Saturday, January 23, 2016

Vaccines and Promiscuity

I haven't written much about my sisters upcoming nuptials. It's not my story and it doesn't have anything to do with running or dating. However, I am going to share a little story about something that just happened.

As you may or may not know the wedding will be taking place in Jamaica (YAY!!) shortly. Last week I called my doctor (after sitting in my 2nd Parasitology class this semester) to ask for a prophylactic anti parasitic drug to take with me. Just in case I ate/drank the wrong thing. When I told the receptionist where I was going and why I was calling she informed me that I needed to get vaccines for the trip. I was in disbelief. It's only Jamaica, not India or Pakistan (not that those are terrible places just a little more war torn/3rd world).

While waiting for the receptionist to talk to the doctor I quickly got on the CDC website and found that sure as shit I needed vaccines! Two in fact. Hepatitis A and Typhoid. I made my appointment! Then informed my family, who promptly laughed at me. Well, we'll see who's laughing when they are laid low with typhoid fever! I mean, we are talking about a bacteria, Salmonella typhi, that has played a role in wars! I may be the at the top of the food chain but I know my place with respect to bacteria and parasites.

My appointment was yesterday and I must say I love my doctor. She did refuse to give me and anti parasitic but sat and talked to me about the up coming trip. We went through the vaccines and what each was for and how long I'd be immune. I do need to get a HepA booster in 6 months if I want immunity for life (I do). In the process of talking she asked if I had any intentions of getting pregnant any time soon....Uh, no. If it had been yes she would have advised me to not go to Jamaica. The Zilka virus in running rampant in the Caribean and not enough is known about it yet. My Doc then kind of smiled at me and gave me a sly look and asked if I was thinking of taking a Jamaican lover while there. My reply was to laugh and say my sister thinks it's an option for me but I'm sure that would require a couple more vaccines! And it would. She just wanted to cover all bases and make me safe.

I am now GOOD TO GO! Both arms are a bit sore, 0.5ml typhoid vaccine in one and a WHOLE ml HepA vaccine in the other. I was shocked when I saw the HepA and fully expected a bump on my arm.

On a side note: The healthcare system that my Doc belongs to has started a new service, a healthcare coach. The "coach" came in to talk to me before my Doc and briefly explained who and what she was. She then asked me if I needed any coaching for my healthcare. I don't even know what that would involve! I said no and waited for my Doc. When the doctor came in she asked me about the coach and if I had excepted the coach. I told her I found it ridiculous and ranked it up next to "life coaches." I mean really? You need a coach for life? She laughed and said that was her opinion too but you know...the system wants it.