Monday, June 30, 2014

On The Market

I ended things with Whiskey this past Saturday. I was super nervous but he took it really well! Almost too well. Part of me wishes there had been a little more from him and part of me is glad it went so smoothly. It was the best break up I've ever been involved in. He agreed that it would never have worked long term and that we're way too different. Best to end it now. We left as friends with the ball in my court as to getting drinks and catching up. I always say "lets be friends" but I think this is the first one where I actually meant it. We shall see.

So.... I'm back on the market and have opened all my old profiles again. THIS GUY I was rather interested in but then got that reply. REALLY???!! Do you not know what kind of site you're on? And, Dude I just ended something on Saturday just get a drink with me. I suppose it could be his polite "Fuck off." Eh, on to 25 year olds!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Mom

I love my parents! I know I've said it before but they are AMAZING parents. I may not have always felt this way, mostly through high school, but.....with age comes wisdom.

Phone convo with my mom:

Me; Yeah, so I'm breaking up with him on Saturday.
Mom: Ok, you sound hesitant.
Me: Well, I can't decide if I should look hot or scuzzy.
Mom: Why would you look scuzzy?
Me: You, know to soften the blow. Hot me is not breaking up with him, scuzzy me is.
Mom: I think you should look hot. Cause after, you can go to a different bar so you don't go home right away and you can flirt with a hotty.


ps. she doesn't want me to go straight home after in case he decides to go to my place for some reason. I don't really see him being the crazy type but he does get very angry at weird stuff. And I've been suprised before.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Self Diagnosing

I do a lot of self diagnosing. I feel it goes with the job. I'm a biomedical researcher. So, if there's a problem, I research it. If my mom has a question I get an email. Same with my sister. In fairness I typically just ask Google and then decide on the most logical of Google's feedback.

My doctors hate me. Once, I had a rash on my arms. It was in the tell tale circle pattern of ringworm but I still looked up definitive ways to tell. And then I did a skin scraping and shoved my arms under UV lights. Yep! Ringworm! On the upside, I always know what's wrong with me. On the downside, I can't write prescriptions. This is where my doctor comes in. I tell her what I have. In reply to her quizzical look I explain how I came to my conclusion. I then reply to the unasked question, "I'm in research and have access to a lot of information." And I walk out with my script in 10min! This is basically how I decided I have insertional tendinitis. 

Until yesterday when scanning Pinterest (I'm CLE Runner) I was only a slightly overweight soon to be single obsessive compulsive introverted researcher with a running/triathlon/crossfit fetish and cat owner. I am now a slightly overweight soon to be single obsessive compulsive introverted
researcher with a running/triathlon/crossfit fetish and cat owner who suffers from misophonia. Me, not the cat.

Misophonia is the hatred of sound. It is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences are triggered by specific sounds. For instance, remember THIS guy? What a lot of people don't know is that I inwardly cringe when people eat. When I go to eat lunch I will literally turn around and eat 30 mins later if certain people are in there. During the summer the lunch area is over run by students but I will go to a different floor just so I don't have to listen to them talking, eating or typing. If I can hear you chew I will give you dirty looks. Don't get me started on breathing! Yesterday, there was a woman that came in after to me to eat. She repetitively scraped her bowl, took a bite and then scraped again. Seriously, if looks could kill. I am not to the point where some people are who suffer from this. I can bare it out for a few minutes. Depending on the sound I can be anywhere from a level 3 to a 5.

In reading wiki on this, of people suffering from tinnitus, ringing of the ears (me), 60% also suffer from misophonia. In a small study of Misophonia patients 52% also were OC. WOW!!

This is probably why I'm single. I like silence. Without sniffles. Or snorts. Or chewing. Or breathing. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

$250 Poorer

I got my shoe shopping accomplished!!
I went to my local running store with my old Mizuno's in hand. We went over how I run, how much I run, what I don't like about my old shoes, past shoes I've used, and the current injury. I tried on 4 different shoes. The current Mizuno wave inspire, a Saucony (kinvara maybe?), a Brooks adrenaline, and a Newton (gravityIII maybe?). I'm sure you can already tell which I went with. But I will say I was torn between the Newton and the Brooks. I ended up putting the Brooks on the left foot and the Newton on the right and running up and down the store. The Newton was really nice and roomy in the toes. They are cushy on the balls and I really felt like I was floating as I ran. I may have been seriously tempted to purchase those had I not had the heel problem. I found that when I landed in the Newtons it seemed harder than in the Brooks. The Brooks are light, roomy, and cushy on the heel. They're also super flashy!!

I next went to Dick's to check out Crossfit shoes. I tried on several that I can't even remember. I did try the Reebok Nano 3.0. Can I just say that these shoes look like clown shoes? They are solid bright BRIGHT yellow with giant toe boxes. Don't get me wrong, they're comfy and I almost went home with them. But.....Then the guy said, "Have you thought about the 2.0's?" I had not. I tried them. Same comfort level. less bright! And just felt right. They all have a low heel to toe rise.

I'm going to give my heel one more week before I do anything other than swimming. It is definitely better. There's very little pain in the morning, walking when I get up from sitting and going down stairs. It did tinge a little when I ran around the store trying on running shoes. I'm still icing it at night and taking ibuprofen occasionally. I really hope one more week will get back to running. I miss it. A lot.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Part of me is SERIOUSLY dying. Part of me is LOVING this.

The two week no running "prescription" is actually working. My heel/achilles rarely hurts anymore and when it does it's after running up and down stairs at work or hiking up the hill to my car. And, I'm loving being lazy. I got to drink coffee and read the paper with my parents last weekend when I would have been biking. I get to drink my coffee and walk my cat before work. And, this weekend my "niece" finally gets the sleepover she's been asking for for 2 years!

That said, I hate being this inactive. I've tried to get to the pool for laps but it's crazy raining here. It's like Florida. Great during the day and then down pour after work. I'm hoping I can start back to light crossfit Monday. I've also been reading that doing Crossfit in the wrong shoes can be detrimental to your body. Let me just say that I never gave shoes for lifting any thought and therefore have been doing it in old running shoes. Also, I was trying to save money. I've also never been very happy with my current running shoes. I'm in Mizuno Wave inspire 9. I loved the 8's but the 9's never felt right. so, we're changing it all up! Actual crossfit shoes and new running shoes. I hope to have this all accomplished this weekend.

Speaking of new things.... I cut my hair!! And I absolutely love it!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm Out

I got some bad news yesterday..... I've been nursing a sore achilles for about two months now. For awhile I just thought it was plain old tendonitis. I was wrong! On closer examination (by myself) I have insertional tendonitis (self diagnosed). The tendon itself does not hurt but the heel at the point where the achilles attaches to the heel. It's a pretty bad diagnosis. It means the tendon is slowly tearing off the heel and is inflamed.

The pain started in mid April at about the time I started parking off campus and walking the 10-15 min in to work. It's also the point in time where I started to increase my mileage from basically nothing to 2-3 miles at a go. It is painful in the morning when I get out of bed, painful when I start to walk after sitting for a time and painful for the first half mile of a run. But, once I get moving it goes away.

I've been trying to just power through but yesterday I saw my massage therapist and told him of the pain (he's also a physical therapist). We went through my symptoms and what I thought it was, insertional tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. After talking and examining my feet and tendons he thinks it's insertional.

This is how that convo went,
MT: "I think it's insertional. You need to take some time off running."
Me: "Really?!"
MT: "Well, you don't have to. You can take 1-2 weeks now or a year when your tendon detaches."
Me: "Ok, I can just bike on those days."
MT: "SERIOUSLY!!!? If you weren't naked right now I'd throw you out of the room! You need to stop all of it!"
Me: Sniffle "Even weight training?"
MT: "Yes. Just stop! All I'm asking for is a week or two. Then try running 1-2 miles."
Me: "Fine. The pool's open and I can do laps."
MT: Groan

I'm also out with Whiskey, he just doesn't know it yet.