Thursday, August 29, 2013


I have to admit, I'm starting to panic. The REV3 1/2 Iron Man distance Triathlon is in 9 days. The 1/2IM I did last year at Poconos was really hard on my body (and mind) and YET I feel I was better prepared for that one. When I signed up for this race I had settled into my new job and thought the summer would be like any other.


My tonsils with pus
Work this summer consisted of long hours that left me too exhausted to train for all of July and most of August. I thought I'd get back into training a couple of weeks ago but you know how vacations are. And then I got tonsilitis this past week that dampened my energy.

I finally got a 10 mile run in this past Saturday but it was really rough. I could blame the tonsils but I know that's not completely it. Today's 2 mile run was awful.

 I did get a mile swim in last night. So, that's something.

I only want to finish. Ok, and beat my time last year but I'd be happy beating it by just 5min.

Friday, August 9, 2013


This week has really tested my self confidence. I was stood up twice. I HAVE NEVER BEEN STOOD UP!! I did have a guy cancel on me after I replied no to "Are you going to put out tonight."

This is most likely true.
One guy this week said he was in the bar but then texted that he needed to fix his aunts downed electric. A possibility since we did have storms that day and he is an electrician. But, it reminds me of this gem (above video, I've given up trying to align everything)....except I didn't get crab cakes. I did get a tasty pineapple beer. That I paid for.