Thursday, June 20, 2013

Naked Toe

I have finally reached a running milestone. I have lost my first toenail. It was on my pinkie toe that sustained the most damage from the Cleveland Marathon.

I didn't notice it till 2 weeks later when I was trying to gross out a friends young children with my ugly runners feet. It was lose at the time and slowly pulled more and more away from the toe. A week later I pulled it off right before crossfit. I was sure it would annoy me if I didn't.

 Not sure what my toe looks like now, I haven't had time. I've been up to my eyeballs with random shit to do and it's slowly killing me. I'm so out of my routine that I broke down yesterday when another straw was added. I'm hoping that I can get back to standard after Sunday.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Sweet Ass

Has had some form of irritation 4 times over the past 2 months. Twice it was chaffing from my fuel belt rubbing. And the other two times was from doing a bazillion sit-ups on a rubber floor. It's sad that its been that often and none of them were from anything GOOD!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Well, Crap!

Peonies from my garden
Yesterday, (Sunday) I was siting out side a wine bar enoying the beautiful weather, conversation with the hot  foreign guy (Mike) across from me and sipping on a great pinot noir. Every once in a while I felt a drop on my head. I'd run my hands through my hair but not feel anything. I felt it again and looked up to see some birds above me. The guy I was with asked "What's wrong?" I told him and that I felt I being pooped on by birds. According to him, in his country it is good luck. As I still hadn't seen anything on my hands and he didn't see anything in my hair I went back to the date. When I finally got home and was getting ready bed I found BIRD SHIT in my hair!!! I better be getting some really great luck to have gone through an entire date with bird shit in my hair!

This past Saturday I had another first date with a guy (Barclay). He was extremely nice and funny. Well educated, had a job and a legitimate place to live in an awesome area. Barclay was an ex college football player and wrestler. The date went well. He took me to this little Venezuelan place that was BYOB with no corking fee. As I was sitting there Barclay whipped out a bottle from somewhere and to my amazement it was champagne! The champagne was yummy and so was the food. I tried avocado chicken salad on plantains with pineapple salsa. Over dinner I learned so much about him, including that he has no sense of smell. Which of course makes eating a little weird. So much of our sense of taste is tied to smell. The researcher in me wanted to learn more but I thought it best to save the experiments for later. We have a second date set up for this weekend.

My two dates personified a debate my friends and I had a couple of years ago. Round vs Pointy. Barclay is round. Round face, fuller typical defensive football player body. Mike was pointy. Angular jaw, sharp nose and triangular body. Two very extreme physicalities. I don't have a preferance for one over the other, as long as the round isn't obese. I actually like a little over weight to average men. Plus, they just seem more fun. And, every super fit guy I've gone out with tended to be a little assy. I've decided to pursue Barclay a little and leave Mike to pursue me if he wants.

Now! On to TRAINING!!
I've started back to running after taking two weeks off. My feet have healed up and the soreness has dissipated. I've only done two days of two miles. I feel slow and weak. But Crossfit is coming along nicely. I did tear my hand today doing snatches. I had my gloves with me but didn't think to put them on. Now I'm reminded every time my hand is in water or I grab something. I have yet to get on my bike. I took it off my trainer (that I never used this year) to go out Monday, only to realize both tires were extremely flat. I should have it up and ready on Sunday, though.