Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Age 2

This past weekend I ran the Flying Pig 10K. I survived, which is the best I can say.

No. That's not true. I ran most of it and my achilles bothered me very little, even after (bourbon may be key in recovery). I came in 10min slower than my very first 10K but it has kick started me into running again.

But, while down in Cinci I stayed with a very close friend, Jane, and her husband. We always spend Friday night catching up with maybe a drink and Friday I had a small Makers on ice. I was complaining about how old I feel and need to state my age, at which point I forgot how old I was and instead said 56. CLEARLY a lie but it stuck all weekend.

Me: These shoes are really bothering my feet.
Jane: Well, you are 56, so it's to be expected.

Me: I think I'm drunk. I've only had 2 sangrias.
Jane: That's because you're 56 and you can't handle your liquor anymore.

But the main point is this. Her and I went out to lunch after the race. She ordered a beer and got carded. I ordered sangria and did not. At first I was happy about this. I don't have to dig for my ID, which I may have forgotten (it happens). And I'm finally adult enough to not look underage. But then I realized Jane and I are the same age and CLEARLY I look older. Or 56 to be exact. Had I actually had a couple of drinks prior to not getting carded I may have gotten belligerent. Instead, I silently pouted.


Running Meg said...

Ah yes, the old, not getting carded when everyone around does. Not a fun time. My husband looks older than he is so when I am with him I think people assume I am older and don't card me. Every now and then I get a random carding, but I think that ship has sailed for me. ah well.

Embrace it. You're right, less digging around in your purse and less worries you won't get that drink because you forgot your ID.

Running Meg said...

I have also found the more mature the beverage, as in wine over beer, the less likely you are to get carded. Just something to think about. The younguns don't drink wine, CLE!