Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holy Atomic Pile, Batman!

Talking about my radio hook up!

The above link is the shows hosts talking about me after the show. For the record I think I'm smokin! I'm not sure why Stan didn't just show them a pic of me. He has access to them.

I spoke with Jason last night and he seems pretty nice. Not a stellar conversationalist but he might need to know a person a bit before he goes all out. I know I do sometimes. In the course of the conversation the fact that we are both on the fishing site came up and we chatted about the prospects on it and what we've gotten so far. At the close we decided to send pics of ourselves to the other so we know what we're looking for when we get to the club this weekend. I sent mine first.

*pics have been removed to protect the innocent.

We TOTALLY talked before on the fishing site!!! I remember his emails being very brief and that's probably why I didn't pursue it harder. He is physically completely my type. Which means it will probably never work out cause they almost always end up being Dbags. But I'm still going to meet up with him on Sunday for the comedy show.

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