Monday, February 20, 2012

Review Week 3 and Upcoming Week 4

Week 4!
So, this week was better then last week but not as good as it should have been. I was out of town the weekend of Feb 12 and had a late date on the 12. Consequently, I didn't get up in time to do my 3 mile run. I did, however do my 50 min bike ride Monday night but skipped my bike ride Thursday (I'm not sure why). I only got one swim in but not because I didn't try. I went to the pool twice but failed to notice the flier saying it would be closed February 15-18. My 9 miles of LSD on Saturday was really rough. The course that I had selected seemed flat, except for a big hill at the halfway/turn around. Uh, NO! It was almost entirely up hill on the return and the last 2-3 miles were very difficult. It also didn't help that I took no hydration or energy gels with me. 9 miles is that difficult distance to judge wether you should or shouldn't. Anything over 10, I do. Under 10, I don't. But 9? Do you round up? Down? Next time, round up!

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