Thursday, November 28, 2013


I started back to Crossfit this past Thursday, Nov 21. And sweet baby Jesus did it hurt my lungs. That days WOD was 21-15-9 14# wall balls and burpees. This followed 3-3-3-3-3 Squat cleans (100#!). I finished the WOD and held my own against all the boys, finishing in 7:01. Typically, I don't have lay on the floor following a workout but that day I laid there and tried to catch my breath. My lungs and throat burned for a good 3 hours after that.

I also, started back  running. Saturday was my first run after the Rock and Roll 1/2 in the beginning of  October. I did it on the treadmill with easy sections followed my sprints. I only made it a mile but at least I've started. I did another mile Tuesday and 2 miles today, Thanksgiving. Not exactly a Turkey Trot but I'll take it.

The real cause of my pain was Crossfit on Monday! 3-3-3-3-3 Over head squats
(100#) followed by 25-20-15 Front squats, Ring push ups and double unders. I scaled my WOD by doing 80# front squats, knee ring push ups and 3x single unders. I finished in 14:28. This one didn't hurt until the next day.....and the next....and the next. Yes, my quads hurt from all the squats but what REALLY hurts is my pecks and shoulders! Those damn ring push ups killed them! 

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Running Meg said...

Cross Fit is crazy town! good for you for getting out there again. Sorry your lungs hurt! And nice work getting back running. The first runs are the hardest, right?