Tuesday, November 20, 2012


1)World's Most Boring Man

Possibly. I'm going to give it another go. He's nice, sweet and safe. But boring. I'm hoping it's just first date (and phone) jitters. He might not even be boring. WE might be boring together. Which, I'm pretty sure I can't live with.

On to more things!

2)I've talked with Crooked River Crossfit, that's where I've been going, and they're going to let me put my membership on hold when I start TRI training again. I really like crossfit and feel it's a very good full body work out. But, I think I can only do it in my off season. I can only fit in so much before I break. My plan is to do Crossfit till May, then put it on hold till October. This way I pay for a year but get a year and a half out of it.

3)Nike had a huge sale and I may have purchased some things. All things I've been wanting for awhile, though.

4)TURKEY TROT!!!! So I can eat more turkey and pies!!

5) I've been working on my schedule for full marathon training. I thought I had it done but signing on for more Crossfit presents a wrinkle. And, I think I'm going to start running my weekday runs after work. It's just too cold and I can't bare the treadmill if I don't have to. Although, I did my hill workout today on it. It kicked my butt! Also, I just noticed the total mileage is wrong. It's fluid, people!

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