Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review Week 8, Upcoming Week 9

Last week I got all my runs in except the time trial. Saturdays long run, that I was hoping to be 13-15, ended up being 12. Which is fine. It was what the schedule called for. I blame the hills. And the bridges! In case you didn't know, I was in Cincinnati helping a friend celebrate her wedding. I had a fabulous time and enjoyed seeing all my friends. While there, I stayed in the Mount Adams area and was able to do some great runs.

Fridays 4 miler was in Eden Park, almost directly across from my hotel. It was a beautiful run.
Eden Park

Southgate on left, Purple People on right, Newport  in the center
Saturdays loooooong run took place in downtown Cincinnati, OH and Newport KY. I started off in Mount Adams and ran to downtown, across the Southgate bridge and then through Newport. I came back across the Purple People bridge and then along the river front. I then headed back to Newport on the PP bridge and back again with the Southgate bridge. After 4 bridges I was beat, so I headed back to my hotel. But not before I got lost in downtown. Don't worry, I wasn't lost for long. I recognised the area and knew where I needed to get but could not figure out how to get there. After about 5 minutes, I had it worked out.

A map of my run
I got to cool it for a bit in the pool before I had to head out for photos and the wedding. At the reception hall I realized my quads were not as loose as I'd hoped as I attempted to walk down some stairs in these amazing shoes.
Marc Fisher
This is what's up for next week and Saturday I have a group run planned with a local running club. I'm testing a couple of them out this spring and am hoping to join one of them. I'm a little worried about pacing. I'm not that fast but would love a good challenge, as long as I don't die along the way.

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