Monday, August 6, 2012


First, I'll breakdown the race for you.

I thought I might have to post, "I did not do the race because my mom wouldn't let me!" But, the thunder and lightening held off. PHEW! The swim was in the harbor off East 9th by the Rock Hall. My mom and I got down there around 6-610. After setting up my transition space, talking to some others in my division and visiting the bathroom one last time, I walked out of transition to talk with my mom a bit. I went over the course with her and my start time, 7:30. As I walked back into transition I stepped on glass! It wasn't a huge piece but I was a little scared for a minute. I pulled it out and of course cut my finger and thumb. They bled quite a bit but the foot was fine to walk on and I just hoped I didn't get any weird infections from the harbor! As of today, I have yet to see any red lines denoting gangrene!

When my wave was called, we all jumped in and made for the shallow but seaweedy spot to stand for about 3 minutes. It may have been yucky but it was better than treading water! My swim was slower than last year. I had trouble this year getting around people and actually got kicked in the boob a couple of times buy some guy. I had 2 women come out  of the swim ahead of me, 1st place and 4th place. My time was 9:51. Looking at my times I realize I spent a lot of time in T1, 4:39. I don't even know why! I think I'm going to try biking with no socks next year. 

Biking was a bit rough this year. The course is on the Shore way and at first you head east then turn around and head west. You do 1, 2, or 3 laps depending on your tri size. I had to do 2 laps. West on that part of the Shore way is almost all up hill!! Not a big deal. I knew this and had been working on my bike climbs. I did not, however, take into account the weather. I had a headwind the whole way up! It was rough! Two good things though....1)Everyone had a headwind. 2)I got a tailwind on the downhill! And man did I fly! I was actually a little scared the last time down. I was coming up on a bike and had another bike trying to pass both of us and I had to try and get off the course to head to transition. It was a bit hairy for a sec! 1:11:13

Just the Finisher Medal
T2 was a bit long also, but I knew it would be. I took a little bit of a break and downed some gatorade before heading out for the run. The run start heads out of transition and straight up East 9th! Uphill!! The flat for a bit, then up East 9th again, flat, then downhill and finally flat to the finish. I always curse E9th every time I have to run it. It's especially rough coming off the bike. My legs were like jello and I did the first 1.5-2 miles at a run/walk. I finally got my legs back the last mile and ran it in. I had to race a girl in and finally over took her in the last couple of meters. And thank god I did! If not, I would have been 4th with no medal!

Under normal circumstances I would have been presented with my medal at the awards ceremony. This year, however, the directors were worried about a coming storm and shut things down early. The race continued but the electrical equipment, music and what not were packed up with the assurance that the top 3 in all divisions would be notified by mail. I guess the photographers were even packing up but held off when my mother yelled "NO!! THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!!" and pointed to me just heading into the finish area. I think I have to be one of the last pics he took!

I'm hopeful for next week, an olympic size tri. The fact that my legs felt better after 2 miles gives me hope that I'll make it for 6.2 this Sunday. I also felt like I still had some gas in me at the end. I doubt if I'll place next week,  as I have to be an age grouper. It's rather unfair that they have a Clydesdale division next week but no Athena division. Something I did voice when I saw them at the Glass City expo.

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