Monday, February 6, 2012

Week One, Review

Good thing I ran 5 this morning. I had to test EVERYTHING!!
I love having a set work out schedule. If I just go on what I feel like running or what I think I should run, I'd never get anywhere! And that includes the finish of a full marathon.

Last week was the first week of spring training and it went swimmingly! Mondays run and bike ride was fine but nothing to write home about. My swims last week were awesome!! 1800 meters in about 22 minutes. I'm upping the swim next week to 2100 meters, or 1.3 miles! That's just over what I need to do in the 1/2 Iron Man. At some point I'll have to work on speed.

My runs on Wednesday and Saturday were AMAZING!!! Both days I got to run outside. I skipped the morning run Wednesday in favor of running after work. But when I got ready for the run my Garmin was dead and needed to recharge. Since I felt bad about canceling my ride on my trainer, I compromised and did a brick instead. I rode my bike for 30minutes while the Garmin charged and then went out for a great 3.5 mile run. It felt so good to run in the sun again. Plus, my first brick of the season is under my belt and I had no problems.

Saturday I was in Cincinnati for a very special celebration and it is decidedly warmer down there. I was able to go out for a 5 mile run at 7am and not freeze my nips off! Cinci is a bit more hilly then I'm used to and 5 miles is the most I've had to run in about 3 months, so I was bit worried. But the run was great and I'm really glad I went out for it (I was very close to not going).

I vote successful week!!
Schedule for this week

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