Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Clever Title

For the past couple of days this is how I've woken up:
Squished into about 4 inches of my queen size bed. And if you try to move her, she bites!! She might not take up the whole bed but laying in the center prevents me from rolling over and finding the cool spot on the other side.

My run was 3 miles long on the treadmill. 3 miles that should have taken me 33 or so minutes but ended up taking 45-50. Treadmill always takes me longer than outside but that was ridiculous! I did get a good hour long bike ride in.

I have a date tonight with Jason, aka Radio Boy. We'll see what happens. A girls gotta eat.
*Sorry this is such a sucky post. Hopefully, my life will be interesting again in the coming spring.

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