Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm so excited you guys!! I ran OUTSIDE this morning in a skirt and a long sleeved tech T. Half way through the run I was ready to strip off the shirt and run in my bra. My run went rather well considering I'm still a little stuffy. My time was back to normal and not the extra 15 minutes I saw on Wednesday. I'm very hopeful that tomorrows 10-15 mile run will go well.

On the dating front.....Last nights date did not happen. Not sure what went wrong but Jason says he "got into something." I'm not really sure what that means. I'm 50/50 on giving him a 3rd at bat. Tired of the whole thing but kind of interested in what the something was. I'll leave it in his court. I might have a 2nd date with a guy named Rob this weekend. Nothing spectacular but nothing hideous either. He is a bit of a talker and sometimes I'm tempted to say "It's quiet time," but at least there's no awkward silences. In the batting lineup is  also Douglas and Barney. Douglas is older, a runner and we have A LOT in common. Barney is younger, a short distance runner but bikes, share common interests but I'm just not sure I'm attracted to him. He is quiet a bit darker than I like my men. EH, we'll see.

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