Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Season!!

A new running season has begun! I'm super excited for it and purchased a marathon training program from Runners World. I had first planned on starting it earlier in January but the plan ended two weeks before the actual  run. That was no good!

As you can see from the above pic you should always start in pencil. But once you have the details worked out you need to put it in pen. The program had me starting with a rest day on Mondays, a short run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with a long run on Sundays. After thinking about it I knew that would never work for me. I like having one weekend day of nothing and Sunday usually  works best. Not because "it's gods day," but simply because I am either recovering from Saturday or crazy lazy. Hence, the arrows in the pic. Always tailor a plan to your needs. But don't be sissy about it. On the other hand, don't be stupid and push to hard.

It looks like I only have one rest day, which is technically true. But, I'm counting the swim days as rest days. They are extremely easy and obviously low impact. I've also added in some weights that I didn't do last running season. I'm hoping to tone up my arms which I think are rather flabby but was told on a recent date are very defined (I'm trying to keep him around).

We can't forget the bike and right now I'm only going for time. Once I can take it off the trainer and get outside I'll have more distance oriented goals. I have to get up to 56 miles! I know I'm going to need a new saddle. The one that came on it is a bit uncomfortable.

YEAH!!! I love having a defined schedule!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Date for This Evening.....Adolph!

It's been a slow Blog week/month/winter. I did have a date over the weekend but I'm going to hold off talking about him for a couple days. Just a heads up, though, it went REALLY well.

Instead, I'm going to tell you the story of my date with Adolph. I was introduced to him via the matchmaker on a summer afternoon in 2010. We met at a bakery/coffee place in an upscale area. The things I knew about him were; divorced, no children, teacher, and he owned his own house. He lived on the West side of Cleveland and was a bit older but not by much. When he walked in I was not impressed on the looks front. He wore crappy shorts, a tshirt, sandals, and was balding. Now,  I enjoy bald. Give me Bruce Willis any day and I will be a satisfied woman. Adolph tried to pretend he wasn't balding. There was no overt combover but he was definitely trying to salvage his hair line.

Conversation was............extremely interesting. We discussed his divorce from his wife, whom he met via the same matchmaker. HE was divorcing her because she basically wanted sex too often. I'm sorry, WHAT??!! She wanted sex every night and that was just too much for him. I knew then we weren't going to work out. Who turns down sex from their wife of all people?! But I was interested. What more could this man say that would throw my view of people in general into chaos?

~That it was ok to rent my unfinished attic to an Immigrant. They should just be thankful.
~That he wanted to get married again, have children and live in separate houses (that one I might have gotten on board with.)
~Eugenics based on IQ and economic status was the way the country should go.

I know there was more then this. I sat there in utter silence, despair, and shock. When it came time to go, I gave it an hour, he walked me out, said what a lovely time he had and proceeded to ask for my number to continue getting to know me. I told him I could give it to him but that I wouldn't answer and there was no way I'd go out again with him. Sophie says that was a bit bitchy but that man was bat shit crazy! And I told the matchmaker I thought so, there was no way in hell any one would think we should be matched up and good luck finding his significant other (he's probably happily married, living in an unfinished pool house).
You're Welcome!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Facebook will be My Down Fall

 FB and dating
*This link is hilarious and I totally agree!

I love Facebook. It makes stalking easier. But, I'm a stealth stalker. I won't ask to be a guy I'm talking to's friend. If he asks I'll probably let him in, depending. I don't have to much on it that's embarassing. Except some pics with REALLY dark hair. And some where I'm a little more flabby. And some where I'm clearly drunk. But every one has been there. Everyone has those pics. I was friended by "girlie hand Bryan" after our 2nd date. And I felt it was to clingy. Then I friended Sauce and wasn't accepted, a month into our "relationship". Stan and I are FB friends and it's worked out pretty well. I sometimes get a little upset of his pics with girls but I'll get over that. My most recent friend from dating is Calvin. He asked and he's super hot and it would make it easier to check out his story so I excepted. We now communicate mostly through FB. HMMMM, I think that should speak for its self.

The reason I love FB for this is I can check that what he is telling me is true. "I'm the president for United Airways." Uh, FB says you're not and it lists your home as your parents basement. Anyways, FB, jsut like everything else has good points and bad points. I'm not sure when I'd let a guy in my FB friends list but it'll probably be at least two months in.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

We'll be down till Friday

Maybe? Assuming something worthwhile happens. If not  I'll be back on Monday. Something has to happen over the weekend right?

Sidenote(sort of): Since I've told my father about this blog. I've been censoring myself. From now on I'll just assume he doesn't read it like he said he wouldn't.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Officially Friend Zone

This past weekend was my birthday and at 33 I kind of just wanted a quiet evening celebration. I had a groupon for one of my favorite Italian restaurant and I asked Stan to dinner. There has always been an undercurrent of sexual tension between us. Since it was my birthday I thought I might indulge a little if the opportunity arose. It did not and we are now more then ever firmly in friend zone.

Over all, I did have a great weekend. I got cupcakes for breakfast. TWICE! Was sung Happy Birthday by two little munchkins. And had a so so date with another Stan, who will never get a number. I put the cabash on that one. Whew, annoying.

I did no running this weekend and feel a little guilty. I kind of just wanted to vege out while I moved from 32 to 33.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What if....

BTW, I love Anne Taintor.
Have you ever gone out with someone that you broke up with for legit reasons but then you date the next one, and the next one and think back "he wasn't so bad." I have to keep reminding myself that yes, in fact, he was terrible. Typically, they're hot till they talk. That is all. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And So It Begins....Again

Marathon training has started. Or, I should say the idea of marathon training has started. I purchased a marathon training plan from RW. I went with the under 4:30 one. It was my goal last time and I missed it by almost an hour, so I decided to try again. The plan was to start the training plan yesterday but when I entered it in my calendar it had the race happening two weeks before the actual race. I decided it'd be better to maintain now rather then two weeks before the race. Therefore, actual training has been postponed. But, only be two weeks.

Running has also been on a little hiatus. My basement where the bike and treadmill are set up is torn up and in a constant state of transition. I'm trying to finish my basement and am currently chipping old paint off the walls and washing them down. I have to keep moving my bike and treadmill to protect them from the water and haven't really been able to use them in awhile. Which, at the moment is ok. Cleveland is experiencing some sort of spring. I went running outside last Friday in 55 degree weather and saw buds on a rhododendron! I'm hoping today will stay sunny and I'll be able to get out again.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Close One!

OSU vs UT 2009
As hinted at yesterday, my family has a history of heart disease. Three of my fathers brothers and a sister have had either a stint put in or a bypass, single to triple. Both of my grandfathers died of a heart attack and high cholesterol is rampant in my family.

This has never been more clear then New Year's Day when I received a call from my mother with the dreaded, "Now don't panic." Which, of course has the opposite effect on pretty much everyone. She proceeds to tell me that my father has been having chest pains for the better portion of 12 hours and that they were now in the ER. Mind you, at this point I'm covered in dust, cobwebs, and sweat (I'd started a basement cleanup). I was told not to hurry home, it was mild and nothing would be done until the next day. So, I got the basement to a good end point and took a shower. After talking to my mother a couple of more times (some of them barely able to talk) I decided to calm down and stay in Cleveland for the night and drive back to Toledo in the early morning so I could be there when they did all the important tests.

The results: one blocked artery that turns out to be the artery involved in the majority of my families heart problems. I'm going to postulate that that artery may actually be narrower then normal from birth, genetic. He's lucky that they were able to correct the problem with only a stint. Had they had to do actual open heart surgery I'm not sure my mother would have survived. I believe my father threatened at one point to leave ADA. He's also lucky that he has a niece in the heart unit at the hospital. She pulled the best doctors and nurses anyone could have asked for. She also sat with us on her day off during my dads heart cath.

Superman's behind the ladder rebuilding my garage
I know I'm leaving out a lot of information. He was in the hospital for about 5 days and I know he was ready to go home, if for nothing else then something to eat other then chicken! If my sister were sitting next to me she would  have me to tell how I told her.
The phone conversation went like this:
Me: Now don't panic and sit down.
Sophie: What?!
Me: Are you sitting down? Mom and dad were driving back from the lake when dad started having chest pains. "BEEP" Oh! That's mom. I'll call you right back I promise.

In the 2 minutes between calls she has ran threw her house, thrown on a coat over pjs, rustled up her BF, swung a purse over her shoulder and was waiting on which hospital to fly to.

2nd call:
I quickly filled her in and calmed down her stabbing inclinations.

While in the hospital and keeping things light I promised my dad that if he could live to 100 Sophie would pop out a grand kid for him.

This has all lit a fire under my ass and I'm think of moving my 1/2 Ironman up by a year, the better to get in a full.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Season!

This February will mark the start of a new running year for me. I've been at it 2 years and am starting my 3rd training season. My first season started off wanting to complete a 10K and somehow morphed into completing a half marathon. Well, not somehow, I know how. As soon as I finished that 10K I knew it wasn't enough. I didn't train just to stop at 6.2 miles. A half marathon was calling me, I could feel it. And, so, at the end of my first season I had done 5 races 2 5Ks, a 10K, a 10 miler, and a half marathon.

If anyone has done a half marathon you know the feeling I'm going to describe, euphoria and a drive to do more and better. That's how I felt at the end of my first season. I walked up the steps of Akron's stadium and thought "I've still got more in me!" So, my focus of my second season was a full marathon. I got distracted mid-season with a triathlon but finished the season on a high. I ended this year with a 10K, 3 half marathons, a triathlon, and a full marathon.

I was focused, last season, on getting my miles in and making it to 26.2. I ate somewhat normally but by no means extremely healthy. I decided at the end of my marathon, after finishing an hour later then hoped for, that I need to focus on my diet. I took a months rest and have started running and cycling again. Now that the holidays are over it's time to buckle down and get my diet under control. Carbs have never been my friend. I carb loaded, smartly mind you, for my last half and my full, and GAINED about 10lbs (could be that extra hour). My problem is I love bread. And cookies. And cupcakes. The sweets aren't really an issue. I get one cupcake a week. But bread is going to be difficult. Peanut butter and jelly is my go to lunch. Fresh bread with soup is perfect for the Cleveland winter. But I'm going to have to say good bye. It's low carb high protein here on out.

"But you're a runner, you need carbs," you say. "High protein won't help your cholesterol," you say. But I say it will and I don't need refined carbs. I have a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease (more on this tomorrow). At age 10 I was put on a low fat diet. And my cholesterol went UP! Went on Atkin's and it went down. I currently have great triglycerides, high good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. But the ratio of the two is wonderful. Everybody is different.You need to find what works for you. I feel better, run better and weigh better when I reduce my carbs. This is how I will take my diet in hand.

 Now if only I can walk past the cupcakes!