Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Radio Date

I'll probably end up referring to Jason as Radio Boy at some point in this blog, especially if it goes south!

We've talked if not every day then at least every other day. And by "talked" I mean mostly text. The conversation doesn't flow easily on the phone with him. I can't tell if it's just that we have nothing in common, I'm boring, or he's just a man of few words. But in person the talk is mostly easy.

Our date from the radio show was set for Sunday evening. However, Saturday after I finished up 9 miles, the market, and cooking I gave him a shout out. Just to make sure Sunday was still a go and to see if he had anyone that wanted my extra tickets. You know? Double date. As it happened neither one of us were doing anything that night and thought a quick meet up would be in order. Plus, I could have really used a drink. Saturday was a LOOONG day! And, HOLY OF HOLIES he texted and asked what I wanted to drink and had it WAITING for me!! Now, I know what your going to say, "never drink a drink you didn't get yourself!" I agree, except here. It was a public place and the whole city knew who I was out with. ISH. Stan at least knew and he could track him down for me. And, I always tell my mother where, when, and with who. I also call her when I'm done. Drinks with him were nice. Relaxed, even. But I still don't think we have anything in common except a burning mutual attraction!

This was made a little more evident on Sunday at the comedy club. Arie said something in support of Obama and the majority African-American audience clapped. Myself included.  But my table mates did not, all of whom were military. So, is it safe to assume he's conservative? Or can they just not show preference for a President? I'm not up with military politics. He also made a point of saying that he doesn't watch many black comedians. I don't either but mostly because I don't watch comedians, period. After the show let out I didn't want to lose him in the crowd and was just going to hold on to his coat but somehow we ended up holding hands. For most of you this seems very 14 girl, but for me, I don't do this. It felt comforting. Any hoodle, he walked me to my car (nice) and gave me a goodnight kiss (VERY nice).

We've done our second radio interview today with the show. I think it went well, except he came off a bit toolish. A fact pointed out by Stan. I don't care, he's nice, cute, and I need a date for a wedding. I just have to stay un-annoyed for a month.   I can do this! I think?

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