Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Doesn't she look ecstatic!?
Since I've been running outside for the past year and a half I have come to loath treadmills. I used to run exclusively on them at the gym as a warm up to my weight training. At that time I only did 1 to 3 miles at a time. Once, last winter I did do a 10 mile run on one but had to break it into two parts (the treadmill would only let me do so much at one time). This winter it should be infinitely easier to maintain my running, my sister and her boyfriend gave me a treadmill over the summer, for which I am eternally grateful. I am however finding it infinitely more difficult. I always feel cramped and my gate feels off. Plus, it's in my dreary basement and I only have painted cinder block walls to look at. When I was at the gym I at least had some hot guys to ogle or the news to watch. At home I just have my cat to stare and and she rarely comes into that room. I play my running music but that doesn't help. I've started varying the incline which keeps me on my toes but I still can't bare to do more then 2 miles. Runner's World says you can do all your winter training on a treadmill. They even have workouts for you. Some probably can. I have a friend who trained for Boston on a treadmill. TWICE! I'm hoping winter will be nice to me and allow me to do most of my long runs outside. I think I can handle the short ones on the treadmill. I'm planning on a 5-6 mile run tonight after work. If the rain holds off. I can handle snow in the winter, just not rain.


Meg said...

I'm still running in shorts and a short sleeve outside ;)

CLE Runner said...

Why do you taunt me? I'm over here debating if should invest in water proof shoes or wear my old ones with wool socks. I AM going to keep my eye on tickets,though.

Meg said...

Eww neither. Water proof shoes are a lie, and wool socks are an express train to blister city! I didnt have too much of a problem running downtown Clevetown, most sidewalks and streets were plowed. That road we did the 10K on a few years ago is really clutch, even if it is boring. When it was really bad though, I'd have to get it in on the treadmill. Maybe you can destination run?