Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Riddance!

I have to say I will not be sad to see 2011 leave. This year has had a lot of disappointments. But after the stellar year of 2010 I suppose it's only inevitable that I'll get a sucky one. I won't bring you down with the details but it involves a death, friends moving, and a lot of money out the window to repair/replace appliances. On the up side I did finish my first TRI and marathon. I'll use that to build my 2012.

I don't do resolutions. I've really only made one meaningful one and I've kept it for 9 years, to quit smoking. I feel if something is important to you, you'll do it no matter when you start it. These are goals I have for 2012. I've been putting them together for awhile and they're just the natural progression of my running.
-2 marathons
-an ultra relay
-an obstacle run
-2 TRIs
-and I can only hope a boat load of of other greats

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Sorry, I've been a little MIA lately. With the holidays I've been spending a lot of time with friends and family. Therefore, dating has really been at a standstill. And, honestly, I wouldn't want to start anything before the new year. The pressures are to great. Do you buy them a gift? A card? Do you spend NYE with them even though you've only gone out once or twice? It's just fraught with land mines.

I am working on some new leads though. I woke up to an email from the matchmaker asking if I'd like to meet a 41yo engineer named Roger. Sure, why not. I'm down for drinks on a Friday. And I've gotten some texts from a couple of flames I'd written off. One of which I'd planed on contacting after New Years in the hopes that his life had calmed down. It seems to have. 

Running has hit a low again. I can only assume it's because I am so out of my normal schedule that my body is just not cooperating. I'm hoping to go for a long run tomorrow and then get a massage. My hopes are at a 50% right now. I went out yesterday for a good run and ended up doing a terrible 2.5 miles. But the new year is coming and I'll pull this around in the end. I have to. I already signed up for a full in May!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Possibly Gay Jerry

Two years ago at roughly this time I had the pleasure to meet Jerry. We met online while Fishing. He was in school for medical assistant, I think. Was recently divorced. Lived relatively close by and had a decent personality. He was up front about the fact that he was overweight and had gastric bypass a couple of years before. He had lost a bit of weight from it but from what I could tell all he'd done was shrink his stomach. His lifestyle and menu was still that of an overweight guy.

We went out 3 times. First, a couple of weeks before Christmas we met for dinner. Conversation was easy and for the most part it was a successful date. I try to give all not-so-horrible dates a second one. First dates are always rough and nerves get the better of people.

Second, a week before Christmas he wanted to go dancing downtown. I LOVE to dance! So, I said ok and we made plans. Plans being him knowing what I was going to wear so we wouldn't clash. Odd, yes but I still wanted to go dancing with a built in DD (he couldn't drink due to the bypass). I let him pick me up but before we could leave he had some Christmas gifts for me. Plural. Second date. A tin of homemade peanut butter fudge, which was NOT good and chocolate covered strawberries. A strawberry charm. A silver necklace. And the topper, a  wristlet. It's not really the wristlet itself, it's how he presented it. I was taking a large black alligator (fake, for my PETA fans) clutch. Super cute. "You're not taking that are you?" Who says that? A guy who made you a wristlet (side note: he makes and sells wristlets). "It will hold your ID, credit cards and money." Yes, but what about makeup? I don't remember what was said but I got out of the wristlet. We went dancing and it was so so.

After that things got.....needy. I have to say I don't really like a needy/clingy guy. That being said, a standoffish guy is not all that great either. There's a fine balance. Back to possibly gay Jerry. He called everyday. If I didn't answer right away he got worried. Highly annoying. He was also a bit of a whiner and not so smart.

I wasn't going to see him again but it's hard to do when someone just gave you all that stuff. And my birthday was just around the corner. He didn't know it but I had no plans for it yet and didn't want to do nothing. So, I made plans with him again. He wanted to make me his specialty for dinner. His specialty being previously cooked shrimp, jar Alfredo sauce and very Al dente noodles. It was not good. Oh, and there were roses. I can't remember if it was a clean dozen but it was definitely more then 2.

I know there were other things that made me question even more his preference. I just can't remember them. It's been two years. I do know that I am not the only one that had these thoughts. Others have voiced them before to him. Enough so that we had a discussion about it. I have to say that since ending things with Jerry I have regretted one thing. That I didn't keep the wristlet. A couple of times when I've been out I have been frustrated with dealing with a clutch and have wanted a wristlet instead.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Gearing Up 1.5 Years in Advance

Apparently, everyone and their mother read my post Wednesday. There was furious last minute bidding on the awesome TRI bike. I couldn't even type in an offer with out the price jumping. It finally sold for $435, a good price for the bike but way too rich for me. I settled on an ordinary road bike. I still haven't figured out the difference between the two except that one had better handles. And I'm pretty sure I can just switch them out or at least clamp on TT bars.

While I was waiting to purchase I wandered around the "bike store" and found an indoor bike trainer and stand. HOW COOL is that! I can train in the winter in my basement just watching movies. It even came with adjustable resistance! This auction I did win. It wasn't much of a contest, though, as I was the only bidder. The hardest thing now will be trying to maintain patience and contain myself every time the UPS guy goes down my road. I'm hoping it ships soon, since I'll be out of town for a week starting late next week. And, some of my neighbors are a little shady.

While I was in the buying mood (I also bought 2 race entrances) I figured I should find out what I'm in for with the 1/2 ironman. I found 2 books that looked helpful but looks can be decieving. I purchased Kara Goucher's book on running 2 weeks ago and so far it is a total let down. It might be helpful if you're just thinking about running but if you've already made significant inroads, it's not going to do much other then make you say, "Well, DUH! I knew that." The books I bought though are "The Triathletes Training Bible" and "You Are an Ironman: How Six Weekend Warriors Chased Their Dream of Finishing the Worlds Toughest Triathlon." I purchased the bible because if I'm going after an Ironman I don't just want to finish, I want to finish strong. Plus, I think I have a chance to place* in this summers CLE Tri and I'm hoping it will give me an edge. I got the other book because let's face it I'm not an elite and I'd like to see how other weekend warriors found it.

I will keep you all updated with training, reading, and dating. I think next week we'll visit a past date.

*In my division, not overall.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweep the Legs!

I am in the fight of my life! And it's on ebay. I found a TRI bike that is the perfect size for me. The MSRP is $2000-3000 but the current bid is $365. It was a floor model and may have a scrape or two but it's practically perfect! It's light weight, has the super cool tri handle bars, and only needs pedals. After haggling back and forth with M----R, I've decided to wait to the last minute and swoop in for the steal. I only have 10.5 hours left, which means I'll be home when the bidding ends. I don't have internet at home but I need to keep an eye on this. YAY for the iphone! I put the ebay app on last night and have been stalking out the bike.  I do have back ups, though. I found a regular road bike that will work but I can't figure out how to order my size (I'm not so patiently waiting for an answer to my email). I hope M----R doesn't read this. Machiavelli would be so upset with me.

Sometimes you have to be a Cobra.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Am I Ironman Material?

I'm not really sure but watching this video and the world championship Ironman in Kona on Saturday really makes me want to try. I of course would start off with the half Ironman. So, I am declaring here and now that in 2013 not only will I do SD RnR Marathon  but I will also do a half Ironman*.
*Barring any unforeseeable debilitating circumstances.

My plan now is to add one to two sprint triathlons, two total full marathons, an ultra-relay, and an obstacle run in 2012. I think that's doable with out adding too much training to my schedule. If I threw in a half ironman next year it would be too much but a year from now? That's a different story. I have a year and a half to train and drop another 20. I don't expect to place but I will finish it.

If anyone likes this music I believe it's a mash up of Prometheus Rising, An Epic Age, and Glory Seeker by Immediate and available on iTunes.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life and Death

My participation in the Runner's World Holiday Streak is dead! Technically, it died two days after birth but I thought I could resuscitate it. But with two days of no running I have to call time of death, 12/5/11 11:59pm. I have to say I did go ten days with only one day off. THAT IS THE LONGEST EVER!!! For me. It was nice to think I could do a month of running everyday and I had the best of intentions. I even started early! But it became a job, something I had to do. Something I dreaded. Something that hurt. I don't want running to be that. I want it to be  an escape. A way for me to think or not think, depending on the situation. Something that doesn't hurt a mile into the run.

I've changed course and have a vague training schedule worked out. Two short easy runs during the week and a long run, up to 10, on the weekend. The days I'm not running I'm going to do some cross training with Nike Training Center. It's like my own personal bootcamp on my phone. There are about 50 different programs depending on what you want to do. Small equipment, like 8lb weights, medicine ball or jump rope, is needed. But you don't need Smith Machines and everything can be done in your basement. Or outside if you don't mind voyeurs. I plan on doing this until February. At that point I'll go back to training mode. The only difference, really, would be the distance of my runs. My cross training may change to include biking and swimming at some point but not for awhile.

While The Holiday Streak lay dying in a gutter a new idea has been gestating. I mentioned it once before on here but have really taken steps to get the ball rolling. The Relay Around Columbus is in its inaugural year and I want to be there from the start. Who knows, they might get really popular and teams from the previous year will get preference at registration. In full disclosure, I've been wanting to do an ultra relay for a little over a year, ever since I saw Hood To Coast Movie and dated for a bit a guy who's done it (That didn't last long. Turns out he was not as "separated" as I was led to believe. But another silver fox and another story!). I'm in the process of getting a feel for who will be willing to be on my team and bullying those that I think SHOULD be on my team. At the moment I'm going for a 6 person team with each person running a total of about 18 miles over 3 legs. I have 3 people who are definite. 3 people who are 60%. And one person who wants to be the lowest possible alternate. I'm also willing to do the ULTRA division. This consists of 3 team members, each running about 34 miles. The 34 miles can be run (A) all at once or (B) split in two. I'd go for option B. I have one person that's 60% and another that's 40% on board with the ULTRA. The ULTRA is a last ditch effort if I can't pull a team of 6 together. I'm giving everyone till January 28 to commit or give me a % on board. If need be I can substitute runners up until the day of the run. Just finding those runners might be tough.

I will keep this mission updated with the progress but I fully expect to be involved in this race one way or another.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Whiners are Wieners Weekend

Anne Taintor
When I went to bed on Thursday night I had two dates for the weekend. Saturday coffee and cheesecake with Jamal (not ethnic just name I picked) and Sunday run with Calvin. When I got home from work I had three and I finished the weekend back at two. But not the original two.

I got up late on Friday and decided to do my workout in the evening after work. It seems to be a pattern for me this winter. I'm having trouble running/weight training in the morning. Maybe it's just that I'm to cozy in my bed and the damp cold basement does not draw me in. Whatever the reason I came home Friday with the intentions to workout, shower, and vege. Halfway through my workout I decided if I was going to vege let's vege with someone. SO, I texted Stan. I'm not sure if I've introduced Stan here yet or not. I could go back and reread my posts but I don't have time. Stan and I met while Fishing in June/July. Cute, same politics, views on children and marriage, and religion. He's had a rough life but I enjoy being around him and I can only assume vice versa. We dated for about a month and each date had to be the longest I've ever spent with some one that I was just starting to know. He got confusing at one point and I cornered him and we had a very frank discussion on "US". It boils down to "It's not you, it's me." Um, sure, we know that line. But, since he still contacts me and we still talk and do things together and I've learned more about him it really is him. He's changing careers, is back in school, and is still sleeping with his ex after 6 years. Yes, it is completely him. He came over Friday when I was done working out and we veged and talked more about us. Basically, he needs to stop sleeping with his ex. He knows this. He also thinks he needs to have a rebound before he dates me. It's been 6 years!! Life was your rebound! We left it as casual dating each other while still dating others.

Saturday I did a nice 4 mile treadmill run. I never thought I would be able to but Paul suggested putting my laptop in front of it and watching DVDs. I am currently making my way through Boston Legal. LOVE IT!!

My date Saturday with Jamal was the longest 1.5 hours I have ever been through. I met him also Fishing. He hit me up and we went back and forth for about a week. He sent me his number on a Monday and I texted on a Wednesday. This is important because the Tuesday between I got an email from him asking why I hadn't contacted him. If he had somehow offended me. Um, no. I left your number at work on Monday and was sick on Tuesday. Seems a little insecure but I let it go. We texted a bit and he had a needy feel. I again let it go.  When we finally met up at The Cheesecake Factory of coffee and cheesecake(YUM) he showed up with a rose. Now in the past I suppose it was customary to give your date a gift. I don't feel it is anymore. The guys that have brought me gifts on first dates don't have any better survival stats then guys who don't. I kind of find it a turn off, a bit of trying to hard and it brings back memories of "Possibly Gay Jerry." He was cute, however a little on the thin side for me. Runs, but not much. Likes to camp and hike, a negative. He's also very clearly not past his most recent break up from 8 months ago. Seems a bit depressed or is just a downer. But the worst of all is that he reminds me of a very close friend of mine. In certain aspects of looks and they have the same mannerisms. Talk the same. And now that I see it, I'm not sure I can un see it. I will forever think "my god, this is what dating so and so would be like." The seal on his coffin was this text after he got home,

I said yes but if you have to ask, then no. At the time I was thinking it's first date, not every one's good on first dates. But in retrospect, I'm not sure I can endure another one. He was boring! And I'm not one to give constant reassurance.

Sunday, was to include an afternoon run with Calvin, a 42 yo divorced professional with one son. I find him very attractive, a silver fox if you will. He's done a lot of marathons, Boston twice, 2 Ironman's  and a 50 mile ultra. Basically, he's my running hero. The run got changed to lunch due to weather and I was happy about it. As previously expressed, I'm terrible at running 2 days in a row. But when Sunday dawned his FB status indicated another wrench in the plans. I don't know what happened but basically his life blew to hell and he can't handle a lunch. Probably best, since I can't handle a 3rd day in a row of someone bitching to me about their life. As my old vollyball coach would say, "SUCK IT UP!"

Friday, December 2, 2011


I'm getting ready to start training for my next marathon. It's a ways away but as I've said before I'm a planner. Why is Runner's World giving me a training plan with only 2 days of running? At least give me 3, if not 4. I think they just want me to pay for the REALLY cool version. It's actually working.

Because it's discouraging

"What is run two consecutive days, Alex?"

It's true. Now I know why my training schedules all have at least one day in between runs. It's not saying I can't do some form of exercise, just that running is not an option. And by not an option, I mean my body will rebel! The weather in the beginning of the week was really crappy, so when the sun shone brightly I hit the streets. Wednesday was the first sunny dry day and I went out for what I hoped was 6 miles but turned out to be 4.5. It got dark fast and I had forgotten my flashers. I also had another problem that has not been addressed here and is talked of only in whispers elsewhere. I had to poop. The runners trots. It usually hits me around mile 4 and coincides with my work site or McDonald's depending on the run I'm doing. I'm a regular at McD's but only as "the girl who runs in and out of the bathroom." Wednesday I was close to home so I just finished the run. I could have gone back out but 4.5 miles was the longest I had run since Detroit. I didn't want to push it.
 *Side note, it took forever to warm after this and only happened after I took a hot bath.

Yesterday was another awesome day. The sun was out and the temps might not have been tropical but was the best I could hope for here. My colleague covered for me at work so I could leave a bit early and get in a great run before it got too dark or too cold. Within the first half mile I knew this was not going to be my run. My pace was 12 something and I felt like I was running at top speed. My left ankle was also acting up. It's felt a bit stiff lately and I think it will eventually just work itself out, but I was having some trouble with it during the run. I ended up doing a short 2.5 miles but I feel like I wasted a great running day. Could I have powered through? Absolutely! Would it have been a quality run? No. Would I be extra sore today? Probably. Would I get a good run in tomorrow? Probably not.

While I think it's important to push one's self, you should also listen to your body and err on the side of caution. I might not have had a stellar run yesterday but I will probably have one tomorrow.