Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Time I had Coffee With a Toothless "Man"

I want to give you guys another good dating story but I just don't have the time today to remember and tell it with pizzazz! So, you will have to glean it from my texts with friends. (All names and pics have been blacked out to protect the innocent.)
Picture it, Cleveland 2011. A rainy spring day.

He contacted me and wanted to meet up right away (I now know why.) He also wanted to meet at the local park. A lot of guys seem to think this is ok. It's kind of creepy. Anyways, I said no and we agreed on the local Starbucks. I should have turned away!!Oh, he wanted to continue the date but I told him I had stuff to do. We did not speak again.
ps, He was on disability for multiple reasons. One being he tried to "lift" weights and dropped them on himself, tearing some muscles in his shoulder. The dude was seriously 90lbs and could barely lift himself out of his chair.


Meg said...

Did I miss this in real life?!

CLE Runner said...

No, I'm pretty sure you were around but you were heading out the door. And, consequently had a lot going on.