Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Puppy

Puppies are great! They're cute, fun, energetic and make you feel young again. But they get into trouble, chew your shoes, piddle where they're not supposed to and THEY ARE ALWAYS ON THE GO.

This is the conundrum I find myself in at the moment. I recently went on a date with a 24yo. He's cute, fun, energetic and seems like he'd be a good time. He's going from sunup to sundown. But I've dated younger before and the time you have to put into it is exhausting. Do I want to put the time in to "train" him? Is it worth it? I don't see this going long term. Wouldn't it be easier to find an older guy who already knows how to date? But then we're both set in our ways it becomes a game of chicken! These are the things I weigh every time I go out with some one and I'm starting to feel like it's to much work period!

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