Thursday, November 28, 2013


I started back to Crossfit this past Thursday, Nov 21. And sweet baby Jesus did it hurt my lungs. That days WOD was 21-15-9 14# wall balls and burpees. This followed 3-3-3-3-3 Squat cleans (100#!). I finished the WOD and held my own against all the boys, finishing in 7:01. Typically, I don't have lay on the floor following a workout but that day I laid there and tried to catch my breath. My lungs and throat burned for a good 3 hours after that.

I also, started back  running. Saturday was my first run after the Rock and Roll 1/2 in the beginning of  October. I did it on the treadmill with easy sections followed my sprints. I only made it a mile but at least I've started. I did another mile Tuesday and 2 miles today, Thanksgiving. Not exactly a Turkey Trot but I'll take it.

The real cause of my pain was Crossfit on Monday! 3-3-3-3-3 Over head squats
(100#) followed by 25-20-15 Front squats, Ring push ups and double unders. I scaled my WOD by doing 80# front squats, knee ring push ups and 3x single unders. I finished in 14:28. This one didn't hurt until the next day.....and the next....and the next. Yes, my quads hurt from all the squats but what REALLY hurts is my pecks and shoulders! Those damn ring push ups killed them! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turkey Trot

This is actually something I fear on a daily basis!
This might be the first year since I started running that I don't do a Turkey Trot. I'm very torn about this. Half of me wants to say, "eh, do it next year. This year has been rough, you had surgery, various aches and pains, and long work days. Plus, you haven't been running since the RnR 1/2 marathon. You'll die out there!"

The other half say, "Eh, it's just a Turkey Trot. What better way to start running again."

Also, I think this is the first time that I haven't had a race scheduled at all.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dating Update

I'm pretty sure my surgery ended my relationship with Hot Dan. Admittedly, there wasn't that much of a relationship there. Yes, we had fun together and he could be really sweet. But he was mostly drunk. A lot. And he wasn't much fun when he was drunk. He did quite a lot of complaining and talking. We had one date where I had to tell him to "Just stop talking." On three separate conversations. There are things you think and say and then there are things you think and never say. He couldn't make that distinction. There's other things, not worth going into now though.

He was sweet, though. He was one of the few who contacted me through out my recovery to see how I was doing. But texting has trailed off and he "may have to work this weekend."
The above was written 11/13/13.

 Now, we are in a whole new place. Hot Dan and I had a texteration this past Sunday but nothing really came of it.

Mark 6.0 has made a reappearance. He has periodically messaged me through text or facebook but nothing really comes of it. Just a "Hi, how are you?" thing. But this past Wednesday I got a text from him informing me that he's moved to my area and would like to catch up. It's been 6 days and nothing has been officially set up. We had soft plans for Sunday but he "got sick." Really doesn't surprise me with him.

Original Mark, is almost always in the background. Mostly just texterations but the occasional drink when we're in the same city. Anyways, I got a text from him saying, "I somewhat miss you."

I don't know what will happen with any of these situations but I always keep my options open.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Loss of my Tonsils, Part 2

Mostly what I ate. Down about 8#s.
Soon after waking my family came in and I was moved to a pre-op room because they needed the bed. I was promptly over come with nausea but was allowed to leave once the anti-nausea meds kicked in. The rest of that day is quite a blur. I was in a lot of pain, more than I thought I'd be in. And, the pain meds they gave me barely touched the pain. Luckily, they gave me A LOT and I could double down when needed. (Sorry, mom. You probably didn't know that.) I went through 10 bottles of children's Tylenol in 10 days! It's odd, but I swear the syrup soothed my throat.

Tuesday passed. At one point I thought that I either had something stuck in my eye or my cats fur was extra bouyant. Turns out, it was just the "fog" from the humidifier I had in my room. I made my mom watch American Horror Story, insisting she would like this season. This had detrimental effects when I watched the most recent episode this week, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!" I don't remember the two episodes I watched last week! Ate mostly baby food, tried scrambled eggs.

My fave sorbet!
Wednesday was marked by a visit from my gas company and the refridgerator repair guy. OH yeah, I got a new fridge that Saturday and it was broken within hours. Luckily, my dad was there to help me deal with the fridge guy. It just seems odd that he couldn't request a new fridge and I, in my drugged state, would have to go to the store and order a new one.Tried soft mac and cheese.

Thursday included an outing. I went to the store I bought my fridge from. The sales guy there had a bit of an attitude. I tried as hard as possible to put the fear of god in them about my busted fridge, which is quite difficult when you can barely whisper, see straight, or walk. I think my threat to never buy from them again did the trick. I had my replacement in 3 days. Odd, since it took a month to get the original fridge....

Friday I was up and about a bit more. I didn't spend as much time in bed but still wasn't skipping around.

Saturday I was able to do somethings around the house. Just some picking up, a load of laundry, refill my new fridge.

Sunday was the first day I went without pain meds during the day! And, the day I realized I needed my house to myself again. Since, I wasn't taking the pain meds during the day I could drive if needed. And, so, my parents left. I ATE PANCAKES!!!
Got through all 3 seasons!

Monday, was painful. My scabs started to come off and if I was going to bleed out today would be it. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever gone through. And I've now gone through it twice. Once before with mono. Your throat hurts when you swallow and you can feel something like a  booger hanging in your throat. I had to force harder food (like PB&J sandwich) down in the hopes that it would grab the scab and tear it off. At one point the scab hung on too long and it really got to me that I almost threw up. I, also, had to drive to Walgreens to get more liquid tylenol. At the register I realized I didn't have any way to pay for it.
Tuesday, not much. Decided I was done staying at home and worked on my doctor signing a release to allow me to go back to work.

Wednesday, release signed

Thursday/Friday, back to work, 1/2 days. Smaller scabs peeling. Still eating baby food but mostly because I have it and don't want to waste it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The loss of my Tonsils part 1

Well, it's finally happened. My tonsils are no longer with me. I have been tonsil free now for a week and a half and it really hasn't been bowls of ice cream.
This is after a week. It was much grosser.

It started on November 3rd when my mother arrived and I had my "Last Meal." WHoow doooggy! that meal was delish! Pumpkin ravioli, wedge salad, fillet with these amazing potatoes. And of course dessert. Chocolate cake with Black raspberry and chocolate chunk ice cream on top (this ice cream happens to be my sisters favorite). It was an amazing dinner. I wish I had a picture of it. This all had to be eaten before 8pm. I had to be food free for 12 hours prior.

I woke the day of the surgery at 7am so I could shower, in antibacterial soap, and make my way to the out patient surgery center. My apt was for 8:45. When I was taken back by the pre-op nurse I started to get a little scared. I went through all the pre-op stuff, when did I last eat? When did I last take my vitamins? What meds was I on? Can I pee in this cup? I had some questions of my own, When can I go back to crossfit? Can I use Cepacol spray? Can I get my tonsils back? Am I preggers? The one about the tonsils threw her. She said she doubted it but I would need to ask the doctor. Btw, I am not preggers.

Then the anesthesiologist came in. He went through the pre-op with me. What meds I was going to be given and how I would be knocked out. What would happen after. He asked if I had any questions. Of course I did! Can I get my tonsils back? He doubted it. They needed to go to pathology but I might be able to get the report. I should ask my surgeon. I was then given anti-nausea med and a vicodin and hooked up to an IV. By the time my parents and sister came back I was feeling a little better.

Thanks to my mom, I had a humidifier to help keep things moist.
Now my surgeon came in and went over the procedure with me and my family. After which he asked if I had questions. YES!! Yes, I do. Can I use cepacol spray? No. Can I use cepacol lozenges? What is this weird obsession you have cepacol? Do you own stock? No, just trying to numb the throat. Now, can I get my tonsils back? I have the means to destroy them when I'm done with them if that helps you make you a decision here. Yeah, he basically stared at me as my sister cackled, my mom moaned and my dad rolled his eyes and said, "Just tell him why and what you do." See I have this strange thought that my tonsils are chock full the white tonsil gunk that come oozes out of them. I just want to cut one open and see what's inside. I do research and can dispose of them in the bio hazardous waste. If I can't get them back could you just take a picture after they're out and then after you cut one open? I will say this, he was very tactful in his refusal. I believe he said something along the lines of I was his first priority in the OR and he wouldn't have time to take pictures. Ok, it was a bit  nicer than that but that's what it boiled down to. Or, it's what the viccodin heard. He gave me one last curious look and left.

Now it was real and I said I was a little nervous. Some one passing heard and came back with a wirery bracelet for me. And now I was being wheeled into the OR. There were some very lovely nurses in there. They made me feel very relaxed. The last thing I remember saying was, "Oh, it's all fuzzy......" Then I woke up in A LOT of pain! Do you know they make you eat with in minutes of waking? And it's jello! Not even proper ice cream!