Friday, October 7, 2011

Pink Gorilla? Really?

Confession time. I do most of my dating online. No, I don't email forever or only text. But the guys I do go out with are guys I find on certain dating sites. I sometimes will get the occasional question from friends and family, "Why don't you find guys in bars or at work? Or even the grocery store?"

Honestly, I do my grocery shopping either very early or very late. Hence, I'm typically in my running/yoga clothes or jeans and a sweat shirt, sometimes even PJish clothing. The one time I stopped in after going somewhere dressy I fell on my bum. An old man passing told me, "That's what you get for wearing those shoes!" I wasn't even in my highest heel! And WORK!! That will just be awkward. If I went out a couple of time with someone from work and it ended badly I would have to see that person if not every day then at least once a week. I'd probably get immune to it but I'd rather not have to deal with it. And let's say it did work out. I still would have to see that person everyday! I like having a little break from my significant other. I don't think I could take 24/7 for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

Bars are a whole different thing entirely. When I go to bars I'm usually with friends. And I go to socialize with those friends. We discuss life, both ours and others. We have fun just us. Once, I went to a local bar with Jane and Cece, my friends for at least the past 17 years if not more, and were having a great time. Jane and I got into a deep discussion on politics and religion. At this time our view points were contrary and I'm sure the discussion was heated, when we were interrupted by some guys with shots. We didn't turn down the shots but we did continue our conversation which lead to the gentlemen leaving shortly after sitting down. My point is, the majority of my time at bars is to socialize with my friends. 

On the rare occasion that I do go out to hunt it typically ends in confusion the next day. Yes, I have given my number out and taken numbers but I almost always end up with something like this....

Who wants to answer the phone or text from "Pink Gorilla"? Or a "Moroccan Chef"? Or even "Cavs"? A) I don't think I've ever met a Cavs player but even if I did I'm way to intimidated to follow through. B)If it's not a player then why do I have it saved as "Cavs"?

Online dating is just easier. I get a glimpse of their life, assuming they are telling the truth, and I can decide if it fits with mine without putting in too much time and effort. And let's face it, I have a lot going on from spring to mid fall. I don't have time waste sitting in a bar waiting for Mister Right to drunkenly stumble into me. And, alcohol severely impacts  my training. Even just 2 beers. I am thinking of joining a running club. Maybe, I'll find Mister Right there.

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