Friday, November 15, 2013

The Loss of my Tonsils, Part 2

Mostly what I ate. Down about 8#s.
Soon after waking my family came in and I was moved to a pre-op room because they needed the bed. I was promptly over come with nausea but was allowed to leave once the anti-nausea meds kicked in. The rest of that day is quite a blur. I was in a lot of pain, more than I thought I'd be in. And, the pain meds they gave me barely touched the pain. Luckily, they gave me A LOT and I could double down when needed. (Sorry, mom. You probably didn't know that.) I went through 10 bottles of children's Tylenol in 10 days! It's odd, but I swear the syrup soothed my throat.

Tuesday passed. At one point I thought that I either had something stuck in my eye or my cats fur was extra bouyant. Turns out, it was just the "fog" from the humidifier I had in my room. I made my mom watch American Horror Story, insisting she would like this season. This had detrimental effects when I watched the most recent episode this week, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?!" I don't remember the two episodes I watched last week! Ate mostly baby food, tried scrambled eggs.

My fave sorbet!
Wednesday was marked by a visit from my gas company and the refridgerator repair guy. OH yeah, I got a new fridge that Saturday and it was broken within hours. Luckily, my dad was there to help me deal with the fridge guy. It just seems odd that he couldn't request a new fridge and I, in my drugged state, would have to go to the store and order a new one.Tried soft mac and cheese.

Thursday included an outing. I went to the store I bought my fridge from. The sales guy there had a bit of an attitude. I tried as hard as possible to put the fear of god in them about my busted fridge, which is quite difficult when you can barely whisper, see straight, or walk. I think my threat to never buy from them again did the trick. I had my replacement in 3 days. Odd, since it took a month to get the original fridge....

Friday I was up and about a bit more. I didn't spend as much time in bed but still wasn't skipping around.

Saturday I was able to do somethings around the house. Just some picking up, a load of laundry, refill my new fridge.

Sunday was the first day I went without pain meds during the day! And, the day I realized I needed my house to myself again. Since, I wasn't taking the pain meds during the day I could drive if needed. And, so, my parents left. I ATE PANCAKES!!!
Got through all 3 seasons!

Monday, was painful. My scabs started to come off and if I was going to bleed out today would be it. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever gone through. And I've now gone through it twice. Once before with mono. Your throat hurts when you swallow and you can feel something like a  booger hanging in your throat. I had to force harder food (like PB&J sandwich) down in the hopes that it would grab the scab and tear it off. At one point the scab hung on too long and it really got to me that I almost threw up. I, also, had to drive to Walgreens to get more liquid tylenol. At the register I realized I didn't have any way to pay for it.
Tuesday, not much. Decided I was done staying at home and worked on my doctor signing a release to allow me to go back to work.

Wednesday, release signed

Thursday/Friday, back to work, 1/2 days. Smaller scabs peeling. Still eating baby food but mostly because I have it and don't want to waste it.

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Running Meg said...

Wow, that's...gross? Sorry, but wow, that sucks. Hopefully you're doing better and your scabs are all gone.