Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap with a Side of Paranoia and a Bowl of Lazines for Dessert

Let's start with the  laziness and then head into the weekend dates, shall we?

Saturday I tried for a run but only made it 2 miles. It just hurt. My legs felt tired, my lungs felt tired, and I just didn't wanna. For the most part the rest of the day was lazy. I did my shopping and made clam chowder for the week. It turned out to be eh. I've also decided to give up on boxing. I do love it but the late hours and the drive are killing me and my wallet. It takes 1.5-2 hours to get there! If it was closer to my home and a little cheaper I would deffenitely stick with it. I also think I have PMS, post marathon syndrome. Runners World PMS I'm hoping my Turkey Trot next week snaps me out of this.

Actual shoe worn
Fridays date went very well. I looked cute in a sweater and awesome heels, even though I had a fat lip from what I believe was an allergic reaction to new chapstick and a scratch down the side of my face that I woke up with. Was it my cat or one of my sharp nails? I choose to believe one of my nails. I don't want to live in fear of my cat. Anyways, I'm hoping he thinks I'm just tough and the facial injuries were due to mixing it up in the boxing ring. We went to a chinese place that I learned he picked. He scored major points there since I have been craving it for two weeks. We had a lot in common, a love for ethnic foods and the same taste in music. Conversation never lagged and I felt at ease the whole time. Towards the end he asked if I would be up for another date Saturday or Sunday. WHOA WHOA!! Two dates in the same weekend? I can't make that commitment this early, besides I had plans already, which I explained to him while also making it known that I would diffinetly be up for another date next weekend. He's out of town for the week otherwise I would have gone for the weekday date. We exchanged numbers, hugged it out and went our ways. The only draw back to him is he's rather over weight. I know I'm no pixie and have not a lot of room to talk but he was large. I've dated men that are very fit but their personality usually sucks. Can I take a man with an awesome personality and whip him into shape? If I like to run and work out will it rub off on him? These may be moot questions in any case. I sent a text Sunday afternoon thanking him for dinner, stating I had a good time while indicating my interest in a 2nd date this weekend. I still haven't heard anything. Which is where the paranoia comes in, we'll get back to this.

Sunday's date was over coffee and I suddenly remembered why we didn't go out again. He is off the charts. Not in the "He's to hot for me" way but in the "Does he ever sit still" way. He was constantly moving and at one point I swear I thought he was high. I even asked, turns out not so much. We met at Starbucks and I got a coffee but even though it was 2pm he hadn't eaten yet so I watched as he ate Chipotle. Then he wanted yogurt. It sounded good so I got some too. This will illistrate the differences between us. I got a small portion of vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries on one side and crushed Reese's peanut buttercups on the other. There was no mixing in my bowl. Mixing of food is not allowed. I ate all of the strawberries first and then the peanut buttercups. He got a splash of 6 different yogurts all in the same bowl. Then proceeded to pile multiple toppings on. Toppings that didn't even make sense together. Cotton candy, lychee, sprinkles, cinnimon chips, chocolate chips, peanuts, pretzles. When I saw this I told him it's not going to taste good. That it would be better to try one combo now and another later. AND, I was right. He made a face through out the whole ordeal. We are completely different and the only relationship I can see in this is of friendship. Which, I'm totally open to. But if we actually dated seriously I imagine I'll have to tie him down and not in the sexy way.

I wanted to lick him, too!
The paranoia has really set in. I have never had someone not reply to a text. And I'm pretty sure he gets them, he has a google phone. It's been 3 days. Normally, I'm not like this. Well, except once. The questions are....Did I not put his number in right? Is he ignoring me? Playing the wait two days game? Did I read the signs wrong? I don't see how though. He clearly wanted to go out again and he asked to exchange numbers. I didn't force the issue. Then is AT&T fucking with me? Cause I sent a text to someone else last night to no answer. But I sent a couple others with answers. I think I need to call Scully and Mulder.

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