Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Guy

Way to sell yourself
The guy who wanted to take me on a Caribbean cruise is back!

Also, I've been experiencing leg cramping when I sleep this past week and a little during crossfit on Tuesday. It occurred to me that I haven't been taking my vitamins!

On a good note, I did a 3 mile hill workout last night. ON THE TREADMILL!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Smoke the Turkey 2012

Uh, this was the only running I did over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm rather disappointed in myself. I honestly thought I'd do more. I even packed for 2-3 runs outside and a weight training session inside.My plan was to run Thursday and Saturday, with Friday being an optional run or weight or off day. But, i never had time!!
Her "earmuffs" have speakers in them!
Ok, that's not entirely true. I liked waking up and having coffee over the paper with my parents. And I worked so hard on Friday's Thanksgiving that my feet and legs hurt when I woke up Saturday. I suppose I could have run Sunday morning but I chose not to. I know, I'm full of excuses. I just find it so hard to do my regular stuff when I'm out of my regular routine. BLAH! got to get back on.

On to the Turkey Trot! I ran it again this year with my sister. She's doing so well and I'm extremely proud of her. Even if this is her only race every year. she mentioned a 10K but I think she was joking.

The field was super crowded this year (2051 runners/walkers) and it didn't start thinning out till the 3rd mile. I was constatly in someones way or they were in mine. I had shin splints the first 2 miles and they were super annoying. They went away after the first 2 miles and I think they may have been due to the crowd causing me to change my gate. I'll never know but it was my worst 5k time, 35:00.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


1)World's Most Boring Man

Possibly. I'm going to give it another go. He's nice, sweet and safe. But boring. I'm hoping it's just first date (and phone) jitters. He might not even be boring. WE might be boring together. Which, I'm pretty sure I can't live with.

On to more things!

2)I've talked with Crooked River Crossfit, that's where I've been going, and they're going to let me put my membership on hold when I start TRI training again. I really like crossfit and feel it's a very good full body work out. But, I think I can only do it in my off season. I can only fit in so much before I break. My plan is to do Crossfit till May, then put it on hold till October. This way I pay for a year but get a year and a half out of it.

3)Nike had a huge sale and I may have purchased some things. All things I've been wanting for awhile, though.

4)TURKEY TROT!!!! So I can eat more turkey and pies!!

5) I've been working on my schedule for full marathon training. I thought I had it done but signing on for more Crossfit presents a wrinkle. And, I think I'm going to start running my weekday runs after work. It's just too cold and I can't bare the treadmill if I don't have to. Although, I did my hill workout today on it. It kicked my butt! Also, I just noticed the total mileage is wrong. It's fluid, people!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Still Going Strong

You guys!! I LOVE crossfit!! And, I think I'm pretty good at it. I just wish it wasn't that expensive.

Tuesdays WOD (to the right) was great except for the knees to elbows. I did not like that and when my trainer explained it to me, I laughed. You have to hang from a pull up bar and bring your knees up to your elbows. Basically, do a crunch whilst flopping around in the air. Surprisingly, I was able to do 15 of a slightly modified version, then finished on the ground. I came in with a time of 12:45, first in the class (of one).

For Tuesday, I only did 30 reps with 60 single unders (jumping rope). I did add a DU every 10 jumps and did pretty well with it. I think next time I have to do SU/DU, I'm going to try a DU every 5 jumps.
Last Saturday. 11:56

I would really like to figure out how to get 2-3 more months out of this. I can do some of the things at home and my awesome Father is building me a jump box. I think I would just have to get a pull up bar and jump rope. The rowing would be difficult, though.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's a new term I coined this weekend. After my date. With a dude that lied on his profile.

Here's the skinny:
I had set up a date with Mace, educated, well traveled, and employed (things you don't always find on POF) for this past Friday. I really wanted to be a hermit by the time Friday rolled around but I also wanted a drink, so I went through with it. We met up outside of the bar (I went for a handshake, he went for a hug) and went in to get a table. The wait was 15-20 minutes for a table and was cool with me, there was a spot open at the bar to get a drink and wait. He wanted to walk around the area, bare in mind it's mid-November in Cleveland. It's cold. But, whatever. We walked around for a bit and chatted. He is very touchy feely. Arm on my shoulders. Rubbing my back. Cracking mildly suggestive jokes.

We finally got back to the bar and to our table. At this point the date went back on track and was pretty ok. Conversation was decent and the evening was going ok. After about 1.5-2 hours I was ready to call it an evening. He was not. It took some convincing that I did not want to go any where else. I did not want another drink.He walked me back to my car and I went in for a brief hug. He very openly went in for a kiss. I pulled back and said that I wasn't feeling it and did not intend to kiss him. He then held on and kissed me twice after I said no. At this point I had three options; kiss back (not going to happen), knee/punch him (slight over reaction), go limp (makes it difficult for him to do anything). I chose to go limp, like a noodle! I was then in my car and out of there in under 3 minutes.

He apparently didn't get the message, I recieved a text from him Saturday evening.

My mom says that I was a bit blunt and harsh. I feel I wasn't. He clearly didn't understand when I said no to a kiss, a subtle hint here was not going to come across.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Next Year

I know! I've just put the 2012 season to bed (minus a turkey trot) and I'm already talking about next year. But you'll understand in a minute. There are races I have to do. Races I need to do. Races I really want to do. And races that I would like to do. It's all about priorities.

At the moment my schedule looks like this....

      28, Glass City Marathon, Full

     5, Flying Pig Marathon, 10K
     19, Cleveland Marathon, 1/2

      4, Steelhead, 70.3 TRI
      4, Cleveland TRI, Sprint
      11, Perfect 10 miler

      8, Rev3 Cedar Point, 70.3 TRI
      28, Akron Marathon, 1/2
      29, Augusta, 70.3 TRI

     5, Rock 'n' Roll Cleveland, 1/2

     28, Turkey Trot, 5K

You'll notice that some are extremely close together if not on the same day. So, I'll have to do some soul searching and soon, to decide which is most important to me. I have, though, come to the conclusion that I want a full marathon in the spring and a 70.3 in the fall. I know there are three 70.3's up there but I will only be doing one.

At this point I'm leaning to the Rev3 at Cedar Point. It's flat and close to home (I won't have to get a hotel). And the goodie bag looks awesome. I've also decided to do the GCM full. It's in my home town (I think I can twist arms for a good cheering section) and it's far enough away from my other races to allow a proper recovery. I know I have to train through the winter and in fact have just realized I should have started this past Monday, but I think I can do it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Crossfit Week 1

I love it! It's hard but it works almost every muscle group. I went Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this week and I think that's going to be my schedule this week too. Saturdays work out was especially difficult and for time. There were four of us in the class and I finished 2nd. In the skill work "DU" is double unders. In which you jump rope and try to pass it twice on one jump. I was able to do it sporadically after some practice. My problem was I couldn't keep jumping once I did the double. Some of it was because I was so surprised that I did one!

I hurt a little but yesterday, mostly arms and shoulders. But today is a completely different story. It hurts to straighten my abs. To sit/lay down slowly. Laughing is a big issue. My abs hurt just breathing.