Monday, July 30, 2012

Sylvania Women's Oly Triathlon

Swim area, minus the toys.
I had to run up this after the swim!

 When I signed up for this it was to be a short race and just to get me tuned up for the next couple. You know, locate my trouble spots and work on my transitions. The race, per their site, was to be 400 yards (.25mile) swim, 11 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Completely doable, right?

LIARS!!! That swim was no where near a quarter mile! A quarter mile should have taken me 7 minutes on a slow day. This swim was at least 9 minutes and I was booking it and passing people. That swim had to be at least .6 miles. They posted the day before that the bike would be 12 miles but it did come out at 11. And the run was close to, if not 3.1.

The bike and run tool  me about 1 hour and 17 minutes. So, all in all, I'm looking at a time around 1:26, plus what ever my transitions were. I know T1 was long. I thought using toed socks would cut down on my time, since I wouldn't have to tape my toes. But I had issues with getting the toes in the right holes. Plus, my feet were a bit wet making it even more difficult. I also tried to save time by putting my gloves and Garmin on while riding. It probably did save time but it was a bit difficult, especially the Garmin. I can't ride with no hands anymore!
This one hurts the worst!

The run was rough. I did a combination of run/walk. I'd run to a certain landmark then walk for half a minute then run to the next landmark. It got me though and I think I finished in what was my normal 5K time, about 33 minutes. I did get a lot of chafing in the run part. I didn't Glide because A) I forgot and B) I haven't really chafed my arms in awhile. I forgot I'd be running wet, though. THIS WEEKEND, GLIDE!!

I'm still waiting on the official time!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 This is the third time I've been hit up for this type of sexcapade. What about me says, "THREEWAY!" I mean, other than my bumper sticker, but that's clearly for triathlons.

I'm including his profile so you can see what kind of winner I'm turning down.  The 10 line "about me" with only two periods sent me over the edge.

Monday, July 23, 2012

War Wounds

"Ready for some RAPIDS!"
My fight was with the rapids of the New River in West Virginia, but I'll talk more on that later.

Last week was a rough week to get anything done. I had to rearrange my training schedule since I was going to be out of town over the weekend. Usually, I just do my runs/bikes as normal even if in a different city; a la Cincinnati this past March. This weekend made that impossible. I got all my runs in. This includes even my long run, 9miles, that I did on Friday instead of Saturday. I made a new running friend that day. Just an older (out of shape) guy out for a 4mile walk. We stopped to chat a bit and I if I see him on anymore of my runs I'll definitely wave. I was only able to do one short, 15miles, bike ride on Wednesday. I had planned on a BRICK Sunday but due to circumstances I was unable to do it. It was probably for the best I'm mighty sore today!

The weather was kind of sucky last week and I was unable to do any swims. However, I made up for that on Saturday when I went WHITE WATER RAFTING!!!

I think it may have been him in disguise!
 I had such a great time! Rafting in it's self is a work out! My upper body is a little sore today, especially my triceps. I don't think I would have felt this bad if Steve, our Orlando Bloom look alike guide,  hadn't insisted on "surfing" the rapids as much as he did. "Surfing" requires a lot of work to travel against the rapids to find the sweet spot in them that allows the raft to just sit there. We attempted to do this about 9 times and probably were successful twice.

 There were several places where we could get out of the raft to swim or float down stream. I tried to get some open water swim time in by swimming with and then against the flow. It was an added bonus when Jemma attached herself to my PFD and I swam us both downstream!

I have a bruise and some scrapes that are really not due to my fight with the rapids but my fight with one rock. It's not even a harrowing story. Bit embarrassing, really. I slipped trying to get out of the raft onto a rock. the goal was to get out gracefully, climb to the top of a LARGE boulder and jump off into the river. I accomplished everything but the graceful part. But I would completely do this whole trip again! Wounds and all.

Up this weekend is the Woman's only TRI. I'm going into it as a training run but secretly hoping to place. I have no idea what the competition is like on this one but I'm hopeful to be at the top of my age group.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biggest Loser

I love this show! It's one of the first things I watch when I wake up on Wednesday and am sipping my morning coffee. I like the tips they give, watching the transformations, and let's not forget the DRAMA! I could do without the product placement, so I just skip over those.

I've often thought about going on it. I have weight to lose. AND, Y'ALL THEY ARE CASTING IN CLE. This weekend!! I won't be here but you can submit a video with your application. Sadly, or happily, I am too skinny to qualify! You have to have 85+lbs to lose. I would look sickly if I lost 85lbs.

I'd be bad ass with these trainers!
When I mentioned this to my sister she asked if I was seriously thinking about it if the 85lbs didn't apply. HELLS YES! Can you imagine how ripped I'd be if all I had to do all day was work out and eat healthy? Plus, access to all the personal trainers and nutritionist. However, I'm sure I'd be voted off in the first couple of rounds. I'll never take off what a 300lb guy will and let's face it everyone hates the skinny bitch which is what I'd be in that group.

But if you're interested Biggest Loser Casting.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Miggle Mash

This has already been revised! 1st bike and swim are out.
This weekend was pretty low key, which was great considering the last two weekends were packed full of fun and travel. Not to mention the next four weekends being packed with fun, travel, and competitions! I may be dead by mid August.

I did my 7 mile run Saturday and it went really well. I am hopeful for the coming long runs. I also, went out for a long ride Sunday. I ended up doing 26 miles, so not so long for me. I was hoping to get in 40. What did it were the hills and the fact that I got up late. A week in FLAT FLAT Toledo really killed my ability to conquer the hills. I did get challenged by an over weight pacific island biker. And by biker I mean motorcycle. I of course......did not win. I did register on a speed trap! The pic shows 8mph but I was doing 9mph and slowed to get my camera!
I'm going to start taking these with Instagram. Maybe, I'll like them better.

I have officially signed up for the Columbus Marathon. I was all set to do Detroit again and was actually going to sign up today for it, when I got a note from a friend asking if I wanted to do Columbus. I had debated between the two and went with Detroit because of an OSU home game that same weekend. But, if everyone else is doing it.......

Friday, July 13, 2012


I need a real vaca. Ocean City, MD
Yesterday, I failed to do my after work bike ride. Well, failed is a strong word, I chose not to. I did get my 4 mile run in before work but really just wanted to be lazy on the couch and get a good nights sleep. Lately, I've been having trouble falling asleep on days that I swim or bike in the evening. I'm done by 6/630 and should be able to be asleep by 9/10. But I can't. I don't know if it's the endorphins or what, but I'm awake till 11/12. That makes getting up at 5 very difficult.

So, I skipped my ride. I'm not worried about it, though. It does make me feel a bit of a fat ass for skipping but I feel good with my bike portions. Running, not so much. I can't skip running. A year ago, if you'd have told me the running portion of the TRI is what I'd be worried about I would have called, "BULLSHIT!"

Oh, and Hot Cop Tom has been in touch. Might have a date with him this week.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Observations From a Bike
1) East Cleveland suburban drivers are much nicer than Sylvania Township drivers. I've never been buzzed in CLE and I've only been yelled at once. And, that was by a car of teenage boys. I assume they were yelling about my awesome butt! In Sylvania one guy actually stopped his truck to yell, "Get out of the road Sweetie!" Or it could have been, "Watch the road, Sweetie!" Either way it's annoying.

2) The roads are in better repair in Sylvania Township, maybe. I only rode a few roads there compared to many in East Cleveland.

3) If you didn't find a flying squirrel bike mount video try this. They boy does it well but his bike is smaller and he's not coming out of a swim. Nor does he have water bottles on his bike. I will never attempt this mount.  A few seconds is not going to kill me. The flying squirrel might.

4) If fingers or hands go numb or your elbows and wrists hurt. Try lowering your seat or raising your handle bars. TRUE STORY!! Could not figure out what was going on.

Yesterday's morning weight:
This mornings weight was 193.0. Hmm, I'm pretty sure it's water. Maybe? Or, that completely vegetarian dinner last night worked miracles!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Muncie 1/2 Iron Man

First, I did not compete in this 1/2IM. I volunteered. I decided when I signed up for the Pocono's 1/2IM that I should check one out first. Volunteering for one seemed like a great way to do that. When you volunteer for an IM you can check in what capacity you want to work. I signed up for body marking (numbers on both arms and age or P for pro on the calf)! Yes, you have to be there super early, 4:15am, but you're done when transition closes at 6:30am, allowing you to watch the race. AND, you get to talk to the athletes before things get crazy! Also, let's face it, you're in close proximity to some extremely hot men! (I did not get any numbers, but it was fun.)

Since the weather had been hot and humid over the past week and Saturday was going to be the same the race directors decided to move the start time from 7am to 6:30am. They also shortened the race. A 1 mile swim instead of 1.2. The bike went from 56 miles to 30. And, the run was 6.2 miles instead of the 13.1 that it is normally.

Body marking was fun and I got to joke with the athletes and find out why some were racing. The answers ranged from, "why not?" to "for my dad," or "my friend with cancer." A lot of the job was answering questions about the course, where to find water, and generally calming fears. I did learn several things. A) sharpie comes off with sunscreen and won't write on sweaty or sunscreened bodies. B) Some people will wait to the absolute last moment to set up their transition. C) A great pick up line is "Are you racing Pro?" Admittedly, this only works in limited situations.

After I finished I watched some of the swim starts.

Swim finishes.

Random Cheerleader!

Bike start, where I learned not to try a new bike mount and to keep my water bottles in front on the bike, rather than behind the seat. People with bottles behind the seat lost more bottles while mounting than those with them in front. Bottles were flying everywhere from those types. Also, some people tried to get on bikes using the Flying Squirrel (youtube it) and others got on with shoes already attached to the pedals. I rarely saw a Flying Squirrel mount that did not result in a stumble or crash. Those with shoes attached had issues with the shoes scraping the road and getting their feet in them. Their feet were usually dirty with grass on them, which I think would bug me and cause blistering.

While watching some of the bike start the Pros were actually heading out on their run portion. The Pros finished the race in around 2 hours! Even with the shorter race it would still take me about 4 hours to finish. I stayed to watch the Pros come in and then left. It had already been a long day.
Greg Bennett

1. Greg Bennett, USA 2:00:24
2. Joshua Amberger, AUS 2:01:37
3. Joe Umphenour, USA 2:02:44

1. Kelly Williamson, USA 2:10:53
2. Jodie Swallow, GBR 2:14:55
Kelly Williamson (?)
3. Mirinda Carfrae, USA 2:15:33


This past week was a vacation week for me. In the past when I've done my vacation at my parents, I've spent most of it at the local swimming hole. Not so much this time. I never made it anywhere near water except on both Saturdays. Last Saturday at the Barge Party and this Saturday at my cousins cottage. This is due to many reasons. One of which was the weather, humid and hot, like 100 degrees. The other was me. I packed my vaca with a crap ton of stuff.
Monday: Magic Mike, day drinking, lunch and gambling with Cece. I lost $36.94 on slots and roulette. And, stood in line for a hot ticket to see Pres. Obama.
Tuesday: Run, baking, fortune teller, dinner for family, fireworks.
Wednesday:  Bike and then laziness.
Thursday: Run, Obama talk, lunch with mom, nap, bike shopping with my parents.
Friday: Drive to Botkins, OH for breakfast with out of town friends, drive to Muncie, IN for 1/2 IM expo, then to Anderson, IN for my hotel.
Saturday: Up at 2:45am to be at the Prairie Creek Reservoir at 4:15 am for the Muncie 1/2IM. Leave at 9:00am to drive to Posey Lake, MI to spend the day with friends and family, then back to my parents around 8:30pm.
Sunday: Pack up and head home to do laundry and grocery shopping.

As you can see I have not done my long run and ride this weekend. I'm hoping it"ll be ok and I'll try to make it up later. I'm sure the bike won't matter but the loss of the long run might.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lazy Days

For me. Probably not so much for others. I'm technically on vacation for about 10 days. I officially go back to work on July 9th. For the past couple of years I've spent a week around the 4th, depending on how it fell, at my parents. Hanging out with them, my sister, and any friends that happen to be in the area. There is a quarry near by that I can swim in and lay out at, too. The other great thing about this is I get to try some of my baking recipes. I love to bake but don't do much of it anymore. It's just me at my place and I know I'd eat most if not all the goods!

This really doesn't do it justice!

So far my vacation has been FANTASILISTIC!! I spent Friday night at a Josh Turner concert with my sister, cousin and some friends. I agreed to go to spend time with my sister and actually had to look up just who Josh Turner was. Turns out I knew exactly one song, "Firecracker."

Saturday dawned bright and early with a 3 mile run in very humid conditions. I was dripping when I got back to my parents, and it was only 3 miles!!! But with my workout done I was free to partay!!! Enter Sandusky Bay Barge Party. A crap ton of boats anchor on/around a large sandbar in the bay and everyone parties down. There is a large barge in the middle with a band, some form of security and an MC. There were stripping contests for both men and women. Beads being thrown. Beers being passed. And random shenanigans being had! It was a long day but a great day!

One gear, 40 miles.
Ah, Country Rides!!
I was worried how this mornings planned 40 mile ride would go considering I made a fantastic mixed drink yesterday. I must have hydrated well on Saturday because todays ride was great. I finished 40 miles in 3 hours! I have a couple of complaints about the ride though. For me personally my feet started to hurt for the last 10 miles. They almost felt like they were burning. I had to unclip them and let them hang off and on (they're fine now). The other complaints were the flat/boringness of the ride. And, how some drivers were really nice and went completely into the other lane for me and others were complete assholes and buzzed me. One car yelled something out the window at me. I'm not sure what it was but nothing good has ever been yelled out a window at 50 miles an hour.

Now, I'm back in PJs/lounge wear and will wile away the day reading, chatting and watching tv.
Because I can!