Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Body is Sabotaging My Love Life

FYI: This post will get VERY personal VERY fast.

This past Monday I went on a date with a dude I've been talking to for about a month and whom I've been out with once before. We met for dinner Monday night and he invited me to his place for drinks. I knew "drinks" did not mean drinks. He knew "drinks" did not mean drinks. I don't need to go into details, you know where that went. I embraced my LIBIDO (great podcast btw)!

Everything was going great until he noticed a reddish spot on his white sheets. I now had the plague. Let me tell you, nothing ruins the mood than a 41yo man who can not get past this. Dude! You've been married! You should be comfortable with a woman's bodily functions. There really was no coming back after that.

To be clear this was not blood. This was a red/brown discharge which happens during ovulation and orgasm for me. I've been experiencing it for about the last year and only for the first week after my period. It is not the first time that I've experienced it with a dude but the first time I've dealt with that reaction.

It's more an annoyance than bothersome and I have spoken with my doctor about it. She feels it's just me getting older but offered to run some tests to make sure it was not anything else, i.e. STIs and cervical cancer. All tests came back negative and I am left with the assumption that I am experiencing perimenopause. Yes, I am a bit young to be going through it but it kind of fits with other things I've been dealing with. I've been crazy emotional over the past 1.5years. Like, CRAZY emotional. I cried at a Hilliary campaign video. I cried watching the King and I. I cried at a Secret commercial! I've also been experiencing migraines and a foggy brain. I've decided to try low dose birth control to help deal with this. I haven't been on it since 2008. It may not help but I want to see.

I haven't decided how I feel about this stage of my life. I continue to view myself as a 28 year old sexy girl. And I can still be a sexy 38 year old.....lady.

On a side note this led to a text thread between my mother, sister and I that I found hilarious. My mother did not. I informed them of my self-diagnosis. We're not quite sure what she did not find amusing. My offer or the fact that I'm perimenopausal.