Thursday, November 8, 2012

Next Year

I know! I've just put the 2012 season to bed (minus a turkey trot) and I'm already talking about next year. But you'll understand in a minute. There are races I have to do. Races I need to do. Races I really want to do. And races that I would like to do. It's all about priorities.

At the moment my schedule looks like this....

      28, Glass City Marathon, Full

     5, Flying Pig Marathon, 10K
     19, Cleveland Marathon, 1/2

      4, Steelhead, 70.3 TRI
      4, Cleveland TRI, Sprint
      11, Perfect 10 miler

      8, Rev3 Cedar Point, 70.3 TRI
      28, Akron Marathon, 1/2
      29, Augusta, 70.3 TRI

     5, Rock 'n' Roll Cleveland, 1/2

     28, Turkey Trot, 5K

You'll notice that some are extremely close together if not on the same day. So, I'll have to do some soul searching and soon, to decide which is most important to me. I have, though, come to the conclusion that I want a full marathon in the spring and a 70.3 in the fall. I know there are three 70.3's up there but I will only be doing one.

At this point I'm leaning to the Rev3 at Cedar Point. It's flat and close to home (I won't have to get a hotel). And the goodie bag looks awesome. I've also decided to do the GCM full. It's in my home town (I think I can twist arms for a good cheering section) and it's far enough away from my other races to allow a proper recovery. I know I have to train through the winter and in fact have just realized I should have started this past Monday, but I think I can do it.

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Judy said...

I also vote for CP - the scene seems awesome and August 4th has too much potential to be crazy hot