Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Ain't Your Parents Rodeo!

I thought I was going to have  another slow weekend but in the course of 48hours it has become date filled. The matchmaker contacted me again and has set me up free of charge with another one of his clients. I can't tell if I'm his "white whale" or if he's just hard up for 30 something professional women. Consequently, I have a date Friday with his potential. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've been craving Chinese and some how he intuitively knew this, cause that's where we're going. Then, yesterday, a guy I had gone out with once but haven't really talked to in over a month contacted me wondering if I was interested in just getting coffee again. It's hard to pass up, since Starbucks is damn good in the fall. Plus,what else am I going to do?

The point of this post really has to do with this date for Saturday night. It's another Mark and we will give him the designation, Mark5.2. We've only chatted and haven't even met so he doesn't get a full number. Mark5.2 is from Match, has a doctorate in head shrinking, is cute, seems fun, and well rounded. We exchanged numbers about 2 weeks ago and have basically had some form of contact every day since. Along the way he informed me that he wants "to date but nothing serious," which I took as "I'm leaving the backdoor open in case I need a quick exit." We continued to text and finally set up a date to meet over drinks for this Saturday. In the course of talking/texting he quickly became rather "aggressive" in his........desires. Mostly, he likes a girl that's in control. And if there's anything I like it's control and power! I played it off, flirted back a bit but never gave any indication that this all was going to go down. I need to meet a person and get to know them a bit before I can even begin to fantasize about someone, unless that someone is Gerard Butler or Harrison Ford.

Last night I had kickboxing, which I hated, and TRX-Bosu Bootcamp, which I loved, after work. I got home around 830pm (super late for me), showered and had dinner. I was just kicking back to watch Top Chef while I determined if I wanted to do dodge ball, touch football or both over the winter, when Mark5.2 texted.


Now, I know everyone has a little freak in them. If you don't think so, you might be lying to yourself. And I don't want to judge, but, that is too much freak for me. You need to know your freak limits and that was more then just a toe over my line. 1st, there was no prelude to this. No, "Hey, how's it going? I was thinking of you today." Just, BAM!!! "I want a butt plug!" 2nd, isn't that something you ease a person into? Get them comfortable, have normal relations and then go for the "Honey, I think we need to spice this up."

I informed him that that was more then I could handle and we came to the understanding that what he needs I'm not going to give. Consequently, I am now free Saturday night.


Kit @ DIYdiva said...

Oh my god, this is the funniest goddamn thing I have ever read. Totally made my Thursday.

I mean W. T. F.

Also Gerard Butler? Yes please!

CLE Runner said...

That was exactly my sisters comment when I talked with her about it.

cupcake said...

who says this? its crazy!

Meg said...

not real life!