Tuesday, July 30, 2013

VS Test

I'm putting the Victoria's Secret curse to the test today. Actually, it's more like "What if..."

If you don't remember what I'm talking about here's a refresher. Basically, every time I'm dating a guy and I feel it's time for some cute undergarments from VS the guy disappears within a week! Today I wondered what would happen if I purchased clothing from VS without a contender for boyfriend. I'm hoping it works in reverse.

Ps. If you're wondering what happened to all my training post, you're not alone. I too. I'm wondering what happened to my training! It's been so haphazard! The 1/2 iron man in a month is going to be a joke!

Friday, July 26, 2013


To be clear, he's sent me several emails none of which were attention grabbing and if I remember correctly only consisted of a line or two. I deleted them pretty much as soon as they came in and his pic is a bit stalkerish. He's now been blocked.

I'm Horrid

Yesterday, I met a guy I had been seeing for about 5 dates for drinks and dinner. I've been trying to decide how I felt towards him for the past 5 dates. I had hoped that his recent trip abroad would allow this thing to just fizzle and die. But, alas, I had no such luck. I received emails while he was gone and a text alerting me to his return and his wish to see me.

The horrid part is there's nothing wrong with him. He's perfectly nice. Perfectly attractive. We share roughly the same views on life and politics. Dinner or drinks with him were always pleasant. But there was always something missing. I felt no passion for him. No burning desire to see him.

During dinner he talked of things to do in the future, to which I replied VERY noncommittally. As we were walking back to our cars I felt I needed to be honest with him and explain how I felt. He took it well and tried to tell me that passion can sometimes grow. It also seemed like he felt the same way but was willing to settle for a happy if passionless relationship. It might be ok for him but not for me.

Oh, did I mention that when I got to the bar he had a gift for me from his trip? I tried to give it back but he only took the alcohol and left me with the knick knack. I'm not a knick knack person.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Missed!

I missed the box last week at Crossfit while doing box jumps.

Post WOD
The WOD was:
10, 20, 30
BJ, over and back
Kettle bell snatch, alt arms.

My coach set up all the boxes while we warmed up and did our skill sett. I was originally set for a 24inch box but I flipped it to 20inch. I was just heading into 21 of the last set of 30 when I completely whiffed and effed up my leg. I of course kept going (after switching to a 12inch) and finished the WOD! 

Hemorrhaging at work
There was blood everywhere! I cleaned up my space and my leg as best I could. When I got home I slapped a couple of band aids on and called it a job well done! 

The missing chunk
Except 2 hours into work my leg felt a little funny. When I looked down there were dark spots in my jeans and my shoes. Blood was GUSHING down my leg and of course I have a barely serviceable first aid kit! Luckily, I work almost at a hospital and was working that day with a surgeon. He cleaned me up, offered to put in stitches if I really wanted them (I did but didn't say so), and then tightly wrapped it to stop the bleeding. He says I'm going to have a nice scar but as that leg is already scarred up, I doubt anyone will notice. 

1.5wks later and still a visible goose egg
I have yet to go back to Crossfit. Not because I'm embarrassed but with trying to stop bleeding, the holiday, and a couple other things, it just hasn't happened. I plan on heading in Friday but will probably be at work till 830 Thursday and it'll be 50/50 if I make it!