he says, "Lets go in your room and watch this."
Well, we can't do that. I don't have a working tv in there, so the ploy is not work able. Then he says he just wants to go in there and cuddle, talk, and just relax together. I didn't see why we couldn't do that on the couch.

After a few back and forth like this he says, "If we don't go in there I'm going home."

DONE! See ya!

He left and I haven't talked to him since.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Brownie Points

I am dating (in the loose sense of the word) George Clooney!

Ok, not the real George but close enough he could pass for his pudgier brother. According to him I am not the first person to think this. On the first date George wanted to take a selfie. I find this odd, my friends find it cute. The date itself was ok. Obviously, he's attractive. He's funny. Attentive. But the date itself had an interview feel to it with rapid fire questions. He kisses well, though.

48 hours later found me on a second date with him. Let me say that again FOURTY EIGHT HOURS!!
On a Tuesday. So many reservations... Maybe it was a strike while the irons hot sort of thing.

 Now, you know me. I'm old, I have a routine. I wake at 5-510am to go to the gym, so I'm in bed around 9-930. Week day date nights are not my favorite but he wanted to go to FIRE and I've been dying to go there for 8 years.

Then he wanted to pick me up. More reservations! Second date, he now knows were I live. If the date goes bad I can't escape to my car and leave. The date is no longer on my time table.

Ok, breath. I can give up a little control. And I did. He picked me up. We went to dinner. I found out he has MS (not sure how I feel on this). He hasn't had a consistant job. He's still bitter about his divorce (rather fresh). He has children. That is the extent of what I know. I feel like I know nothing of substance from him. He jokes a lot, to the point where I don't know if he's joking or for real.

The real point of this post is this gem:

When we get back to my house (8:45), he pulls ALL the way up my drive and parks in front of my garage. Guys I dated for 6 months and actually stayed the night never did this! He proceeds to act like he's coming in at which point I ask what he's doing..
"aren't you going to ask me in?"
"No. It's almost 9oclock and I need to go to bed for the gym in the morning."
We sit in the car for a few minutes, talking with the occasional kiss. He then says:
"I would just like to point out that I think I should      get some brownie points."
"You do? For what?"
"I haven't touched your boobs or grabbed your ass all night."
"So, you think you get brownie points for being a decent human being, doing what normal people would do and not being a douchebag?"
"Yes, I've been a gentleman."
"No, you're being normal and asking for "points" kind of takes away from the whole "gelntleman" thing." I hope he thinks about this. Not sure it hit home.

He then asked me to spend an evening with him sometime this weekend. And by evening he means all night, but he'll sleep in another room if I want. I've agreed to see him again, like I said I feel I don't know the true George and observing him in his natural habitat may help. I did not agree to the sleep over. The only way that is going to happen is if I get VERY drunk or he drugs me. I'm taking pepper spray.

Stay tuned!
 PS. In rereading this I'd like to make a point. In telling/asking me to stay the night ahead of time he has basically cock blocked himself. Had he just let the night play out he would have gotten a lot further. That's the trouble with some guys that I've talked to. They want to know ahead of time if they are going to get "any." That is a turn off and makes the outcome 100% no. Had they just taken me for drinks, and played the night out and been a cool decent person then the odds are 50/50.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sorry Continued

Earlier this week I got a notice that a Friend of mine tagged me in a VIDEO for me to watch.
If more guys watched this, we'd all be safer!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I can't tell you how many times this has been said to me.
And how many times I just want scream at the person saying it. 
Last months Runners World has an article, Ultra, that hits home in every way. I found myself wanting to highlight paragraphs for later. Wanting to cut out sections and frame them for daily affirmations. Everything this woman says speaks to me and my life.

The gist of the article is this, can you be fit and still be fat? The article follows an obese woman who runs ultras. She may not come in first but she also doesn't come in last. As I was reading it I wished that I had a highlighter with me. It is one of only a handful of RW articles that I have read multiple times.

I'm just going to leave it here with a few clips.

On a side not: I was talking with my nutritionist (did I tell you I have one now?) and she asked about my activity. I said I was getting back into the swing of my old 2years ago routine but running was still in issue. I wasn't running any long distances, you know just 4 miles. She side eyed me and said 4 miles is a long distance. Which I suppose is true but I'd like to get back to easy 10s.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

I know I've posted before about unsolicited dic pics. I find them extremely annoying.

You get a notification that you've got a text.
You open it expecting a "Good morning!" or "Hey, what are you up to today?"
And SURPRISE!! Here's my penis!
It's 9 o'clock in the fucking morning. I haven't heard from this guy in a little over a week mostly because he invited me to do something with him and then basically rescinded the offer within minutes because it would take me 45min to get to where he was. Which really pissed me off and I washed my hands of him. Also, I haven't seen him in over a month. And I actually haven't seen his penis in person. By the way, we had ONE date!

Here is my reaction:

I've kept a hint of said penis but removed most of it.
Not to protect him but to protect you. Cause nobody needs to see that.
I'd also like to point out that even if I had seen it in person I still would
not want it on my phone.

I had started to type "I'm sorry but..." But I wasn't sorry. He should be the one that is sorry and clearly he wasn't. I've found myself saying "I'm sorry but..." for a lot of things and have to stop myself. Why do a vast majority of women feel the need to be sorry for being assertive? This ARTICLE......

"I think it's because we haven't addressed the deeper meaning of these "sorry." To me, they sound like tiny acts of revolt, expressions of frustrations or anger at having to ask for what should be automatic. They are employed when a situation is so clearly not our fault that we think the apology will serve as a prompt for the person who should be apologizing.

It's a Trojan horse for genuine annoyance, a tactic left over from centuries of having to couch basic demands in palatable packages in order to get what we want. All that exhausting maneuvering is the etiquette equivalent of a vestigial tail."

is brilliant and I have resolved to stop being sorry for my feelings. My rights. My thoughts.
You may also want to check out this Amy Schumer sketch. You could also just google "women stop saying I'm sorry," and pull up a multitude of recent articles on the phenomenon.

(I also just noticed that my blog title begins with an apology, but I'm not changing it.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This isn't even all of the ripped off material!
So. Many. Bruises. And I'm on VACATION!!

Although, this may be the proudest moment of my life. Or one of. Cause I'm pretty DAMN proud of doing the Half Ironman. But People! I ripped off a garage roof. I tore out the rotted wood boards. I reinforced beams that looked like they had seen better days. I replaced said boards. And, I installed new rolled and shingle roofing.

ALL ON MY OWN!! And in 2.5 days.

Sans rotted wood
I hurt. Really bad last night and this morning but I'm feeling and moving better as the day goes on. I'm going to add a bunch of photos, mostly for my remembrance.

On a side note: I was supposed to get a new oven yesterday but they took it back because I couldn't unhook the old oven from the gas line. So, if any one is keeping track, I can roof a garage like a fucking ninja but I can't undo a gas hose.

This was to scare my mom. She made me call her every time
 I went up on the roof and when I got down.

The finished rolled roof section.

The finished shingled section.

All my bruises

Some more

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sweet Spot?

I think I might be in that sweet age spot. I'm old enough to be hit on by a 19yo looking for an "older lady" and still young enough to be an older guys "trophy."

Friday, I was hit on by a 19yo college student who has a thing for older women. After I dismissed him as a child, he wanted to snapchat me. First, I don't snapchat. I don't get it. Second, I'm pretty sure if I did have snapchat he was just going to send me a dick pic to show me what I'd be missing.

I was also hit on by a 57yo. I should point out that until writing this I thought he was 55. HE IS 10 YEARS YOUNGER THAN MY DAD!! He has sent me messages periodically in the past and I've just ignored him, mostly because of the age and because he never had any pictures. I thought I'd humor him this time and wrote back. Some how I got talked into meeting for a drink. Well, not some how, it's been raining like mad here and I've been stuck in the house almost the whole weekend. A drink out and some conversation sounds mighty nice. It's at 3pm. Just in time for Early Bird Dinner!

**Ok, It wasn't awful but it wasn't great. And the whole time I kept thinking, "you could be my dad!" He's not my type even if he was younger.

**The 19yo keeps emailing. I may think about giving him a chance. I'm bored and he's only around for the summer.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Atalanta II

I put Atalanta the first to sleep last night. She was getting to be too much work. In case you don't remember Atalanta is the name I gave to my iPod shuffle. She was orange and beautiful and worked wonderfully for 4 or 5 years. But over the past year she's been crapping out a mile or two into a run, even on a fresh charge. If I reset her to factory and then reloaded her she lasted for a whole run or two.

 Last Thursday was the last straw! I was a mile into a three mile run and she completely stopped playing. It was very uncool. Right after yoga I marched over to the Apple store and purchased a new one. My plan was to get another orange one, it's a pretty color. But they had a Product (Red) one and it was candy apple red. Gorgeous!! Same price and a percent of the proceeds would go to help fight AIDS. And I'm sold.

Took her out this morning and she's wonderful!

Also, this may or may not be my new wallpaper on my phone.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Street Harassment

Y'all! I am guilty of street harassment! In my head.

This is how it went down:
I was walking into work the other day and this hot, bearded, besuited MAN was in front of me. And LORD if the view from behind was not beautiful. In my head he turned to me and asked what I was doing. "Just admiring the view." And then it hit me! That is total street harassment. Dear God!

And then I used it to my advantage. The above convo happened again but then I said, "I am sorry! That is total street harassment. And I'm completely against it." That led to a great conversation and a follow up date.

And all of this took place IN MY HEAD!!!

I may be crazy.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Neighborhood Watch

This past Saturday I did a 3 mile run and then promptly came home to shower. It was hot and I was sweaty. Saturdays are also the days I do my grocery shopping, so after my 2 hours of liesurely coffee sipping, I drove off to the Market. As I pulled out of my drive I could not for the life of me remember if I put on deodorant. Being the only logical thing, I sniffed my pits, in my car with the windows down, rocking out loudly to Dirty I drove past the hot new neighbor drinking his coffee on his front porch.

Lesson? 1. Always be aware of new nieghbors.
              2. maybe you should look around before sniffing your pits!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Age 2

This past weekend I ran the Flying Pig 10K. I survived, which is the best I can say.

No. That's not true. I ran most of it and my achilles bothered me very little, even after (bourbon may be key in recovery). I came in 10min slower than my very first 10K but it has kick started me into running again.

But, while down in Cinci I stayed with a very close friend, Jane, and her husband. We always spend Friday night catching up with maybe a drink and Friday I had a small Makers on ice. I was complaining about how old I feel and need to state my age, at which point I forgot how old I was and instead said 56. CLEARLY a lie but it stuck all weekend.

Me: These shoes are really bothering my feet.
Jane: Well, you are 56, so it's to be expected.

Me: I think I'm drunk. I've only had 2 sangrias.
Jane: That's because you're 56 and you can't handle your liquor anymore.

But the main point is this. Her and I went out to lunch after the race. She ordered a beer and got carded. I ordered sangria and did not. At first I was happy about this. I don't have to dig for my ID, which I may have forgotten (it happens). And I'm finally adult enough to not look underage. But then I realized Jane and I are the same age and CLEARLY I look older. Or 56 to be exact. Had I actually had a couple of drinks prior to not getting carded I may have gotten belligerent. Instead, I silently pouted.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First World Problems

Lord, today has been a trial! And most of it has been the dating equivalent of first world problems.

For starters I woke up an hour before my alarm making it impossible to justify not running! So, I went out for a 3 miler, grabbing my Garmin and my shuffle. A mile into the run my shuffle died. AGAIN! It's really only making 3 (extremely short) runs before dying and needing to be restored. Problem, No music. I almost turned around and called it quits. But, I stuck it out and had to listen to me huffing and puffing. I've reset it again and put all my music back on it but it's getting super annoying. I hate the thought of buying a new one, I've only had it 4 years and I feel like it should last forever! I'm pretty sure I can turn it in and they will donate it to someone but I really don't want to spend $50.

Over breakfast I was trying to line up a "date" for tonight. Really more of a friends with benefits type thing. I had tentative plans with Hot Dan, the carpenter, who I mentioned in the last post of maybe converting him to a BF. Then he had to go a get the feels and all mushy on me. In the process of telling me he could not make it tonight he informed me that he didn't want to reconnect and have a great time with me if I was just going to end up dating someone else. He apparently, was very hurt when I told him I was dating Joshua. I had no idea that he wanted more and pointed that out. Well, I kind of cock blocked myself on that one.

I went to my back up, Stan. Yesterday he was all hitting me up to hang out but when I texted to hang out tonight he had to get all ragey with his physical therapist. It was medicine induced and they have changed his pain meds but he wants to take a couple of days and get his shit together. Fair. But I just need a little maintenance!

What is the point of having two booty calls if neither can can make it?!

An update on actual dating. I had an amazing date with Douglas briefly mentioned at the end of this post and this post. If I remember correctly we had 3 great dates at the start of 2012 and I really liked him but he then put me in maintenance mode and ended up getting back with an ex. We however became friends on FB and have periodically talked about getting drinks. Well, he found me on OkCupid, we emailed, texted and finally got drinks last night. And I have to tell you, I completely forgot how hot he is. It was probably the best 4 hour date I have ever had. It ended well and we have texted a bit today. I'm hopeful for another date this weekend. He does travel a lot for work and I have no idea what his schedule is like.

THIS however, will probably kill Hot Dan should it work out. He takes each successive maintenance mode worse and worse.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Age

For the first time in 36 years I actually feel my age. I've felt this way for the past month or two and it may be Crossfit kicking my ass or it may be that I'm 36 and old.

My mother facetimed me yesterday as I was attempting to get off the couch for water. There may have been some creaking and moaning involved in that attempt, which prompted my mother to ask "what is wrong with you?" Old age mom, old age.

This weekend has me both scared and excited. Scared, because I'm going to do a 10k run on basically one 3mile long run and sporadic 2milers. But, I'm SUPER EXCITED to see my friends that live in Cincinnati!!

Also, I'm back on the dating scene and it's exhausting. I got emailed by a 21yo offering to be my slave and calling me a goddess. My sister made me throw him back. Which, in retrospect was the right call but may have been fun for a bit.

A crazy sidenote about this dating..I was talking with a friend the other day about my dating life and prospects and mentioned that if I could just form the carpenter Hot Dan into a boyfriend I would probably be all set. We had chemistry but his drinking and such made him a bad BF. Guess who texted the next day? And he doesn't drink anymore! So....we'll see. going to try to meet up Sunday.

Friday, April 24, 2015


I love my family. Sometimes they KILL me. Case in point, my mom asked where she was when I last called her on her cell. I just couldn't. It didn't help that I had just pulled up to a yard covered in trash.  I gave up that day.

But then we have conversations like this:

Did I mention I basically have a mohawk now?

And I KNOW we talk about things that other mother/daughters, fathers/daughters, or sisters don't talk about. I've mentioned conversations that I've had with my family to friends and they can not believe that we talk openly about those subjects. And I love it. I love all the conversations, even the frustrating ones.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Every Damn Day
It's been almost a month since I last wrote in here. I just can't believe how fast time goes. I really have no good excuse. I had neuro exam, Easter with the family, my sister was in town to go dress shopping, and I've been sick.

Just a quick update. I'm technically still dating Joshua. I say technically because I'm not sure I want to be. He's a very sweet guy but I just don't feel for him the way I think I should. And not the way he feels for me. He's always seems so excited to see me and I not excited to see him. And I have no desire to "be" with him. At two months we should still be hot and heavy for each other.
So I think that's ending. Just not sure when. He's so nice.....

Crossfit has been going well. I didn't go this past week but I have legit excuses. Monday and Tuesday I was wedding dress shopping with my sister! So much fun watching her try on dresses. It's going to be hard to decide on a dress, she looks gorgeous in all of them. I do have a favorite though. Right after she left my house I got sick with a terrible cold and haven't been able to breath properly until today. THAT would make crossfit extremely difficult and I'm pretty sure they would not appreciate me leaking snot all over their equipment. But, I plan on going in tomorrow.

Obviously, running has been out for the past week too. I did get 2 miles in a week ago. Pretty sure I'm going to DIE during the Flying Pig 10K. But since the weather has gotten better, I'm hoping to get more running in.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sore and Tired

I am so sore and tired!
How sore and tired, you ask?
So sore and tired that when I fell onto my bed while removing my clothes I just laid there for a good five minutes before moving. Even my side boob hurts. Which I suppose means it's actually muscle and not fat. Or rather muscle under it all.

I had hoped to run this morning but sleep seemed a better option. I have to say I have not been running in a very long time and it saddens me. I realize that it's just me holding me back but I can't get out of the bed. It was super cold and now I'm sore and tired from Crossfit. I have decided to sign up for the Flying Pig 10K and am hoping it kicks my butt into gear!

FYI! I wrote this Tuesday and am posting it on Thursday! So tired.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Think This Says Something

I'm green. He sells stuff on eBay all the time.
This Friday marks 4 weeks with Josh and things seem to be going well. There are a couple of weird things but I'm hoping to break him of them.

One that I brought up to you all last week was the way he holds his fork. You guys, I didn't even say anything but he brought it up himself and said he was trying to "stop eating like a barbarian." he then promptly picked up his fork and proceded to eat like said barbarian. DIDN'T LAST LONG DUDE!

The other is....he sleeps fully clothed, He stayed over last Friday after a late night out and he slept fully clothed. Jeans. Tshirt under a sweatshirt. FULLY CLOTHED! Maybe it's cause he didn't have pjs. Or, he just wasn't that comfortable. I don't know but it is definitely something I will keep an eye on.
Hmmm, not surprised I didn't know that.

This little gem of a texteration happened yesterday. I think it says a lot about my lack of serious boyfriends over the past couple of years. I wanted to reply with "Lol, probably why I haven't had any REAL boyfriends over the past couple of years." But didn;t think that would reflect well on me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015



But it's a good hurt, I suppose. Monday was a shit ton of squats. Back squats, front squats, over head squats. I was mostly ok Monday after but holy shit Tuesday was rough. My lab is split between two floors and I spend most of my time on one with occasional time on the other. But yesterday I had to keep  running back and forth between the two and my phone says I did 14 flights!! 14!!
This morning I was starting to feel better. Yoga and the foam roller yesterday really seemed to help.

 I've had my legs buckle multiple times at work today, just walking along. So embarrassing.

Needless to say my quads still ache. I may be in need of an ice bath.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's your Name Again?

I've been dating Joshua for about 2-3 weeks now. We've been on 4 dates and they've been really good. I really only have two things that bug me:

1) He talks and talks and talks and talks. To the point that I'm done with my dinner and he's barely touched his. Which is fine, I'll just sit here and drink my wine while you eat and chatter at me. I've dealt with it for 36 years with my mom and 34 with my sister. I've had a lot of practice.

2) He holds his fork like a barbarian! He's 37 and I'm not sure I will be able to change that but I suppose I could just not look at his hands when he eats.

On the plus side, at least he doesn't hum when he eats. I never thought that would be criteria but HOLY HELL that shit is annoying.

This past Saturday we went to a local Jewish museum and then dinner. The museum was quite interesting, if a bit cold. While there I ran into someone I worked with. And SERIOUSLY! it took me 5 minutes to introduce him because as I'm making conversation with my work pal I'm thinking in my head,
"Ok, you have to introduce him. Do we say friend? Boy friend? Date? HOLY FUCK, what's his name? Jeff? No, no, it is a J name. John? Wait! It's Josh. Yes! Do it now! Introduce him."

It was a huge moment of panic. And, don't get me wrong, I completely know his name, it was just being put on the spot and being the first time I've had to introduce him to someone.

But I think it wasn't noticed cause we went to dinner and then made out for a couple of hours.
The date was almost 12 hours long!! Who does that on the 4th date? It's practically a whole day. I'm not complaining, it was fun and nice. But I don't think I've ever had a 12 hour date this early.

I also had a small moment of panic when he said, "I googled you and I found a page about you." I thought he had found this blog but no. He actually found a science site that keeps track of my papers. But my thought was why tell me this? I don't tell guys I google them or look on FB for them. Just be cool, pretend you don't know I'm a "famous" scientist, and act surprised when I show you my mind blowing papers.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have been extremely neglectful of this site lately. Call it laziness. Call it frozen to my couch. It has been crazy cold here in Northeast Ohio. So cold work was actually closed one day last week and delayed another. Consequently, I have not done much working out. I HAVE set my alarm to go off to work out but it shows me the temperature outside when I go to turn it off, and -22 does not make me want jump out of bed for the gym. I can only hope that it begins to warm up soon. All I'm asking for is above zero temps. promotion/raise finally went through and while it's not the amount I asked/hoped for or feel I deserve it does help. I've decided to use part of it to go back to my old crossfit box. As one friend put it "I feel like you've missed it." And I have, tremendously. It's not the same trying to do it on my own. There's no camaraderie or mutual suffering. Plus, people stare at me when I'm trying to do a WOD at the regular gym. I signed up yesterday and will start this coming Monday.

A dating update: I've been out with Joshua 3 times in the last week and a half. Sunday he came over for dinner and Xfiles. He's very nice, considerate, stable, divorced, no kids, has a job and a house. Honestly, my only complaint so far is that he talks. And talks. And talks. I suppose it's good that some one in the "relationship" does. He did ask me if I was seeing/dating anybody else. I said no, because I don't think my booty calls count as seeing/dating. Plus, I haven't actually seen them since we met for the first time. I'll have to put them in maintenance mode for the time being. Especially since he informed me he was hiding his dating profile. I suppose this is a good thing, just seemed a bit fast for me. Any hoodle, I'll keep you updated on him.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


You don't know my life MyFitnessPal!! I will log my food when I have time. It may be tomorrow. It may be tonight.

You think I lie!
I have been up TO HERE in snow and the last thing I want to do is log my food. So much snow, that I hit my house pulling into my drive the other day. SNOW DRIFT!

This morning I had to shovel for 45 min before I could leave for work and rescue a neighbor from the end of her drive. When I finally got to work I tried to park and got stuck. I street park and Cleveland is not so good at the clearing of streets. Once I got out I decided to park in a campus garage. On the way there I turned a corner and proceeded to slide into a snow bank. I really thought that was the end of my day but going up the inclines of the garage was a bit rough too.

I have looked into getting a snow blower to save my shoulders. Sleeping on my sides is getting very painful this week. However, they all say they are out of them, unless I want to pay for the $1200 ones. I will go out Saturday and do a bit more searching but have marked September 27th in my phone with an alert to BUY A SNOW BLOWER!