Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm Sort of Back. Maybe? I Don't Know.

At my last PT appointment my therapist told me to go ahead and try "running". Running is in quotations because she asked me to do 2min fast walk with 1min running.

I had my doubts.....but I have to say it's gone pretty well. I ran three times this week, 1 mile, 1.5 miles, and 2 miles!! There were points where it hurt a little but I just stopped and stretched and went on. I have to stretch periodically through out the day but it's not that terrible. I am hopeful!

Now! You might want to know what I've been up to lately since I haven't written much since the end of August. Well, my last two weeks have been chock full of heels and power tools. More power tools than heels, though.

I came home from my friends weekend on Labor Day and took in my sad, sad kitchen. The kitchen has always bothered me but it was mostly workable. When I first moved in I, as in my mother, painted the cabinets, I painted the hardware, put in new flooring, and baseboards. The cabinets are original to the house and had so much paint on them that they no longer shut. So I stripped them down, sanded them, repainted them, and put on new hardware. And they still don't shut!! I give up on those.

The counter and back splash is a whole 'nother story.The counter was a  variable green snowflake design. Like, literally green snowflake shapes! And the back splash was one inch tile also in various greens. I scrubbed all of it down with steel wool, degreased with alcohol and then primed both. The tile I painted a shiny white but the counter got a faux stone finish before being sealed.

Getting all the right hardware has been a trial. I went through two different sets of handles and hinges!

Since the kitchen has been TOE UP, I've had to make do with mostly prepared food. And while it may have been nice the first couple of days it is getting damn annoying. I can't wait for fresh food and to get cookin'!

That's it. I'm too tired and sore to write more.