Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have been extremely neglectful of this site lately. Call it laziness. Call it frozen to my couch. It has been crazy cold here in Northeast Ohio. So cold work was actually closed one day last week and delayed another. Consequently, I have not done much working out. I HAVE set my alarm to go off to work out but it shows me the temperature outside when I go to turn it off, and -22 does not make me want jump out of bed for the gym. I can only hope that it begins to warm up soon. All I'm asking for is above zero temps.

CAUSE.......my promotion/raise finally went through and while it's not the amount I asked/hoped for or feel I deserve it does help. I've decided to use part of it to go back to my old crossfit box. As one friend put it "I feel like you've missed it." And I have, tremendously. It's not the same trying to do it on my own. There's no camaraderie or mutual suffering. Plus, people stare at me when I'm trying to do a WOD at the regular gym. I signed up yesterday and will start this coming Monday.

A dating update: I've been out with Joshua 3 times in the last week and a half. Sunday he came over for dinner and Xfiles. He's very nice, considerate, stable, divorced, no kids, has a job and a house. Honestly, my only complaint so far is that he talks. And talks. And talks. I suppose it's good that some one in the "relationship" does. He did ask me if I was seeing/dating anybody else. I said no, because I don't think my booty calls count as seeing/dating. Plus, I haven't actually seen them since we met for the first time. I'll have to put them in maintenance mode for the time being. Especially since he informed me he was hiding his dating profile. I suppose this is a good thing, just seemed a bit fast for me. Any hoodle, I'll keep you updated on him.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


You don't know my life MyFitnessPal!! I will log my food when I have time. It may be tomorrow. It may be tonight.

You think I lie!
I have been up TO HERE in snow and the last thing I want to do is log my food. So much snow, that I hit my house pulling into my drive the other day. SNOW DRIFT!

This morning I had to shovel for 45 min before I could leave for work and rescue a neighbor from the end of her drive. When I finally got to work I tried to park and got stuck. I street park and Cleveland is not so good at the clearing of streets. Once I got out I decided to park in a campus garage. On the way there I turned a corner and proceeded to slide into a snow bank. I really thought that was the end of my day but going up the inclines of the garage was a bit rough too.

I have looked into getting a snow blower to save my shoulders. Sleeping on my sides is getting very painful this week. However, they all say they are out of them, unless I want to pay for the $1200 ones. I will go out Saturday and do a bit more searching but have marked September 27th in my phone with an alert to BUY A SNOW BLOWER!