Monday, April 16, 2012

Review Week 11, Upcoming Week 12

Week 12
I'm not sure I'll be ready for my marathon in a couple of weeks. I went out Saturday ready for 20 miles. I found myself back at my house after 15 with tight, aching hips. The weather had started to turn yucky so I changed shoes and went down the basement to the treadmill. After a quarter mile all my leg muscles cramped up. This could be due to several factors; I had to ration my water around mile 10 and was out by 13. I stopped running stretched a bit and then started again. It was just a bad day. Again. I prefer to think I played it safe Saturday and that I just didn't wuss out. I was ready to put in 20 miles. I honestly think I could have done it had I not cramped up.

This week is relatively easy, as it's a fall back week. I do have a half marathon this Sunday in Toledo but halves have become cake to me. I'm not going to go "balls to the wall" but I'll put in a good effort. I'm hoping for 2:10, ten minutes fast than last year.

On the upside I did get one swim and one bike ride in last week. I'm hoping to bring those back to my routine. It'll be a bit difficult as my "routine" now includes something new, more on that later this week.

Also, don't worry. I'll still do the full marathon. I just don't think it will be a 4:30 as I was hoping. I'll settle for 5:00? Maybe?

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