Thursday, February 5, 2015


You don't know my life MyFitnessPal!! I will log my food when I have time. It may be tomorrow. It may be tonight.

You think I lie!
I have been up TO HERE in snow and the last thing I want to do is log my food. So much snow, that I hit my house pulling into my drive the other day. SNOW DRIFT!

This morning I had to shovel for 45 min before I could leave for work and rescue a neighbor from the end of her drive. When I finally got to work I tried to park and got stuck. I street park and Cleveland is not so good at the clearing of streets. Once I got out I decided to park in a campus garage. On the way there I turned a corner and proceeded to slide into a snow bank. I really thought that was the end of my day but going up the inclines of the garage was a bit rough too.

I have looked into getting a snow blower to save my shoulders. Sleeping on my sides is getting very painful this week. However, they all say they are out of them, unless I want to pay for the $1200 ones. I will go out Saturday and do a bit more searching but have marked September 27th in my phone with an alert to BUY A SNOW BLOWER!


Running Meg said...

Oh man, the snow. Good luck on your hunt for a snow blower.

CLE Runner said...

There is not ONE in the whole state of Ohio. Unless, I want to do Craigslist. I'm told I'll have to wait till next fall.