Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Only Half the Star I Thought I was

Tuesday I woke up and checked my Twitter feed and saw a Tweet from a fellow runner that it took him an hour and 20 minutes to do 2500 meters in the pool. I puffed up my chest and thought "Ha, I'll do 2100 today in 30 minutes!" I was so sure of myself.

I got to the pool and banged out 42 lengths in 30 minutes, or 2100 meters in a 50 meter pool. Trouble is when I actually looked up the pool length instead of asking the lifeguard it was actually only 23 meters! The lifeguard LIED!!!! I'll still beat his time but I am severely disappointed. I thought I was a swimming golden child!! Now, I'm just ordinary.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Review Week 4 and Upcoming Week 5

Last Monday I had a time trial scheduled and I wasn't looking forward to it. I failed to get up in the morning due to my Comedy Club date the evening before. I therefore, ran after work in beautiful sunny weather. I did a mile warm up, a mile at 8:18, and a mile cool down. Don't be too impressed with the 8:18, I'm not sure it counts! I stopped my watch a couple of times to catch my breath before taking off again.
I did everything I was supposed to do last week, except Monday's bike and Thursday's swim. As I said yesterday I did my Saturday 7 miles with 3 at race pace on the treadmill and it nearly killed me. The pain in my calf and the shear boredom.

This is what's up this week! Minus the Indoor TRI!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sort of My Typical SUNDAY!!!!

Wheat Banana Oatmeal Pancakes
Sunday's are usually my rest days. And by rest I mean no physical activity. I still do things around the house but it's the only day in 7 that I don't train. Today was a bit different. Yesterday, I ran 7 miles with 3 of them at race pace, 10:18, on the treadmill. AND, I hurt my calf. It still hurt this morning even after compression socks and ice, so I did some yoga to stretch it out. It feels a little better but still sore.

I also always have a cupcake with my coffee on Sunday. Not today. Instead I made whole wheat banana oatmeal pancakes with strawberry and blueberry topping. I almost never have pancakes. It's always eggs and bacon. But since I couldn't have a cupcake....

Broccoli Sausage egg muffins
I also do all my cooking for the week on Sunday. This way, I never have to cook before or after work. I can finish training and just heat up my breakfast. And, I can prepack my lunches. It saves a lot of time later in the week. This weeks meals consist of Broccoli Sausage Egg Muffins, Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole, and Chicken Gyros.
I did all my cooking while listening to the Doors! A band I was reminded of while watching Re:Generation Music Project with Douglas on Thursday.A new to you guy. I'll talk more about him later. The movie was amazing. It followed 5 musicians, Skrillex, City Lights, Crystal Method, Mark Ronson, and some hip hop DJ as they reconfigured 5 genres, rock, country, funk, jazz, and classical. A great movie!
Chicken Crescent Roll Casserole

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short Term Goals

Yesterday's radio interview went well. Or, at least at first glance. After the interview Jason called and asked about meeting up for dinner this Saturday. One of his favorite places to eat is the Cheesecake Factory, which happens to be near my house. I like it but it's not a favorite. I would much rather hit up a hole in the wall that served THE best chicken tikka masala in all of Cleveland. But, they do have a great Thai chicken pasta. I was stoked!

Until I got an email from Stan that included an mp3 file of the interview (I'm not going to post it here as it contains actual names). It's roughly 81/2 minutes long and I sound amazing!! Jason comes off a little dead but not terrible. The first 7 minutes is great and it sounds like everything is going well between us. However, at 6:50 the host hangs up with me and as I'm not listening to the actual show I thought that was it. It was not. He kept Jason on the line and asked "We have to know! She sounds HOT. Is she hot?" There are two options here.

1) LIE Say I'm the hottest piece of ass you've ever seen. I know your lying but no one else does.

2) BE HONEST Say I'm attractive and with piercing blue eyes. Above average on the cute scale.

Apparently, there was an unknown third option, to joke. And Jason went that route. His reply, "It sounds like a lot of work Tony." It stumped the host, who replied "What's a lot of work?" Jason came back with "No, no, it's good."

HUH!?!?! He uses that line a lot. Saturday, I was talking about running 9 miles and he said it. He's said it repeatedly over the course of the last couple of days. But I don't get it. Is it a defense mechanism? Like you know you need to say something but don't have anything clever?

I just have to remind myself of the short term goals. Mostly, a date to a wedding. Also, it's just nice to have someone hold your hand and say good night to (wink wink). I realize this will never last long. First, he's leaving in about a year to go back to Afghanistan. Second, he's not that intellectually stimulating. And I just don't see it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Radio Date

I'll probably end up referring to Jason as Radio Boy at some point in this blog, especially if it goes south!

We've talked if not every day then at least every other day. And by "talked" I mean mostly text. The conversation doesn't flow easily on the phone with him. I can't tell if it's just that we have nothing in common, I'm boring, or he's just a man of few words. But in person the talk is mostly easy.

Our date from the radio show was set for Sunday evening. However, Saturday after I finished up 9 miles, the market, and cooking I gave him a shout out. Just to make sure Sunday was still a go and to see if he had anyone that wanted my extra tickets. You know? Double date. As it happened neither one of us were doing anything that night and thought a quick meet up would be in order. Plus, I could have really used a drink. Saturday was a LOOONG day! And, HOLY OF HOLIES he texted and asked what I wanted to drink and had it WAITING for me!! Now, I know what your going to say, "never drink a drink you didn't get yourself!" I agree, except here. It was a public place and the whole city knew who I was out with. ISH. Stan at least knew and he could track him down for me. And, I always tell my mother where, when, and with who. I also call her when I'm done. Drinks with him were nice. Relaxed, even. But I still don't think we have anything in common except a burning mutual attraction!

This was made a little more evident on Sunday at the comedy club. Arie said something in support of Obama and the majority African-American audience clapped. Myself included.  But my table mates did not, all of whom were military. So, is it safe to assume he's conservative? Or can they just not show preference for a President? I'm not up with military politics. He also made a point of saying that he doesn't watch many black comedians. I don't either but mostly because I don't watch comedians, period. After the show let out I didn't want to lose him in the crowd and was just going to hold on to his coat but somehow we ended up holding hands. For most of you this seems very 14 girl, but for me, I don't do this. It felt comforting. Any hoodle, he walked me to my car (nice) and gave me a goodnight kiss (VERY nice).

We've done our second radio interview today with the show. I think it went well, except he came off a bit toolish. A fact pointed out by Stan. I don't care, he's nice, cute, and I need a date for a wedding. I just have to stay un-annoyed for a month.   I can do this! I think?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Review Week 3 and Upcoming Week 4

Week 4!
So, this week was better then last week but not as good as it should have been. I was out of town the weekend of Feb 12 and had a late date on the 12. Consequently, I didn't get up in time to do my 3 mile run. I did, however do my 50 min bike ride Monday night but skipped my bike ride Thursday (I'm not sure why). I only got one swim in but not because I didn't try. I went to the pool twice but failed to notice the flier saying it would be closed February 15-18. My 9 miles of LSD on Saturday was really rough. The course that I had selected seemed flat, except for a big hill at the halfway/turn around. Uh, NO! It was almost entirely up hill on the return and the last 2-3 miles were very difficult. It also didn't help that I took no hydration or energy gels with me. 9 miles is that difficult distance to judge wether you should or shouldn't. Anything over 10, I do. Under 10, I don't. But 9? Do you round up? Down? Next time, round up!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holy Atomic Pile, Batman!

Talking about my radio hook up!

The above link is the shows hosts talking about me after the show. For the record I think I'm smokin! I'm not sure why Stan didn't just show them a pic of me. He has access to them.

I spoke with Jason last night and he seems pretty nice. Not a stellar conversationalist but he might need to know a person a bit before he goes all out. I know I do sometimes. In the course of the conversation the fact that we are both on the fishing site came up and we chatted about the prospects on it and what we've gotten so far. At the close we decided to send pics of ourselves to the other so we know what we're looking for when we get to the club this weekend. I sent mine first.

*pics have been removed to protect the innocent.

We TOTALLY talked before on the fishing site!!! I remember his emails being very brief and that's probably why I didn't pursue it harder. He is physically completely my type. Which means it will probably never work out cause they almost always end up being Dbags. But I'm still going to meet up with him on Sunday for the comedy show.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Holy Crap! Did I Just Do That?

My friend Stan, who I've mentioned previously, works for a local radio station that is geared mainly to men or raging women sports fans. He called this morning as I was just finishing up breakfast after a great morning swim. It's unusual for him to call that early and I thought he was calling to tell me he could no longer be my date for an upcoming wedding. But no. His call was infinitely more complicated. But also infinitely more hilarious. Since it was valentines day the show was hooking people up for a date this weekend. They had plenty of male callers but not such good luck with the fairer sex. Stan wanted to know if I'd be willing to be a contestant on the show.

I was being solicited!! He was pimping me out!! 

At first I poopooed it. I was at work and needed to get my day started. But, really what was I doing this evening or this weekend for that matter? I'll tell you. Nothing! I'm sure I could work something up and if not, my house has not been cleaned in eons. I said fuck it. I'm in. And bless him, he got me on the show lickedy split.

The host asked about me, age, career, that sort of thing. I was told to ask Sawyer some questions and they'd go from there. I asked age, career and what does he do in his down time. 41, RR and spends time with his son. He also said something about animals and hiking. Not too bad. I'm never sure about guys who work on the railroad. It could be anything from cleaning tracks to driving trains to scheduling. I wasn't sold.

There was some contention in the station about giving me choices. They debated it back and forth for a bit and in the end I was given 3 guys to chose from. #2 Jason, 30 year old retired army vet who worked in sales. He liked to hunt, fish and golf. The hunting and fishing are not my things but they have an upside. 1, I'll never starve and 2 I get alone time. A vacation. A little better then #1.

#3, Seth, was a 25 year old salesman for a hotel chain. Likes to work out and described himself as a Ryan Reynolds look a like. Now, I know I've said this in the past, I like younger guys. The problem is they are never as settled as I'd hoped. And have a puppyish air. I didn't really want to deal with that and I eliminated him right away.

After a commercial break I ultimately chose #2. Taking one for TEAM USA!!! The date is supposed to be this weekend at a local comedy club and comes with a gift certifiate to a cigar place. I'll just let Jason have that. I'm sure I'll have a good story if this all actually takes place. Stan says he'll try and get me the radio clip and if so, I'll try to post it on here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Review Week 2 and Upcomin Week 3

Week 3
Last week was pretty much a wash. It was not pretty. Monday and Tuesday I was plagued by migraine headaches and pounding the pavement was not going to help. By Wednesday I was feeling better and got 2 miles in on the treadmill and a 40 minute bike ride. I did no swimming last week but did manage a quick 3.5 mile run on Friday. My schedule called for a 7 mile LSD ( NO not the drug, Long Slow Distance) on Saturday. I was out of town for the weekend with no access to a treadmill and the weather was very cold, windy, and snowy on Saturday. I postponed the run to Sunday and had a fantastic sunny out and back. It might have been a bit cold but I only noticed it on the last 2 miles or so. Which, was when I was running into the wind.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Eye Banger

Last night I had an interesting conversation with a new new guy, Frank, I like to keep my options open. Anyways, it was through the fishing site and he emailed me. I must not be as memorable as I'd like because we had actually emailed before, several months ago. And that was my reply. He came back with his number and told me to call, so I sent mine back and said I'd call later in the week.

I was just getting ready to call him last night when he called me. Initiative. I like it. But within five words I knew it was over. He had a whiny voice and all his sentences sounded like questions.  And he bitched. A lot. About other girls that have used him.I gave him 35 minutes of my evening. I didn't have much going on that night and thought I might at least get a post out of the encounter. Frank, also had a lot of health problems. He's almost died twice. Gets hospitalized at least twice a year for dehydration and suffers from encephalitis. I know. I'm a bitch. But he was already overboard before I knew any of this. Then he told me a perverted story of a boat named Eye Banger and used the word blanky in conversation. Through out the 35 minutes I periodically had to talk to one of his two cats on the phone.

At the end of the conversation Frank proposed that we meet up and asked how I felt about it. Now, I'm not going to string anyone along. Well, for the most part, especially if it will be painful for me.
Me: I'm going to say no. Sorry.
Frank: Whoa, Whoa! Harsh, not even an "I'll think about it." Just no?
Me: Well, that would lead you on and I'm not going to continue this.
Frank: Wha, Why?
Me: YOU MADE ME TALK TO YOUR CATS! That's not normal.
Frank: Well, we can be friends?
Me: No. Best of luck.

This is a paper one of my friends sent me when he heard the story.
Is your cat making you Crazy?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I have a Victoria's Secret curse. SWEAR TO GOD!! Every time I'm in a relationship or even non-traditional relationship and purchase undergarments it all goes to hell on a scholarship. I don't even get to show off the undergarments. And sometimes, it's not the cute show off kind. If I just need new undies and get them from VS who ever I'm talking to just disappears. Sucked into the Bermuda Triangle. It's gotten so bad that I don't even step foot in the store unless I am completely unencumbered with a man.

I was all set to tell you the curse has grown in strength. I purchased a new bra from T.J.Maxx a week and a half ago. Just a plain no non-sense bra, when Samson stopped being his normal flirty self. But my theory was dashed last night when he made a total comeback.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Week One, Review

Good thing I ran 5 this morning. I had to test EVERYTHING!!
I love having a set work out schedule. If I just go on what I feel like running or what I think I should run, I'd never get anywhere! And that includes the finish of a full marathon.

Last week was the first week of spring training and it went swimmingly! Mondays run and bike ride was fine but nothing to write home about. My swims last week were awesome!! 1800 meters in about 22 minutes. I'm upping the swim next week to 2100 meters, or 1.3 miles! That's just over what I need to do in the 1/2 Iron Man. At some point I'll have to work on speed.

My runs on Wednesday and Saturday were AMAZING!!! Both days I got to run outside. I skipped the morning run Wednesday in favor of running after work. But when I got ready for the run my Garmin was dead and needed to recharge. Since I felt bad about canceling my ride on my trainer, I compromised and did a brick instead. I rode my bike for 30minutes while the Garmin charged and then went out for a great 3.5 mile run. It felt so good to run in the sun again. Plus, my first brick of the season is under my belt and I had no problems.

Saturday I was in Cincinnati for a very special celebration and it is decidedly warmer down there. I was able to go out for a 5 mile run at 7am and not freeze my nips off! Cinci is a bit more hilly then I'm used to and 5 miles is the most I've had to run in about 3 months, so I was bit worried. But the run was great and I'm really glad I went out for it (I was very close to not going).

I vote successful week!!
Schedule for this week

Friday, February 3, 2012


My early registration gift for the CLE 2012 marathon came in the mail this week!! I'm super excited about it. I love these little bags. Akron gives one out to all race participants and I use them as my gear bag for my races. The nice thing about this one is that the back is all mesh, allowing my stinky shoes and clothes a chance to breath after my runs. It also has a small zippered pocket at the bottom to store things. It's perfect for GU, chapstick, Glide, and random hair bands. This way I wont have to blindly search the bottom guessing as to what my fingers have touched!
This week has also brought my membership in USA Triathlon!! You don't have to qualify and anyone with $45 can get in. But I get a laminated card! And if anyone knows Friends, knows that lamination means business! If you plan on only doing one Tri a year this route may not be for you. You will actually be spending more money than if you only purchased the one day membership. I plan on doing 5 Tris this year and this membership will save me about $15. Plus, I get nationally ranked (I won't get far), a quarterly magazine, and discounts at TRI suppliers. I'm hoping one of those suppliers sells decent but low priced wetsuits. I'm sure I'm going to need one in September. 
There! I've announced it. Now I just need to sign up. I know I can handle the swim and the run. I've done both distances before. I am a little worried about the bike portion. I haven't gotten past 16 miles. I'm sure I can do it but just need to. Also, open water swimming still scares the crap out of me! However, I have all summer to practice in Lake Erie. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In My Head

Turtle, Chocolate pig, Chai
I have been on a cupcake binge. When I go to the West Side Market, absolute best place to shop, I get one new flavored cupcake for my Sunday morning coffee. I only ate one of the above cupcakes, the chai.* The other two were for a guy, Samson, that I've been talking to for about 3 weeks. Turtle was for him and the pig was for his 2 year old son.

We met while fishing and he messaged me. I had my doubts. He didn't have the look I'm attracted to but he was cute. He had a 2 year old son and was separated. He was, however, educated with a decent job and owned a house. Established (even though he was younger)! I didn't have much on my plate and the guy I was currently talking to was rather annoying, uneducated, and very country.

We've gone out twice. The first was just for drinks at a bar close to his work and my house. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun. Conversation flowed and it was easy to talk to him. We had two drinks and after about 2 hours we hugged it out and went our separate ways. I quickly received a text from him just continuing our convo from earlier and I indicated my enjoyment of the evening. The second date was this past Saturday. Samson wanted to see a movie and we settled on Sherlock Holmes with drinks and wings prior. Again convo was easy, fun and flirty. We did have a few serious talks, one on children. Not ours ours but in general. His opinion was that he had one that he basically took care of on his own and was thinking of a vasectomy. My opinion was that I wouldn't mind one and that his situation was difficult only because he was doing it on his own. After the movie I gave him the cupcakes for him and his son, we hugged it out and I got a kiss on the cheek and was told that he'd text Sunday.
note by a very insightful ex-roommate, now phone background.

We have texted everyday since first exchanging phone numbers. The majority of those texts were at least 2 hours in length, fun and flirty. One even said I was 10x hotter in person then in my pics. However, he did not text Sunday and when I texted him it felt a bit off. We both said we had a fun time on Saturday. But, it's felt a bit off ever since. I know it's only Wednesday but Mondays convo was strained and felt a little flat. Nothing happened on Tuesday. I was busy and let's face it I was waiting to see if he would make a move. I know he's got big changes this week, his divorce is final either this Friday or the coming Monday. I have to go out of town this weekend but should be back by Sunday afternoon. My plan is to invite him to my house for dinner or just..... do something anything together. Since I like this one more then any of the others in the past I'm going to go strong on the game, I just need to get the third date. This all could be in my head and there really is no issue. I do get very analytical when it comes to things like this. But, if there is an issue I don't see it. Everything until now has indicated attraction between the two of us.
*The chai was excellent, I've only had two bad cupcakes, mint and buckeye. And bad is relative, I still ate the whole thing!