Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Exit Poll

If you think about relationships, any kind for that matter, they are basically like elections. You put up a profile with your qualifications, what you're looking for, and a (hopefully) recent picture. Or, you show yourself in the best possible light to others in your social circle, at the bar, in school, or at the book club. You are asking someone to commit to a relationship for a month, half a year, a couple of years or "to infinity and beyond."

Like elections you can opt not to continue said relationship. It can be as easy as defriending on facebook, slowly phasing them out of the circle, having a blow out and walking away, or just being "eh, you add nothing to my life. I'm done."

Wouldn't it be nice if you could administer an exit poll? Maybe not for all of those that walk away, especially for those in which the answer is very VERY clear. But for some others it's not so much. The ones that say "you're a great girl but the timing is just off. I'm technically still married and really need to get my shit together." (For the record, I completely agree with this statement, he was just sooo hot!)

Is it really that? Or, that I wouldn't facetime you? I'm honestly curious. I completely respect their right to walk away and go find their self. I did it once, took two years. I've also used this excuse when it was nicer than saying, "If I have to eat with you one more time, I'm going to stab you."

So, the exit poll is where they can be completely honest because it would come with an agreement not to stalk, harm or in anyway go crazy because of the answer (I would never). Also, for the record, I am a researcher and really interested in the how's and why's. I think I should make up a questionaire to be used when the next relationship ends. Just to be prepared. Cause I'm also a planner.

It might make me a better person. I mean, I'm awesome, I know, and seven people will attest to that but there's always room for improvement.

***Just to be clear about the guy that inspired this post. We were not in a relationship, it was one date. But the excuse made me think.

UPDATE: After 24 hours he apparently re-evaluated his decision and called me back asking to meet up again. I said yes (the dude is that hot) but it kind of irks me.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Vacation

I was officially on vacation for nine days!! My goal was to work out all or most of those days.
Here's how it went down.

Saturday: Had to fix a toilet, get a hair cut (all before 10am). Then hung out all day for "Girls of Leisure Day."
Sunday: Recovered from "Girls of Leisure Day."
Monday: Cycle class and did Barbara WOD.
Tuesday: 3mile run, evening with friends.
Wednesday: Christmas eve, Yoga.
Thursday: Christmas.
Friday: Shopping (I want to brag here: I got 3 work tops, 3 workout tops and a pair of running capris for $4 total!!).
Saturday: 2 mile run, wanted 3-4 but it was HARD!!
Sunday: Cycle class and Yoga

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Well, I have just come upon a new crevasse in the dating world. I blame Al Gore, the Internet, and this whole technology thing.

Last week I went out for drinks with this very, VERY hot guy. We'll call him Michelangelo. WE met on Cupid emailed a bit and since I was going out of town for a little over a week I thought it would be nice to meet before I left instead of trying to drag out the email and texting with an unknown entity. We've texted a bit since I've been at my parents for the holidays and we chatted a brief bit today.

BUT! I have since gotten a text asking to FaceTime later tonight!

I don't FaceTime. I think I've done it twice, maybe three times. And all of those are with my parents or sister, one by accident. I recently group FaceTimed a GREAT friend in Texas with a couple of others that were all in town for the holidays. That is what I consider an awesome use of it.  Not to chat up a guy I just met. It's not that I don't want to talk to him, I just don't think he's ready for the "real" me. And by real I mean sans makeup, in pjs, hair pulled back, mowing down cookies. I refuse to put makeup on for a phone call. It's sweet that he wants to but it was one date, I'm on vacation, and I just don't think now is the time for it. Maybe when we're in three months and I'm traveling for work for 2 weeks.

For now I haven't answered the text. I haven't even officially read it.

UPDATE: I felt I needed to answer him and wrote, "I'm not a huge fan of FaceTime. I'm really sorry but can explain more in person when we meet up on Sunday." Waiting on reply.

UPDATE 2: He says he understands and that it's cool. But texting never conveys sarcasm well, so who knows. I did reply with a "thank you. You're very understanding. smiley face"

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Could THIS Be My Problem?

I saw this article and thought, "Hallelujah! I'm saved." And then I thought back to how and when my achilles pain started. I had had my shoes for a good 9 months. Not super broken in cause I did not run a lot last year but long enough that it probably wasn't the drop. I did buy new shoes thinking I needed new ones and went with a different company, so....I suppose it could be a cause of the continued problem.

I might try an insert in both shoes. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

With the New Year...

I don't like New Years resolutions. I'm sure I've said that here before and the reason is, if there is something worth doing you should do it no matter what time of year the idea hits you. And the idea of a "resolution" just seems like so much pressure.

BUT THIS YEAR.... I'm still not making a resolution. I will, however, use the date as a starting point.  A point to get back to the old me. The me of a year and a half ago. The me before my DNF, before my injury. The me that was so motivated to finish a 1/2 ironman that it really changed my habits.

I feel that I lost a lot of this motivation when I got injured. It made running painful and based on advice I stopped everything for a month. And it still didn't get better. I realize that during this time I gave up on a lot of other things. Swimming, why could't I swim? I didn't but I could have. I gave up on eating REALLY healthy. I ate relatively healthy. If you compare it to "average America." But I could have eaten better. I suppose my thought process was, "if I can't run/work out, what's the point?"

I'm off work for a whole week during Christmas and my plan is to reread this SUPER motivating book, get back into consistant running/working out. I won't attempt to eat super healthy at this time, it's pointless with my mother's christmas cookies, visits with friends, and holiday parties. But January 1st it's on!!

What happened to the bad ass me? I WANT her back.

Friday, December 5, 2014


This Thanksgiving I ran in a 5K Turkey Trot. It is officially the longest I've run since my achilles acted up and the longest I've run without walking.

After physical therapy I was doing 2min walking and 1min running for a mile, then 1.5, then 2. I slowly upped it to 1min walking 2min running. Then a quarter of a mile running with a brief walk. To half a mile. To 3/4 of a mile. BUT!! For the Turkey Trot I ran about 1.5 miles at a time with brief walks. And my pace was in the 10:30 when actually running.

I was worried that I may have over done it when my achilles hurt a fair bit after the run. But It's been pretty good provided I stretch couple of times a day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just Be Single

Ava tells you how to live.

I think she says, "go to the boyfriend store," but I'm not sure.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


I lack it.
In sooooo many aspects of my life. Ok, three aspects. Dating, eating right, and working out. It's like I know I need to do these things and yet....I want a doughnut/cupcake on Saturday. I want to sleep in. I don't want to deal with  the guy who told me he'd just finished dinner and wondered if I had dessert for him (wink wink) or this guy--->

I'm just going to have to suck it up and power through for 2-3 weeks and hopefully we'll get back to what was normal for me a year ago.

I want to do things, but I also don't want to

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Wow! I can't believe it's been a month since I last wrote. I haven't done much dating or much running. I HAVE been swamped at work and have been staying late or traveling. Consequently, I have trouble getting my ass up for the gym. I'm also taking a class that is kicking me!

I did go out a couple of times with this nice but consistantly (2 out of 2 dates) late dude. He also called me "hun" and "babe" in text and I really didn't like it. So I left that.

But! This week I have gotten 2 emails from dudes in Turkey. First, why are you even interested? Clearly, we are never going to meet. Second, is this how ISIS recruits? I feel I could be getting recruited and if that's the case then you need to know your audience. I'm atheist. Not easily swayed.
Third, why is the site I'm on even allowing guys in Turkey to contact me? I thought I had a 50mile limit?

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I got hit on by a girl today. It was the sweetest and nicest come on I've ever had. And, when I informed her that I was very straight she took the rejection with class and told me to look her up if I ever wanted to explore. Kind of makes me think being a lesbian might be easier but I assume there are creeps no matter your orientation.  But after last week it really was a breath of fresh air.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I Have No More Fucks to Give

It has been a trying week. Mostly on the guy front.

I've been propositioned by a much younger boy, which admittedly, I'd be open to picking up a booty call but I have a system. Meet in public first and then go from there. If I can't stand your voice or I get the "creep" vibe we're all good in public. But blindly inviting yourself over with out meeting is cray cray. The convo didn't go past me saying a bar would be more appropriate.

I've been called a cunt. I canceled a first date with a guy I was on the fence with to begin with. Then was turned off by the conversation with him. Then he actually answered some online questions which showed we were complete opposites and had nothing in common. He felt that opposites attract and I felt that if that were true I'd still be with the conservative lawyer. I apparently am shallow for wanting things in common and not the fact that there's a physical attraction.

I've been called fat. If that were true why would you even contact me to begin with? I handle rejection with aplomb. Is it so much to ask that the others do too?

One at a time over time I can handle. All at once and it's just a bit too much. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I'm Sort of Back. Maybe? I Don't Know.

At my last PT appointment my therapist told me to go ahead and try "running". Running is in quotations because she asked me to do 2min fast walk with 1min running.

I had my doubts.....but I have to say it's gone pretty well. I ran three times this week, 1 mile, 1.5 miles, and 2 miles!! There were points where it hurt a little but I just stopped and stretched and went on. I have to stretch periodically through out the day but it's not that terrible. I am hopeful!

Now! You might want to know what I've been up to lately since I haven't written much since the end of August. Well, my last two weeks have been chock full of heels and power tools. More power tools than heels, though.

I came home from my friends weekend on Labor Day and took in my sad, sad kitchen. The kitchen has always bothered me but it was mostly workable. When I first moved in I, as in my mother, painted the cabinets, I painted the hardware, put in new flooring, and baseboards. The cabinets are original to the house and had so much paint on them that they no longer shut. So I stripped them down, sanded them, repainted them, and put on new hardware. And they still don't shut!! I give up on those.

The counter and back splash is a whole 'nother story.The counter was a  variable green snowflake design. Like, literally green snowflake shapes! And the back splash was one inch tile also in various greens. I scrubbed all of it down with steel wool, degreased with alcohol and then primed both. The tile I painted a shiny white but the counter got a faux stone finish before being sealed.

Getting all the right hardware has been a trial. I went through two different sets of handles and hinges!

Since the kitchen has been TOE UP, I've had to make do with mostly prepared food. And while it may have been nice the first couple of days it is getting damn annoying. I can't wait for fresh food and to get cookin'!

That's it. I'm too tired and sore to write more.

Friday, August 29, 2014

My August

Bracelet Rocky gave Sophie
Oh My God!! I can't believe August is over. I feel like summer just got started. And my August has been jam packed with fun and stuff.

The first week of August I got a paid trip to NC where I saw a long lost friend. I don't know why we didn't get a pic of the reunion but sadly we did not.

The second weekend of August I actually got to go to the beach for the first time ALL SUMMER!! It was amazing and I'm hoping to go one last time this Monday for Labour Day.

Walking into The Feast
The following weekend my sister, Sophie and her fiance, Rocky Balboner (his choice), came for a visit. I took them to the Westside Market for the sight and the most amazing crepes. They had a special August crepe with honey, honey chevre cheese and strawberries. Don't worry, I split it with my sister. After Lunch/dinner we went off to the Feast in Little Italy. Here we proceeded to have a great time. My sister kept trying to get me to talk to the guys but I felt that it was a little weird that they wore more jewelry than I did. Her reply was that it was good thing cause then they'll give me lots of jewelry too. At which point Rocky walked up and put a rubber bracelet on her wrist!! "SEE!!"

There are so many stories for that night:
-Like the married guy that kept buy me drinks and who my sister kept forgetting he was married every 20 mins!
-Or Sophie and Rocky getting lost on one street and calling me to come find them.
-Or finding out that they bought me pizza instead of the fried dough I asked for. I never got either of them. And didn't find out about the missing pizza till the next afternoon.

This past week I've been on vacation and spent the weekend mostly with my sister and parents. Then yesterday I saw some extended family on Catawba. I also saw Original Flavor for drinks and dinner. My original plan was to go to Myrtle Beach but nixed it to spend time with my family (and save money). It was a good thing too, I had to replace my front breaks and hoses (so much for saving money) when they wouldn't release.

This final weekend of August I get to see my 5 greatest friends. Most of us have been friends from high school, one I have known since grade school. It should be low key but great fun!! Can't wait!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Six Months

That's roughly how long I'm going to be off running. BOOOOO!!!!!

I saw my ortho today and I should just go ahead and sit the MD boards. It was exactly what I thought it was, insertional tendonitis of the achiles. They did take some X-rays and there were no stress fractures or spurs. There was how ever the start of calcification of the achiles, which can happen after repeated injury. I've found that it happens a lot with me. I've had to have my back ultrasounded and red lighted twice since 2001. My muscles get so tight for so long that they start to calcify.

So now I have to do physical therapy and lots of stretching. I have to wear a heel lift for a week (it feels really weird). I can bike and swim and weight train. Crossfit was not recommended but I think I can tweak the WODS to accommodate my heel.

Now I NEED to get serious about my food since I can't run and will be a little less active for awhile.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Wake Up Call

I need to get my WILL in shape!
Since I haven't been able to run I really haven't done much of anything else. I could swim but I haven't much. I could bike but it's been hanging unused in my garage since May. And I have been going intermittently to the gym for workouts. I'm hoping to change that NOW! My plan is to do crossfit 3-4xs a week and at least get a long bike ride in on the weekend.

My appointment with the orthopedic is tomorrow so I'll at least have an answer on what is going on with my foot.

My wake up call actually happened yesterday. I AM KNOWN AT CHIPOTLE!!

Picture it, Summer 2014....I've been incredibly busy with work and life stuff. It seems like something has been happening every weekend this summer. Not to mention I have had to go into work on most weekends for at least an hour. Last weekend I was actually in the lab for 4 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday. I needed to travel out of town for work on short notice and would be gone Monday-Wednesday. I went in last weekend to set up travel plans and put together everything I would need to run experiments in another state. Since I was gone for most of the week it seemed crazy to go grocery shopping like normal. So I ate Chipotle a few times before traveling and after. And....now they know me.

(This post was way better in my head but I don't want to rewrite it.)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Oh NO You Didn't!!

About three weeks ago I met up with the most incredibly nice guy. We had chatted over email briefly. I had my reservations, we had nothing in common except weight training, email was stunted, and I was only remotely interested in his basic profile. But he persisted. And I like that. We talked over the phone and he had a great voice.

We met for drinks and he was.......small. Short mostly. And again the conversation was not free flowing. I will say he was one of the nicest guys I've met. He off
ered to walk me to my car and asked to see me again. I always try to do two dates (unless the date is an absolute disaster or the guy is amazingly crazy), everyone is nervous on first meetings. Including me. So I said yes.

It took 2 weeks to get to our second date and the convos between were not great (1st strike). I still felt like we had nothing in common and I also felt like he thought there was more between us than there was. He told me he told his friends about me and was talking about me to his brother. At that point I felt the need to point out that we had only had one date and it was a bit premature to go telling people about me. He didn't take that well.

Finally, we met up for our second date and he was 30min late!! I probably would have left but I had the best blueberry cider I  had ever tasted! During the evening I found out that he had made plans for later with his friends, which i could join if I wanted. Uh, no.

There were two kickers that finally decided me on his fate. He brought up the talk about him talkign to his brother about me and that he felt I was angry over nothing. I replied that I wasn't angry about it but felt he should know where he stood and that it possibly came across wrong because of the bourbon. Mind you I wasn't drunk, just walls a little lowered. His reply was, "Remind me never to let you have bourbon."

LET ?! LET?! No one LETS  me do anything. I just do it. 2nd strike, Dude.

When we were done with our drinks and it was time to leave I stood up and started for the door. At this point he's only seen me sitting. I stand up and I am a whole head taller. I wore flats for the first date. I wore heels for this date. He looked up at me and said, "You can't wear those again." Strike three.

Nobody tells me what to do, except my mother and father. And even then there is some strong discussion in the process. I decided then and there that this would never work out. For one thing, I love my heels. For another, who tells someone after two dates what they can do?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

There's NOTHING here!!

Honestly, how does he think I'm going to reply? There is absolutely nothing in his profile except that he's straight, online, 36, and lives in North Olmstead. Not even a pic!

After posting, I remembered an NPR talk yesterday about how OKcupid runs experiments on it's members. Maybe this one of them? To see if some one will respond to a COMPLETELY empty profile.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Well, this isn't going well.....

I know I said that my heel/achilles felt much better. And it did. Until I ran 2 miles. Now, to be clear I did not just go out after 1.5 months off and run 2 miles. I ran a mile. Then 1.5. Then 2. And that is the last time I ran.
Not my feet. The toenails look to good!

It hurts to walk. To jump rope. Sometimes it just hurts sitting in a chair.

I therefore made two appointments. One is with an orthopedic that specializes in sports injuries of the feet and ankles. Her CV is actually pretty amazing and I'm really hopeful she'll understand my need to run soon and what's going on with me. I don't get to see her until mid August, though.

My second appointment was with my chiropractor. Admittedly, I made the appointment just to get my shit in line but it turns out he may be able to help with the whole heel thing. As I was laying on the table telling him about my heel he said that my rt hip is higher than my left. And damned if he wasn't right. My feet hung off the table and I could feel where it hit on each foot. On my right it was at the ankle and on my left it was about an inch lower on the foot. I never noticed before because I'm so short my feet RARELY hang over.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Seriously?! This guy?!

So this guy, we'll call him Jared, has emailed me every time I resign up with a dating site. I don't know how he finds me but he does. I've always politely declined or just ignored him. But I haven't had much success with the guys I've been dating so far, so I decided to give him a chance. 


Email with him was a little annoying as was texting, so I bit the bullet and asked to meet to see if it would change anything. It did not. He constantly talked about nothing and held the last two bites of his burger in his hand for 20 min as he yammered. I just wanted to scream,"Eat your fucking burger so I can go!!" I would have gotten another drink but I didn't want to be there for more than I needed to be. When the check came I just handed him a $20 which was way more than I needed to give but I didn't want to wait for change. I told him to just keep it and put the overage towards the tip. He got confused, paid the whole bill with his card and put the $20 in as tip. There was an awkward hug at the end and I beat a hasty retreat!
This is what followed along with the time stamp from my phone.

You know it's bad when you call your mother and tell her "if something happens check this guy out."

 I don't understand how my lack of height is a positive?

 No. No, you read me right. I would have punched him!
I decided not to answer thinking if I did it would have only encouraged him.

 This is supposed to say "Monday 10:34."

OMG, I can't believe I did this!

So over the past couple of weeks I've been eating this delicious beet salad. The beets are roasted and then served cold with candied nuts (pine nuts were great but so were walnuts and pecans), goat cheese and a little balsamic vinegar. It's heaven on your tongue. However, there is a side effect to eating a ton of beets. I felt I should share this with my sister.
When she responded "does that happen" I was admittedly, a little confused. I remember my mother telling us the story of an aunt's first experience with beets.

And then I realized my mistake when she asked if I was going to happy hour. How would my sister know my work friends were doing a happy hour?  


Sunday, July 13, 2014


In the past when I've done online dating I've told my mom where, when and who and then promptly called or emailed after. It's a good system if nothing happens. It's a bad system if something does. She might not decide something's happened until 3hours after that something occurred. Or even 12. By that time I could be dismembered and at the bottom of Lake Erie (I've been binge watching Dexter).

Consequently, I found this awesome service from KITESTRING. You sign up, put in your In Case of Emergency person, and your phone number. They then text you from a number that will onl
y be given to you. When you go out you send a text to that number with "2hr" and the company will text you in 2 hours. At that point you can give your "all clear signal" or extend the time.

HOWEVER!!! Should you fail to extend your time or give the all clear it sends a message to your ICE. Or, in my case my 3 ICEs. There is also a distress signal, should you need it.

This is all background for what went down yesterday. I went out on my first newly single date last night and used Kitestring. I also gave my mother all the info she would need. I set my account to check in on me in two hours and went on the date. It was not a great begining and an even worse end. But, I had nothing but time and had been sitting around my house all day. And I like dirty martinis. The convos aren't important but it was clear it wasn't going to go anywhere. 15min prior to my check in I extended it an hour. Then the dude and I got into a heated political debate and I paid the bill and put all my shit, including my phone, in my purse.

Side note on the bill: Dude didn't even offer to pay or give to the check. Even when I don't want to pay I still at least offer. Not this guy. I at least made up for a lot of the free drinks I've gotten in the past.

Ok, back to the story. I realize that I've been there for awhile and should probably extend my check in by at least 20min. When I pulled my phone out I had 5 missed calls, one voice mail and a text from Kitestring telling me I've missed checkin and that my ICEs have been informed. I MISSED IT BY 15MIN!!!

I tried calling my mom and sister but it wouldn't connect. I then texted but continued to call. I finally got in to my sister and told her to call my mom, who then promptly called me. I believe I may also have been paged at the bar but I'm not sure. On the upside, I know the system works.

In the chaos the dude disappeared, apparently to the bathroom. When he came back he told me how rude I was and it did not get better when I explained about the service and what had happened. I think he was hurt that I felt the need to take such precautions. He seemed angry and said he needed to leave and get a cigarette. What I don't understand is why wouldn't everyone, even guys, use this?  They're just as vulnerable as us, especially when alcohol or drugs are used to sedate them.

To top it off I ended up walking back to my car barefoot. One of my shoes broke shortly after leaving the bar and in the process  twisted my ankle. I suppose it's a plus that I didn't step on glass.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If Not Here, Than Where?

Cleveland PRIDE, June 28.
I have almost always been political. Well, since I could vote. Ish. Like most things my political views did not form solidly until college. I've always leaned left but am now firmly as far left as possible. In fact, I was once told I was "so far left as to be in Stalin's back yard." It was one of those online quizzes.

But, now that I'm done with school. Have a great career started. A house and all my basic needs met. Now, the question becomes how willing am I to work for political aims?

Up until last week I really only read articles, reposted to FB, put my two cents in on some posts, signed petitions or donated and I of course vote. I even made my mother drive me to my voting spot the day after my tonsillectomy so that I could vote.

But not women
But times they are a changing. I was so angry with SCOTUS for the HOBBY LOBBY ruling. And then what they did the next day in allowing it to be EXPANDED to all birth control and other for profit corporations. I was so fired up last week that when planned Parenthood called I volunteered to make phone calls informing people who had donated in the past about the SCOTUS ruling and then what they could do to help in the fight. It was a little scary, especially after the first person I talked to yelled at me and told me I was lying. I wanted to argue but wasn't really allowed. Plus, it might cost them money. I had several really good ones. And a whole bunch of no answers.

I plan on being a lot more active in the future. Particularly with woman's rights. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

On The Market

I ended things with Whiskey this past Saturday. I was super nervous but he took it really well! Almost too well. Part of me wishes there had been a little more from him and part of me is glad it went so smoothly. It was the best break up I've ever been involved in. He agreed that it would never have worked long term and that we're way too different. Best to end it now. We left as friends with the ball in my court as to getting drinks and catching up. I always say "lets be friends" but I think this is the first one where I actually meant it. We shall see.

So.... I'm back on the market and have opened all my old profiles again. THIS GUY I was rather interested in but then got that reply. REALLY???!! Do you not know what kind of site you're on? And, Dude I just ended something on Saturday just get a drink with me. I suppose it could be his polite "Fuck off." Eh, on to 25 year olds!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Mom

I love my parents! I know I've said it before but they are AMAZING parents. I may not have always felt this way, mostly through high school, but.....with age comes wisdom.

Phone convo with my mom:

Me; Yeah, so I'm breaking up with him on Saturday.
Mom: Ok, you sound hesitant.
Me: Well, I can't decide if I should look hot or scuzzy.
Mom: Why would you look scuzzy?
Me: You, know to soften the blow. Hot me is not breaking up with him, scuzzy me is.
Mom: I think you should look hot. Cause after, you can go to a different bar so you don't go home right away and you can flirt with a hotty.


ps. she doesn't want me to go straight home after in case he decides to go to my place for some reason. I don't really see him being the crazy type but he does get very angry at weird stuff. And I've been suprised before.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Self Diagnosing

I do a lot of self diagnosing. I feel it goes with the job. I'm a biomedical researcher. So, if there's a problem, I research it. If my mom has a question I get an email. Same with my sister. In fairness I typically just ask Google and then decide on the most logical of Google's feedback.

My doctors hate me. Once, I had a rash on my arms. It was in the tell tale circle pattern of ringworm but I still looked up definitive ways to tell. And then I did a skin scraping and shoved my arms under UV lights. Yep! Ringworm! On the upside, I always know what's wrong with me. On the downside, I can't write prescriptions. This is where my doctor comes in. I tell her what I have. In reply to her quizzical look I explain how I came to my conclusion. I then reply to the unasked question, "I'm in research and have access to a lot of information." And I walk out with my script in 10min! This is basically how I decided I have insertional tendinitis. 

Until yesterday when scanning Pinterest (I'm CLE Runner) I was only a slightly overweight soon to be single obsessive compulsive introverted researcher with a running/triathlon/crossfit fetish and cat owner. I am now a slightly overweight soon to be single obsessive compulsive introverted
researcher with a running/triathlon/crossfit fetish and cat owner who suffers from misophonia. Me, not the cat.

Misophonia is the hatred of sound. It is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences are triggered by specific sounds. For instance, remember THIS guy? What a lot of people don't know is that I inwardly cringe when people eat. When I go to eat lunch I will literally turn around and eat 30 mins later if certain people are in there. During the summer the lunch area is over run by students but I will go to a different floor just so I don't have to listen to them talking, eating or typing. If I can hear you chew I will give you dirty looks. Don't get me started on breathing! Yesterday, there was a woman that came in after to me to eat. She repetitively scraped her bowl, took a bite and then scraped again. Seriously, if looks could kill. I am not to the point where some people are who suffer from this. I can bare it out for a few minutes. Depending on the sound I can be anywhere from a level 3 to a 5.

In reading wiki on this, of people suffering from tinnitus, ringing of the ears (me), 60% also suffer from misophonia. In a small study of Misophonia patients 52% also were OC. WOW!!

This is probably why I'm single. I like silence. Without sniffles. Or snorts. Or chewing. Or breathing. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

$250 Poorer

I got my shoe shopping accomplished!!
I went to my local running store with my old Mizuno's in hand. We went over how I run, how much I run, what I don't like about my old shoes, past shoes I've used, and the current injury. I tried on 4 different shoes. The current Mizuno wave inspire, a Saucony (kinvara maybe?), a Brooks adrenaline, and a Newton (gravityIII maybe?). I'm sure you can already tell which I went with. But I will say I was torn between the Newton and the Brooks. I ended up putting the Brooks on the left foot and the Newton on the right and running up and down the store. The Newton was really nice and roomy in the toes. They are cushy on the balls and I really felt like I was floating as I ran. I may have been seriously tempted to purchase those had I not had the heel problem. I found that when I landed in the Newtons it seemed harder than in the Brooks. The Brooks are light, roomy, and cushy on the heel. They're also super flashy!!

I next went to Dick's to check out Crossfit shoes. I tried on several that I can't even remember. I did try the Reebok Nano 3.0. Can I just say that these shoes look like clown shoes? They are solid bright BRIGHT yellow with giant toe boxes. Don't get me wrong, they're comfy and I almost went home with them. But.....Then the guy said, "Have you thought about the 2.0's?" I had not. I tried them. Same comfort level. less bright! And just felt right. They all have a low heel to toe rise.

I'm going to give my heel one more week before I do anything other than swimming. It is definitely better. There's very little pain in the morning, walking when I get up from sitting and going down stairs. It did tinge a little when I ran around the store trying on running shoes. I'm still icing it at night and taking ibuprofen occasionally. I really hope one more week will get back to running. I miss it. A lot.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Part of me is SERIOUSLY dying. Part of me is LOVING this.

The two week no running "prescription" is actually working. My heel/achilles rarely hurts anymore and when it does it's after running up and down stairs at work or hiking up the hill to my car. And, I'm loving being lazy. I got to drink coffee and read the paper with my parents last weekend when I would have been biking. I get to drink my coffee and walk my cat before work. And, this weekend my "niece" finally gets the sleepover she's been asking for for 2 years!

That said, I hate being this inactive. I've tried to get to the pool for laps but it's crazy raining here. It's like Florida. Great during the day and then down pour after work. I'm hoping I can start back to light crossfit Monday. I've also been reading that doing Crossfit in the wrong shoes can be detrimental to your body. Let me just say that I never gave shoes for lifting any thought and therefore have been doing it in old running shoes. Also, I was trying to save money. I've also never been very happy with my current running shoes. I'm in Mizuno Wave inspire 9. I loved the 8's but the 9's never felt right. so, we're changing it all up! Actual crossfit shoes and new running shoes. I hope to have this all accomplished this weekend.

Speaking of new things.... I cut my hair!! And I absolutely love it!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm Out

I got some bad news yesterday..... I've been nursing a sore achilles for about two months now. For awhile I just thought it was plain old tendonitis. I was wrong! On closer examination (by myself) I have insertional tendonitis (self diagnosed). The tendon itself does not hurt but the heel at the point where the achilles attaches to the heel. It's a pretty bad diagnosis. It means the tendon is slowly tearing off the heel and is inflamed.

The pain started in mid April at about the time I started parking off campus and walking the 10-15 min in to work. It's also the point in time where I started to increase my mileage from basically nothing to 2-3 miles at a go. It is painful in the morning when I get out of bed, painful when I start to walk after sitting for a time and painful for the first half mile of a run. But, once I get moving it goes away.

I've been trying to just power through but yesterday I saw my massage therapist and told him of the pain (he's also a physical therapist). We went through my symptoms and what I thought it was, insertional tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. After talking and examining my feet and tendons he thinks it's insertional.

This is how that convo went,
MT: "I think it's insertional. You need to take some time off running."
Me: "Really?!"
MT: "Well, you don't have to. You can take 1-2 weeks now or a year when your tendon detaches."
Me: "Ok, I can just bike on those days."
MT: "SERIOUSLY!!!? If you weren't naked right now I'd throw you out of the room! You need to stop all of it!"
Me: Sniffle "Even weight training?"
MT: "Yes. Just stop! All I'm asking for is a week or two. Then try running 1-2 miles."
Me: "Fine. The pool's open and I can do laps."
MT: Groan

I'm also out with Whiskey, he just doesn't know it yet.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life Just Got Real

Some body got ENGAGED this past weekend!!!

No, no. Not me. Sweet Lord Jesus, preserve me if Whiskey proposed. I'm still not convinced I should be in this relationship. SOOO much baggage and I have a lot of concerns.

Any hoodle! My baby sister!! YAY YAYAYAY!!   I love her choice in a partner and he is completely perfect for her. They actually compliment each other very well. And I'm so happy for them!! Even if it means I have to dance in a pig trough. It's a Family Tradition. I'm pushing for an Italian pig trough. Preferably one in Capri or Florence. It'll soften the blow.

So now Shit Got Real! I need to focus on kicking my sugar addiction. Which really took a hit this week. I did quite a bit of baking for work and I of course had to test it ALL! Get back on the running kick. And SERIOUSLY do my CrossFit. Becuase, while I'm more or less ok with my body, I realize I don't always like myself in pictures. And we all know weddings have a shit ton of pictures. Plus, I have been feeling a bit uncomfortable over the past 3 months and I know it's the 10#s that snuck back after leaving my crossfit gym.

While speaking about sugar....Go see Fed Up. Amazing eye opener!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Every day PANCAKES!!!

I gave up regular pancakes a loooong time ago. They became rewards for 1/2 marathons. If I did a full I got chocolate chip pancakes. Every once in awhile a carb free version would catch my eye and I'd give it a whirl. But alas....they were terrible. Or messy. Or burnt way to easily.

It's not burnt, just the dark sauce.
ENTER "Perfect dairy free, Gluten free, Paleo Pancakes" And guys they are PERFECT!! I was so surprised when I pulled them out of the oven. I changed it up a bit. I hate standing next to an oven flipping pancakes over and over. So, since my oven was already on, I warmed up a cookie sheet with a few dabs of coconut oil on it. I placed 6 scoops of batter on and cooked for about 5 min at 350, flipped, and cooked for another 5 min.

I then made my own blueberry sauce. I mean what good are pancakes with out blueberry sauce. Super easy, 1 pint washed blueberries, 1/2 a cup of water and agave to taste. Let it cook down and you've got delish sauce!!