Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So, Open Relationship?

Actual email I got from POF member.
I left you all yesterday with Tex and I pulling into the parking area together. He wasn't really next to me, he was on the other side and down a bit. But, I clearly saw him. He did not see me. I, seething, waited for him on his steps as he got packages out of his car. At this point he, clearly, is not dead and I am shaking at his audacity at being alive! I mean, at least have the decency to be limping with a broken foot. Nope. Nothing. When he finally sees me, I get this smile and a "Hi, I know, I'm so sorry. I lost my phone." I pointed out that it's been four days and he could have just come over. But he's been busy with work and now his mother is sick.

Anyways, long story short, we went inside to talk a bit. His mom is sick. He lost his phone (how is his family calling to tell him about his mom?). He might have to go back to Texas for a bit. Doesn't want to ask me to wait for him cause he doesn't know if or when he'll be back. We decided to leave "us" open. I get to date others and if he gets back and looks me up we'll see where we are. I don't think he's lying but in all honesty I have no proof he's not. I also have no proof he is. Before I left though, he did ask me to write down my number on a paper in case he has to get a new phone (I still have heard nothing).

In thinking this all over I've realized that it may be for the best. We were incredibly different in every way. The coming election  would probably have led to a split anyways. I did learn quite a bit, though. I enjoy and miss real relationships. And, I can probably work with anyone that I find attractive. What I can't figure out though is do I miss him or the relationship? Am I mad because now I have to deal with dating again?
An "about me" of a guy who faved me on POF

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