Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dating and Training

I love Juanita! Thanks Bloggess!
With all the holidays behind us dating and training have taken off. It kind of sucks for me, though. My down training time is late fall to late winter. Basically, November to March. I have ample time to be cozy on the couch, hit up the latest and greatest restaurants and catch up on movies. The problem is NO body wants to start dating at this time. You've got Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the dreaded Valentine's Day. And for me, my birthday. The holiday season is fraught with perils. Do you invite them to Thanksgiving dinner? Is Christmas really the right time to spring a racially diverse boyfriend on your racially conservative family? Do you get them a present? Do you want to start the New Year with THIS guy? And Valentine's day? Please!

I get it! But now that Valentine's day is safely behind us the dates have come out of the wood work! I had two first dates this past weekend. And, if I had been motivated I'm sure I could have shoehorned in Radio Boy Jason (currently in Maintenance Mode). Issue, all that time in heels wrecked my long run this weekend. My days now consist of training. Ok, it did previously to this post but I was a little more flexible with it. With races zooming up on me I can't be anymore. My life would be infinitely easier with someone who understands and can partake in my training. I have found a couple recently but the one I'm most interested in has stuck me in Maintenance Mode. It hurts, people. But I won't fight the system. Much.

OH! My point is that just as I'm ratcheting up my training, dating too has ratcheted up! They are directly proportional. Maybe, I'm just hotter?

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