Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's a new term I coined this weekend. After my date. With a dude that lied on his profile.

Here's the skinny:
I had set up a date with Mace, educated, well traveled, and employed (things you don't always find on POF) for this past Friday. I really wanted to be a hermit by the time Friday rolled around but I also wanted a drink, so I went through with it. We met up outside of the bar (I went for a handshake, he went for a hug) and went in to get a table. The wait was 15-20 minutes for a table and was cool with me, there was a spot open at the bar to get a drink and wait. He wanted to walk around the area, bare in mind it's mid-November in Cleveland. It's cold. But, whatever. We walked around for a bit and chatted. He is very touchy feely. Arm on my shoulders. Rubbing my back. Cracking mildly suggestive jokes.

We finally got back to the bar and to our table. At this point the date went back on track and was pretty ok. Conversation was decent and the evening was going ok. After about 1.5-2 hours I was ready to call it an evening. He was not. It took some convincing that I did not want to go any where else. I did not want another drink.He walked me back to my car and I went in for a brief hug. He very openly went in for a kiss. I pulled back and said that I wasn't feeling it and did not intend to kiss him. He then held on and kissed me twice after I said no. At this point I had three options; kiss back (not going to happen), knee/punch him (slight over reaction), go limp (makes it difficult for him to do anything). I chose to go limp, like a noodle! I was then in my car and out of there in under 3 minutes.

He apparently didn't get the message, I recieved a text from him Saturday evening.

My mom says that I was a bit blunt and harsh. I feel I wasn't. He clearly didn't understand when I said no to a kiss, a subtle hint here was not going to come across.

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