Friday, February 3, 2012


My early registration gift for the CLE 2012 marathon came in the mail this week!! I'm super excited about it. I love these little bags. Akron gives one out to all race participants and I use them as my gear bag for my races. The nice thing about this one is that the back is all mesh, allowing my stinky shoes and clothes a chance to breath after my runs. It also has a small zippered pocket at the bottom to store things. It's perfect for GU, chapstick, Glide, and random hair bands. This way I wont have to blindly search the bottom guessing as to what my fingers have touched!
This week has also brought my membership in USA Triathlon!! You don't have to qualify and anyone with $45 can get in. But I get a laminated card! And if anyone knows Friends, knows that lamination means business! If you plan on only doing one Tri a year this route may not be for you. You will actually be spending more money than if you only purchased the one day membership. I plan on doing 5 Tris this year and this membership will save me about $15. Plus, I get nationally ranked (I won't get far), a quarterly magazine, and discounts at TRI suppliers. I'm hoping one of those suppliers sells decent but low priced wetsuits. I'm sure I'm going to need one in September. 
There! I've announced it. Now I just need to sign up. I know I can handle the swim and the run. I've done both distances before. I am a little worried about the bike portion. I haven't gotten past 16 miles. I'm sure I can do it but just need to. Also, open water swimming still scares the crap out of me! However, I have all summer to practice in Lake Erie. 

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