Sunday, December 4, 2016

Where Have I Been

Mostly hiding under my covers. It's been a dark couple of weeks.

Since about the beginning of August I've been working for the Clinton campaign in my city. Knocking doors, making phone calls, and registering voters. During Get Out The Vote I trained canvassers and ended up knocking 200 doors on November 8.

I had such high hopes for that day. I even had my Facebook Status ready! "Get your umbrellas out ladies! It's raining glass!" As you all know, I did not get to use that status. I will however, save it for the next run at the White House.

I woke up at 3am on November 9th and cried. I cried all day. I cried all week. I'll be honest, I still cry a little. But now anger and determination has taken over. I will take a more active roll in politics, in activism, in my community. "If you thought I was a liberal bitch before, you haven't seen anything yet!"

As of right now my life hasn't been impacted. But, I know life has changed and will continue to change for a lot of people out there. I want to be there for them and advocate for their needs.

NOW! I have wallowed in sadness long enough. And the kitchen (blog post in a few weeks) is almost done. It is time to get back to the gym. To hit the sidewalks/treadmill. I know working out will help me get through the next four years.