Sunday, July 17, 2016

Body Love

I have almost always been ok with my body. Yes, there were times where I wanted to lose weight to have a better body, look better in clothes. There was a time that I tried bulimia. But now I want to lose weight, tighten muscles, to run longer, faster. Swim smoother. Live longer. I've gotten comfortable in body and have grown to love it. At 37 i'm comfortable enough to wear a bathing suit with exposed stomach. That backless shirt with a crazy awesome bra.

In exploring this new "body love" a unique opportunity popped up. An artist needed nude models for a photo shoot in Cleveland. I knew that I had to apply.

"During the majority of my life I have heard that I need to lose weight. That I was chunky. That I would never get a boyfriend at my weight. Up until about 8 years ago I was self conscious about it. I have now come to accept my body and love it the way it is. I run and do triathlons because they are fun. I do crossfit for the camaraderie. I'd like to use this photo/installation opportunity as a coming out for my body. That I love it the way it is. 

I am also a huge liberal and advocate for equal rights. The fact that this is happening during the RNC may help raise their awareness for equalality for women."

Sadly, he was only taking 100 women when normally he uses all that show up. The acceptance emails went out in early July and unfortunately I was not chosen. But I'm so happy I applied. And, who know's this was his second time here, maybe he'll come back and I can pose then.

By the way, the shoot seems to have gone well. You can also read about it in Esquire.