Monday, April 30, 2012


It should come as no surprise to anyone that I did not do my 20 mile run this past weekend. It all boils down to excuses and I really shouldn't let them get in my way. But, when they all conspire together and hit me at the same time it's difficult to trudge on.

Saturday dawned cold and cloudy with a chance of rain. I also awoke with cramps and the desire to do absolutely NOTHING!!! I actually did make an effort. I got my running clothes on and headed out the door. For half a block. I will run for 5-8 miles in 17degree sunny/snowy weather. I will run for 20miles in 60-70degree weather in the dark at 5am. I apparently will not run 20miles at 10am in 37degree crappy weather.

 Lesson learned.  No spring marathons. Unless I move. South. Always an option.
p.s. CLE full marathon is completely still possible. It will probably be a game day decision.
p.p.s. I LOVE my new Mizuno's. I've only done some short runs in them but they feel great!

Friday, April 27, 2012

A little Scared.

The Cleveland Marathon is 22 days away. I have officially signed up for the FULL. I have yet to do a 20 mile run and have petered out at about 16-18 miles. Tomorrows scheduled 20 miler will be a determining factor. If I can complete it with little to no ill effects I will persevere in my attempt for a spring marathon. If it does not go well I will have to seriously consider switching to the half and forever forswearing early spring marathons. (I have to say early spring because there is one in June that I want to do next year.) My other option is to just power through the full by doing a run/walk. My BIGGEST fear is being picked up by the sag wagon. That would be embarrassing! I will keep you posted.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Glass City Half Marathon

This past weekend I traveled back to my hometown of Toledo to partake in my second running of the Glass City Half Marathon. It's a relatively flat course and takes runners through a beautiful local park. The Toledo Roadrunners do a great job putting the run together. I did have a few issues, though.

New Mizuno Wave Inspire8
The Expo is not that great. I realize that this is a smaller race and it's hard to get companies in for it. Most of the booths that were set up were random companies like Supper Supers. I think only a handful had much to do with running. One aspect I do like about this expo is it's association with the University of Toledo Medical School. They are on hand to discuss the benefits of running, do screenings for diabetes, cholesterol AND a rapid AIDS test. This is the only expo I have seen that offers that and the councling that goes with it.

While at the expo I also purchased new running shoes, a tshirt and calf sleeves. The calf sleeves were supposed to be worn during the run but the weather was colder then expected. My intial plan was to wear a skirt and tank with calf and arm sleeves. When I woke, 5:30am, it was about 10 degrees cooler then I had expected. I switched gears and ran instead in pants, long sleeve T, and a windbreaker. The pants were a good call. The windbreaker was not. I would have taken it off but I had my bib pinned across the zipper! The weather during this run both years has been a bit of a toss up. And I haven't been able to run in my original planned outfit yet!
Even with this many there were long lines!

My sister and her boyfriend took me to the run and "stayed" to cheer me on (they left shortly after the start to get breakfast). We arrived with about 20 minutes till start and I of course and to immediately pee. Sophie graciously stood in one line while I stood in another to see which got to the porta potties first. I finally made it and was just exiting the pottie when the gun went off for the handcycles. I ran to the corral, climbed over the fence and landed in the roughly 6min pacers! But I at least started on time.

Mile 2 or so. Glad I went before!
I had decided that I was just going to fun run this half. My pace was relatively easy, and I enjoyed myself. I stopped and took random pictures along the way and even sent texts to Sophie with my progress. I ran into an old grade school friend at one of the water stops. We didn't catch up much but I hugged him, said hello to his wife and ran on. Running makes you do weird things. Had I not been running I doubt very much that I would have hugged a guy I haven't seen in 15 years and had never hugged before. Eh! Oh well!

One other issue I have with this run is there is a long section from mile 8 to mile 10 with only one water stop and that is early in mile 8. And then there's two waters stops along mile 10-11. I was dying! It was at this point that I tried to pick up my pace and come in with a negative split. I think I came in pretty even but it was nice to know I still could turn over my legs like I had in mile 1. Upside, beer was being passed out at mile 12! I of course partook but regretted it about a quarter of a mile later when I started burping a fair bit.

My sister was waiting for me right around mile 12.5. I'm pretty sure the photog that was there got a shot of me with a giant smile on my face. Even though it was only a half it still meant a lot to me to have her there cheering and having all the other supporters along the way.

I came in with an official time of 2:21:46. Had I not stopped to take pics and talk I may have come in about 10 minutes earlier. I'm still happy with my time and am hopeful for the full in a month. I'm a little sore today but I think it's from driving back to CLE shortly after the run.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I Might Have a Boyfriend

I realize I haven't had much to say lately on the dating front. Confession! I think I have a boyfriend!

It started the week before the wedding for which I had no date. FYI, best decision/the way the cookie crumbles ever in not taking any one.  I had a blast and never had to worry about entertaining any one. 

Tex and I met on Match and I sent out a “Wink”.  It’s sort of like wink/smile at a bar. Tex not only winked back but he emailed. I liked that. It shows initiative. We had a brief email frenzy over the week that really amounted to not much, they were short and very surface. We began texting when I got back from Cinci and set up drinks for that Friday. I’ll get drinks with any one that I’m slightly interested in. I feel you can’t really make a fair decision on any one until you’ve met in person. That’s how I got roped into coffee with a toothless boy and dated “homeless” guy for a month.  

And, I was iffy on Tex. Middle of the road politics. Methodist/baptist. Divorced, 2 kids. He only had two pics and it’s difficult to judge on that. One was rather dark and from a distance and the other was a profile head shot. But he was educated, nice, had a job, all his teeth, and an actual place to live. 

Drinks went really well! I knew I wanted to see more of him almost immediately. I can't say why, it was just an over all feeling. He called me “Darlin’” and “Baby,” which I always felt was a bit condescending, especially so early, but in his southern drawl it really just melts me. He is a classic southern gentleman and asked permission to give me a good night kiss. I, of course, allowed it. So much better than the time I was attacked by the lawyer, who mistook my struggles for passion. Awkward!

21 days in and we’ve spent 9 of those days together. Obviously, not the whole day but at least a good couple of hours. He referred to himself as my boyfriend on the second date. 
The convo went something like this:
Tex: “So, who are you going to tell first you have a boyfriend?”
Me:-side eyed, “ I have a boyfriend?”
Tex: “Well, yeah. What do you think this is?”
Me: “Oh. “

He spent most of the last two weekends at my place. He even fixed my screen door. When I explained my plans for the basement and the wall that needs to be built, he just shook his head and said something about how he guesses he’ll be busy this summer. 

The true test is whether Tex and my cat can get along. It was touch and go for a bit but I walked in on her in his arms. Now, in fairness they could have been locked in a death battle but stopped when they heard me coming in. I choose to believe she jumped up on the couch and let Tex pet her. Not, that she was trying to claw his eyes out. 

Up until this weekend it was a little early for me to call him a boyfriend. I've been burned in the past. When I think we're getting to that point he goes and sleeps with a bar fly! So I hesitated to tell anyone. And it bit me in the ass. Tex got a little peeved when he found out that after almost 3 weeks the only people that knew were my family. It went like this:
Tex: "Do you know what P.S. stands for?"
Me: " Of course! Post Script."
Tex: "Good, if you didn't I would have to seriously reconsider this relationship."(He was joking. I think.)

This led me to ask if he felt this was a relationship. When he answered in the affirmative I said "OK, I'll tell my friends now." WHOOPS! But on the bright side they all know now! I've also closed all online dating profiles and turned down a couple of dates.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Eureka Moment

As you all know, I've been experiencing a little lack of luster in my running. My legs have felt tired. I've felt tired. Long runs have become difficult.

Ca&Mg on my new Runner's World!
 went out yesterday to do an easy 7 miles. Um, NO. That did not happen. I did a very difficult 3 miles. My legs were heavy. They turned over slow. They felt delayed in response to me trying to get them to work. And, they were a little crampy.

At mile two, after walking TWICE, I had a eureka moment. This has happened before! I've had all these symptoms my first season when I was training for a half marathon. That season I tried eating more bananas. Nope, no help. Then I tried taking an OTC for leg cramps, quinine. It didn't help either. What did the trick was increasing my calcium and magnesium supplement. Instead of taking one tablet once a day, I started taking it one tablet twice a day. And I swear with in two days of adding it my leg turn over, cramps, and heaviness dissipated.

When I'm not actively training I cut it back to one. Last year, while training for the marathon I kicked it back up to two and while I may have had days I didn't want to run, my legs rarely had days they couldn't run.  But, I forgot this for this season. I realized my mistake at mile 2 yesterday. I am now back to two a day and am hopeful that my legs will get back to normal!
I am not the only one!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Review Week 11, Upcoming Week 12

Week 12
I'm not sure I'll be ready for my marathon in a couple of weeks. I went out Saturday ready for 20 miles. I found myself back at my house after 15 with tight, aching hips. The weather had started to turn yucky so I changed shoes and went down the basement to the treadmill. After a quarter mile all my leg muscles cramped up. This could be due to several factors; I had to ration my water around mile 10 and was out by 13. I stopped running stretched a bit and then started again. It was just a bad day. Again. I prefer to think I played it safe Saturday and that I just didn't wuss out. I was ready to put in 20 miles. I honestly think I could have done it had I not cramped up.

This week is relatively easy, as it's a fall back week. I do have a half marathon this Sunday in Toledo but halves have become cake to me. I'm not going to go "balls to the wall" but I'll put in a good effort. I'm hoping for 2:10, ten minutes fast than last year.

On the upside I did get one swim and one bike ride in last week. I'm hoping to bring those back to my routine. It'll be a bit difficult as my "routine" now includes something new, more on that later this week.

Also, don't worry. I'll still do the full marathon. I just don't think it will be a 4:30 as I was hoping. I'll settle for 5:00? Maybe?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How Does This Work?

Adidas is selling Boston Marathon clothing and other paraphernalia. Adidas-Boston
My question is can a person who has never ran Boston and has no hope of ever qualifying buy and legitimately wear Boston Marathon clothing? I mean, you're going to get asked about it. "How was Boston? What was your time?" And you'll have to reply with, "No, no, I didn't even qualify." That's just embarrassing. I didn't even feel right putting my 26.2 sticker on my car until I had actually finished a marathon (it went on right after I finished, though!).

I didn't even run in this shirt till I had finished a half!

Review Week 10, Upcoming Week 11

Week 11
I have been remiss. I know. I said I would get back on the horse and bang out these runs, rides and swims. And for the most part I have with the runs. Last week I did all the weekday runs. Including the Yasso 800s. And I did my Friday run as I was supposed to. But Saturday dawned a bit chilly and I got up a bit later then usual. I put on my tights, Glided up, and laced my shoes. I headed out for my 18 mile run. I only did 1.5 miles you guys. It just didn't feel right. My legs felt like they were dragging. I couldn't catch my breath. I didn't want to spend 3.5 hours running. So, I gave up. I WALKED back to my house. WALKED, y'all! I could have pushed myself to do it. I wouldn't have loved it and it's possible I might have gotten injured. Sometimes, you just need to skip the run to appreciate the next. And that's what I did. Mondays run was AWESOME. I shaved a minute off my training pace and still felt great.
I think the answer to my tired legs lies in the Friday run. Last year while training for Detroit I ran Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. I've decided to tweak my schedule and do short runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Saturday will still be my long run. I'm giving it a try this week and we'll see how it goes. I'm also adding a bike and swim day back in.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Get off! I'm Sleeping!

She's just not very good at weighing down the mattress.
I wonder if I can use this as my profile for my online dating? It's seriously all I want.
SWF seekingSM to sleep on other side of bed.

Sorry, just a bit lazy today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

All Dark Meat

This is not a commentary on  my cut of chicken (usually white) or my racial dating preference (typically Caucasian, but mostly because I'm extremely picky in what I find attractive in other races) but instead on fast vs slow twitch muscles.

For a review
Dark muscle is from slow twitch fibers, marathoners.  White/light muscle is from fast twitch fibers, sprinters.
The science of meat!

Today's work out consisted of Yasso 800's. If you don't know what these are it's a special form of torture thought up by the Runner's World Editor Bart Yasso. It consists of a 1-2 mile warm up and then repeats of 800 meters at a fast pace with 400 meters at recovery pace. You do 3-8 repeats and then a mile cool down. Today's fast pace was 4:27. Uh? Damn near impossible. I was sure I was dying! I did this on my treadmill so I could set my pace and not worry about it. My performance limitations may be caused by the treadmill. It might go better outside. I'll find out next Wednesday when I have to do them again.

Either way, I am convinced I am ALL DARK MEAT!!! I am not a sprinter. This is why I only played one season of basketball! I hope that these will help me cut my marathon time. I'm told they will. But I have low expectations that they will help cut an hour off my marathon time. That is a lot to cut out. Almost unheard of. If I don't cut an hour off I'll just remember this......

Some one once said it's easy to run for an hour or two but it takes balls to run for 5 and not give up. Ok, that might not be a direct quote but that's the gist. And it does take balls, or ovaries, to continue running for 5 hours knowing that the majority of people have already finished the 26.2 miles.

Asics Gel Kayano 17
On the upside, I picked up my new shoes!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Review Week 9, Upcoming Week 10

The start of last week involved a lot of recovery from a fantastic weekend. Consequently, I missed my Monday run and felt no need to make it up. Wednesdays, 6 mile run was cut to 5 but I got the 3 miles of 9:36-10:00 pace. I think the goal for the next couple of weeks is to work on speed. Never my favorite. Fridays run happened just as it was supposed to.

2x caffeine but one of my fav flavors
Saturday saw me getting up 6am to get my 16 mile run in. Normally, I'm not that set on when I start but I wanted to make it somewhere by 10 and had to have 13 miles done. I did the 16 miles in 3 parts, so that I would have a chance to get water and snacks with out having to take my hydration belt. Part one was an out and back of 7 miles. It felt great and easy. Stopped at home to get water, pee, and retie my shoes. I then started my second out and back of 6 miles. 2 miles into the second run I felt a little tired and sluggish. That's when I remembered I had taken no GU with me or had any at the house before I left. When I do runs of 10+miles I always use GU and take a water bottle. I GU every 5 miles and it helps to keep me energized and focused. How I could have forgotten this on a 16 mile run I will never know. When I got back to the house I made some gatorade before heading to the meetup spot with the new running group. I was going to do 2.5 miles with them.

The running group was fun. Met some new people with similar interests and chatted about up coming races. They are, however, much much faster then me. I might be that they were running with fresh legs and I was coming off of 13 miles sans GU. I'm still going to meet up with them this Saturday. Running with a fast group will only make me faster.

Week 10

What should be clear in this post is that swimming and biking have fallen to the wayside. I have every intention of bringing them back. Just not this week.