Thursday, March 28, 2013

Only One Period

There should be 7-10, depending on how you break it up. Also, the incorrect use of "seen" drives me insane! You may be new to online dating but I suspect not new to English grammar.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Weekend

This happened very early, 12:15am Saturday!

Then I went out with an aggressively amorous guy who has needy girl tendencies.

Sunday was a success of sorts. I had lunch at B Spot, YUM, with a friend. And then we went shopping, which was a bust for both of us. Still lived the girl time though.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Topless Season

Hmm, it's hard to see it in the pic. Kind of green and about1.5 inches in diameter.
Yesterday's CrossFit for time:
-600meter row
-10 cleans, 83#
-10 toes to bar (I did them in the floor)
-400meter row
-20 cleans
-20 T2B
-200meter row
-30 cleans
-30 T2B

I now have bruises along my collar bone from the cleans. I was discussing the bruising with a girl in class the last time we did a ton of cleans. "With these bruises CrossFit is really going make topless season interesting" She just kind of looked at me and then said, "I'd say any topless season would be interesting." I meant sleeveless/strapless. She knew what I meant but it was funny all the same.
Paleo is touch and go at the moment. Work is still crazy! I left tonight at 7pm!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Left It a Little Late

Normally, I have my races planned and registered for by now. This apparently is not a normal year. I've had my race lineup in my head for awhile. But before I could register I had to get some dates cleared by friends and family.

Now that that's out of the way I've finally registered.
~Glass city half at the end if April.
~Cleveland full marathon end of May.
~Cleveland sprint triathlon August.
~REV3 Cedar Point, 1/2 Iron man, September
~Akron 1/2 marathon, end of September.
~Cleveland Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon, October.

I'm so excited that A) I'm running Akron again, B) finally doing an RnR!

I may add another 1/2IM in June. It depends in how the CLE full and training goes.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Wall...I Hit It

I hit it hard.

The day was beautiful when I woke up, 50 and sunny. Possibly a little to windy but all in all a great day for a run. I was super excited to have a sunny run for my first 10 miler in months that I basically just ran out if the house. I was torn at first on a skirt or tights. 50 is that borderline temp where it could go either way. Since it was do windy I went with tights. But that's really all the thinking I gave this run.

I ran into problems at mile 7. Tired, hungry. My legs just were tired. I even stumbled a couple of times. It took me another mile to realize why this was happening. I forgot to GU!!!

If I run more than 8miles I GU at least once. For this 10miler I should have taken one at mile 5. It was a rough 3 miles back home. I ran/walked it and only came in 10 minutes later than I thought I should have.

Next week, 12!!

Oh, and I'm thinking of another tat. Although, that could be the effects of the Bon Jovi concert.