Friday, December 5, 2014


This Thanksgiving I ran in a 5K Turkey Trot. It is officially the longest I've run since my achilles acted up and the longest I've run without walking.

After physical therapy I was doing 2min walking and 1min running for a mile, then 1.5, then 2. I slowly upped it to 1min walking 2min running. Then a quarter of a mile running with a brief walk. To half a mile. To 3/4 of a mile. BUT!! For the Turkey Trot I ran about 1.5 miles at a time with brief walks. And my pace was in the 10:30 when actually running.

I was worried that I may have over done it when my achilles hurt a fair bit after the run. But It's been pretty good provided I stretch couple of times a day.

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Running Meg said...

Nothing like that first run back after injury! Go you!