Thursday, November 3, 2011

What is going on?!

I honestly have no idea. Several things in my life have taken a dramatic turn, ones I couldn't foresee. Please, don't be alarmed. They are not life threatening or even slightly scary. They only make my life a little more hectic, me slightly more panicked and my cat is probably going to loose her hair.
I have absolutely no schedule anymore!
It could be due to many reasons:
1) I have no major races to train for until May. This means I don't have to start actively training till December, so my once strict schedule is a little more lenient.
2)I've been staying late at work trying to get a project rolling. Not actually a big deal but it makes planning things difficult.
3)I'm in the midst of some very good books. Hence, I have been staying up late, like 3am late. This is way past  my 9pm bedtime when training.  
4)I've taken up boxing. And boxing is done in the evenings after work. This means I don't get home till after 8pm, at which point I desperately need a shower, my cat needs a walk and some loving and then I need to eat. Which, could also play a role in my bedtime, since I don't sleep well after exercising or a late dinner.
5)The days I'm not in the ring I always have something going on. I meet my mother for dinner, not home till 9. I spend 2 hours at Dick's debating boxing gloves and got home around 8 (this is mostly due to an hour long phone call from a long lost friend. I'm sure the people there enjoyed the conversation, it was spicy!) And dates.*

Which brings us to...
6)What is up with all the guys wanting to date but nothing serious? Is this their way of having an out if things go wrong? "I'm sorry,  I know we met on a matchmaking site and we've been dating for 2 months but I'm just not looking to be serious." Why are you on there then?! I'm almost ready to throw up my arms and just take a young lover. If I could only get them to not talk......
*Please, don't take above statements wrong. I love seeing friends and family and talking to them. I would rather deal with changing my plans then not seeing or talking with them.


Anonymous said...

Boxing = awesome.
Men = ...

It also feels like days end really quickly this time of the year, since it gets dark earlier. That's probably not helping with the hectic feeling...?

CLE Runner said...

No, I'm sure it's not. I hate that it's dark by the time I get home. I just have to make it through the next couple of months and it should calm down. I was thinking just till boxing is over but then it's Thanksgiving and then Christmas. So, I just need to get past Christmas. But there's always something!