Friday, March 9, 2012


Hola my friends. It's beautiful outside and I mentally can not wait to get out of work and go run my 5 miles. My lungs may have different ideas. I woke Wednesday with a slight cough but thought nothing of it. I actually did my run and bike that day. Yesterday, however, my chest hurt terribly. Walking up one flight of stairs was a chore and the coughing was worse. I've been throwing everything at it in the hopes that I can keep it contained and minimally disrupt my life. Everything includes orange juice, grapefruit, zicam, tea, cough syrup and rest. I canceled a date last night in favor of trying to head this off. I don't have time to get sick until maybe 3 weeks out but it would be best to hold off till July. I'm feeling slightly better today!

*My cat is not liking me being sick. She runs and hides every time I cough or sneeze.

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